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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
TTH.TOTRANSITION THERAPEUTICS INC.2.48 11:44AM ESTDown 0.39 (13.59%)2,020Chart, Profile, More
NGQ.TONGEX RESOURCES INC.0.67 11:40AM ESTDown 0.10 (12.99%)21,400Chart, Profile, More
AEZ.TOAETERNA ZENTARIS INC.13.08 11:54AM ESTDown 1.75 (11.80%)157,149Chart, Profile, More
BNK.TOBANKERS PETROLEUM LTD.1.50 11:54AM ESTDown 0.17 (10.18%)2,855,425Chart, Profile, More
IBG.TOIBI GROUP INC.2.40 11:48AM ESTDown 0.24 (9.09%)71,582Chart, Profile, More
KLS.TOKELSO TECHNOLOGIES INC1.30 11:40AM ESTDown 0.10 (7.14%)21,740Chart, Profile, More
MPV.TOMOUNTAIN PROV J3.49 11:52AM ESTDown 0.25 (6.68%)221,050Chart, Profile, More
NCU.TONEVADA COPPER CORP.0.70 11:45AM ESTDown 0.05 (6.67%)16,900Chart, Profile, More
TVA-B.TOTVA GROUP INC., CL.B, NV4.11 11:43AM ESTDown 0.27 (6.16%)200Chart, Profile, More
TBL.TOTAIGA BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD.0.78 11:42AM ESTDown 0.05 (6.02%)6,000Chart, Profile, More
NLN.TONEULION, INC.0.69 11:48AM ESTDown 0.04 (5.48%)55,360Chart, Profile, More
FIH-U.TOFAIRFAX INDIA HOLDINGS CORPORAT10.11 11:51AM ESTDown 0.49 (4.62%)67,022Chart, More
BDI.TOBLACK DIAMOND GROUP LTD6.94 11:52AM ESTDown 0.33 (4.54%)96,197Chart, Profile, More
SMT.TOSIERRA METALS INC1.10 11:52AM ESTDown 0.05 (4.35%)10,300Chart, Profile, More
RET-A.TOREITMANS (CANADA) LTD., CL.A, N4.40 11:55AM ESTDown 0.20 (4.35%)23,522Chart, Profile, More
CF.TOCANACCORD GENUITY GROUP INC4.75 11:54AM ESTDown 0.21 (4.23%)109,094Chart, Profile, More
NOA.TONORTH AMERICAN ENERGY PARTNERS 2.77 11:40AM ESTDown 0.12 (4.15%)500Chart, Profile, More
TKO.TOTASEKO MINES LTD.0.49 11:42AM ESTDown 0.02 (3.92%)9,000Chart, Profile, More
SQP.TOSTRONGCO CORPORATION1.75 11:42AM ESTDown 0.07 (3.85%)600Chart, Profile, More
NIF-UN.TONORANDA INCOME FUND2.28 11:51AM ESTDown 0.09 (3.80%)25,558Chart, More
CMH.TOCARMANAH TECHNOLOGIES CORP.6.10 11:48AM ESTDown 0.24 (3.79%)12,379Chart, Profile, More
WRG.TOWESTERN ENERGY SERVICES CORP3.50 11:54AM ESTDown 0.13 (3.58%)12,438Chart, Profile, More
SCP.TOSPROTT RESOURCE CORP0.54 11:41AM ESTDown 0.02 (3.57%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
MAQ.TOMCEWEN MINING MINERA ANDES ACQ 1.11 11:40AM ESTDown 0.04 (3.48%)3,175Chart, Profile, More
CRN.TOCROWN CAPITAL PARTNERS INC7.40 11:39AM ESTDown 0.26 (3.39%)338,200Chart, Profile, More
ZZZ.TOSLEEP COUNTRY CANADA HOLDINGS I19.27 11:53AM ESTDown 0.67 (3.36%)24,088Chart, Profile, More
CWL.TOCALDWELL PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL1.44 11:39AM ESTDown 0.05 (3.36%)900Chart, Profile, More
CET.TOCATHEDRAL ENERGY SERVICES LTD.0.58 11:39AM ESTDown 0.02 (3.33%)4,900Chart, Profile, More
TNT-UN.TOTRUE NORTH COMMERCIAL REIT5.13 11:42AM ESTDown 0.17 (3.21%)8,500Chart, More
TAO.TOTAG OIL LTD0.62 11:42AM ESTDown 0.02 (3.12%)3,685Chart, Profile, More
IRG.TOIMVESCOR RESTAURANT GROUP INC.2.18 11:51AM ESTDown 0.07 (3.11%)6,500Chart, Profile, More
