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    Ford US sales jump 10.5% in February, beating Toyota for second straight month

    Ford sales charged higher in February, making the Dearborn-based automaker the number one seller in America for the 2nd straight month. Ford also noted hybrid and EV sales gains too, highlighting the importance of its electrified powertrains.

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    Apple gets squeezed by antitrust regulators on both sides of the Atlantic

    Just as the tech giant braces for a sweeping lawsuit from the Justice Department, it was hit with a $2 billion European Commission fine for allegedly breaking competition laws overseas.

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    EA Sports announces over 10,000 athletes have accepted NIL deal for its college football video game

    More than 10,000 athletes have accepted an offer from EA Sports to have their likeness featured in its upcoming college football video game, the developer announced Monday. EA Sports began reaching out to college football players in February to pay them to be featured in the game that’s scheduled to launch this summer. EA Sports said players who opt in to the game will receive a minimum of $600 and a copy of EA Sports College Football 25. There will also be opportunities for them to earn money b

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    Why inflation is still the main threat to markets

    The week is packed with events that could shake up the market: Super Tuesday, the jobs report, and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's Capitol Hill testimony. These potential headwinds come after a robust earnings season, particularly driven by the Magnificent Seven. Roundhill Investments' Chief Strategy Officer Dave Mazza joins Yahoo Finance to guide investors through the possible market volatility. Mazza explains: "Really, the most important thing has been and will be inflation. Of course you know a big jobs report on Friday, not that folks shouldn't pay attention to that, but really, I think the main driver has been the path of inflation, and we know that it probably hasn't come down as quick as they would like to see. There's some structural issues, perhaps, that are playing a role here. For the most part, it's improved. That, I think, is a reason that's underpinned this incredible market rally whereas there are indexes across the board and markets across the board, hitting all-time highs." For more expert insight and the latest market action, click here to watch this full episode of Yahoo Finance Live. Editor's note: This article was written by Nicholas Jacobino