SIN-UN.TOSCITI TRUST6.79 11:42AM ESTDown 0.21 (3.00%)8,764Chart, More
IDG.TOINDIGO BOOKS & MUSIC INC.13.00 11:40AM ESTDown 0.40 (2.99%)400Chart, Profile, More
TCW.TOTRICAN WELL0.68 11:54AM ESTDown 0.02 (2.86%)260,891Chart, Profile, More
LUG.TOLUNDIN GOLD INC3.90 11:40AM ESTDown 0.11 (2.74%)950Chart, Profile, More
LB-PH.TOLAURENTIAN BANK OF CDA PR SER 118.68 11:40AM ESTDown 0.50 (2.61%)2,939Chart, More
IAE.TOITHACA ENERGY INC0.75 11:40AM ESTDown 0.02 (2.60%)114,210Chart, Profile, More
BBO.TOBIG BANK BIG OIL SPLIT CORP.5.65 11:39AM ESTDown 0.15 (2.59%)900Chart, More
AC.TOAIR CANADA10.23 11:54AM ESTDown 0.27 (2.57%)771,385Chart, Profile, More
ATD-A.TOALIMENTATION COUCHE-TARD INC CL61.38 11:39AM ESTDown 1.62 (2.57%)2,340Chart, Profile, More
ZAR.TOZARGON OIL AND GAS LTD.1.15 11:52AM ESTDown 0.03 (2.54%)19,114Chart, Profile, More
DH.TODH CORPORATION32.43 11:53AM ESTDown 0.84 (2.52%)145,289Chart, Profile, More
BCE-PH.TOBCE 1ST PREF SHARES SERIES AH14.31 11:49AM ESTDown 0.37 (2.52%)795Chart, More
CUS.TOCANEXUS CORPORATION1.21 11:55AM ESTDown 0.03 (2.42%)190,732Chart, Profile, More
AYA.TOAMAYA INC21.17 11:54AM ESTDown 0.52 (2.40%)168,546Chart, Profile, More
NGI-UN.TONDX GROWTH AND INCOME FUND7.78 11:55AM ESTDown 0.19 (2.38%)1,500Chart, More
VSN-PA.TOVERESEN INC PREF SH SERIES A15.52 11:43AM ESTDown 0.37 (2.33%)1,220Chart, More
LIF.TOLABRADOR IRON ORE ROYALTY CORPO12.59 11:53AM ESTDown 0.30 (2.33%)186,714Chart, Profile, More
WPT.TOWESTPORT INNOVATIONS INC.3.38 11:45AM ESTDown 0.08 (2.31%)32,415Chart, Profile, More
KRN.TOKARNALYTE RESOURCES INC0.85 11:40AM ESTDown 0.02 (2.30%)20,160Chart, Profile, More
CSE-PA.TOCAPSTONE INFRASTRUCTURE CORP PR12.37 11:39AM ESTDown 0.29 (2.29%)950Chart, More
TMB.TOTEMBEC INC.0.87 11:42AM ESTDown 0.02 (2.25%)2,500Chart, Profile, More
BCE-PM.TOBCE INC PREFERRED SHARES SERIES15.65 11:53AM ESTDown 0.35 (2.19%)5,200Chart, More
ATP.TOATLANTIC POWER CORP.2.69 11:42AM ESTDown 0.06 (2.18%)19,828Chart, Profile, More
TA.TOTRANSALTA CORPORATION5.44 11:55AM ESTDown 0.12 (2.16%)710,345Chart, Profile, More
TC.TOTUCOWS INC.32.01 11:42AM ESTDown 0.69 (2.11%)300Chart, Profile, More
BLU.TOBELLUS HEALTH INC.0.93 11:39AM ESTDown 0.02 (2.11%)600Chart, Profile, More
VNR-PA.TOVALENER INC PREF SERIES A19.54 11:43AM ESTDown 0.42 (2.10%)800Chart, More
RUS.TORUSSEL METALS17.74 11:51AM ESTDown 0.38 (2.10%)109,510Chart, Profile, More
KWH-UN.TOCRIUS ENERGY TRUST8.49 11:47AM ESTDown 0.18 (2.08%)16,894Chart, More
PHS-U.TOSPROTT PHYSICAL SILVER TRUST5.41 11:40AM ESTDown 0.11 (1.99%)8,390Chart, More
GMP.TOGMP CAPITAL INC.4.00 11:54AM ESTDown 0.08 (1.96%)31,694Chart, Profile, More
ATD-B.TOALIMENTATION COUCHE-TARD INC CL60.58 11:54AM ESTDown 1.20 (1.94%)442,808Chart, Profile, More
BBD-B.TOBOMBARDIER INC., CL. B, SV1.27 11:55AM ESTDown 0.03 (1.94%)2,216,963Chart, Profile, More
MKZ-UN.TOMACKENZIE MSTR UN1.03 11:40AM ESTDown 0.02 (1.90%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
GCG-A.TOGUARDIAN CAPITAL GROUP LTD., CL18.00 11:40AM ESTDown 0.34 (1.85%)2,010Chart, Profile, More
GCL.TOCOLABOR GROUP INC.1.06 11:53AM ESTDown 0.02 (1.85%)11,175Chart, Profile, More
KPT.TOKP TISSUE INC12.86 11:51AM ESTDown 0.24 (1.83%)11,175Chart, Profile, More
EMP-A.TOEMPIRE COMPANY LIMITED26.31 11:51AM ESTDown 0.49 (1.83%)76,909Chart, Profile, More
CAG-UN.TOCOXE GLOBAL AGRIBUSINESS INCOME7.65 11:39AM ESTDown 0.14 (1.80%)1,100Chart, More
FCU.TOFISSION URANIUM CORP0.55 11:53AM ESTDown 0.01 (1.79%)280,041Chart, Profile, More
SH.TOSHOPIFY INC35.56 11:52AM ESTDown 0.64 (1.77%)7,828Chart, Profile, More
HSE-PA.TOHUSKY ENERGY INC PREF SERIES 113.12 11:46AM ESTDown 0.23 (1.72%)4,329Chart, More
MAL.TOMAGELLAN AERO16.62 11:40AM ESTDown 0.29 (1.71%)4,481Chart, Profile, More
AMI.TOAURICO METALS INC0.60 11:48AM ESTDown 0.01 (1.64%)105,953Chart, Profile, More
BPY-UN.TOBROOKFIELD PROPERTY PARTNERS LP30.30 11:53AM ESTDown 0.50 (1.62%)37,345Chart, More
QBR-B.TOQUEBECOR INC., CL.B, SV33.21 11:53AM ESTDown 0.54 (1.60%)29,455Chart, Profile, More
COM.TOCARDIOME PHARMA CORP11.81 11:47AM ESTDown 0.19 (1.58%)720Chart, Profile, More
BCE-PR.TOBCE INC SER R16.54 11:39AM ESTDown 0.26 (1.55%)200Chart, More
FTS-PI.TOFORTIS INC PREF SERIES I12.90 11:40AM ESTDown 0.20 (1.53%)1,700Chart, More
SCB.TOSTREET CAPITAL GROUP INC1.30 11:41AM ESTDown 0.02 (1.52%)1,100Chart, Profile, More
HEN-UN.TOENERGY LEADERS INCOME FD7.16 11:40AM ESTDown 0.11 (1.51%)280Chart, More
TIH.TOTOROMONT IND31.07 11:53AM ESTDown 0.47 (1.49%)169,593Chart, Profile, More
MKP.TOMCAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION12.60 11:40AM ESTDown 0.19 (1.49%)3,700Chart, Profile, More
CFW.TOCALFRAC WELL SERVICES LTD.2.01 11:53AM ESTDown 0.03 (1.47%)104,552Chart, Profile, More
PUR.TOPURE TECHNOLOGIES LTD4.75 11:40AM ESTDown 0.07 (1.45%)8,900Chart, Profile, More
CAM.TOCANAM GROUP INC.14.28 11:50AM ESTDown 0.21 (1.45%)19,509Chart, Profile, More
ICE.TOCANLAN ICE SPORTS CORP.3.40 11:40AM ESTDown 0.05 (1.45%)700Chart, Profile, More
TMC.TOTIMBERCREEK MTG INV CORP7.54 11:44AM ESTDown 0.11 (1.44%)24,167Chart, More
QBR-A.TOQUEBECOR INC., CL.A, MV33.42 11:52AM ESTDown 0.48 (1.42%)300Chart, Profile, More
FTN.TOFINANCIAL 15 SPLIT CORP9.76 11:55AM ESTDown 0.14 (1.41%)58,945Chart, More
INN-UN.TOINNVEST REIT TRUST UNITS5.59 11:53AM ESTDown 0.08 (1.41%)166,234Chart, Profile, More
DF.TODIVIDEND 15 SPLIT CORP. II7.72 11:39AM ESTDown 0.11 (1.40%)5,733Chart, More
TCK-A.TOTECK RESOURCES LIMITED CL A8.44 11:49AM ESTDown 0.12 (1.40%)950Chart, Profile, More
KBL.TOKBRO LINEN INC.50.75 11:50AM ESTDown 0.72 (1.40%)838Chart, Profile, More
III.TOIMPERIAL METALS CORP7.10 11:40AM ESTDown 0.10 (1.39%)1,558Chart, Profile, More
CRJ.TOCLAUDE RES0.72 11:39AM ESTDown 0.01 (1.37%)75,843Chart, Profile, More
ENB-PH.TOENBRIDGE INC PREFERRED SER H15.19 11:40AM ESTDown 0.21 (1.36%)4,200Chart, More
CLS.TOCELESTICA INC., SV15.19 11:54AM ESTDown 0.21 (1.36%)49,460Chart, Profile, More
PVG.TOPRETIUM RESOURCES INC.7.25 11:51AM ESTDown 0.10 (1.36%)168,763Chart, Profile, More