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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
WIN.TOWI-LAN INC2.84 4:00PM EDTDown 0.54 (15.98%)1,364,358Chart, Profile, More
CCO.TOCAMECO CORP12.47 4:00PM EDTDown 1.55 (11.06%)3,484,285Chart, Profile, More
BUI.TOBUHLER IND4.77 10:52AM EDTDown 0.48 (9.14%)2,988Chart, Profile, More
HCG.TOHOME CAPITAL GROUP INC.28.75 4:00PM EDTDown 2.77 (8.79%)1,375,917Chart, Profile, More
POT.TOPOTASH CORP OF SASK INC20.95 4:00PM EDTDown 1.62 (7.18%)7,233,305Chart, Profile, More
CYT.TOCATALYST PAPER CORPORATION3.25 3:57PM EDTDown 0.25 (7.14%)9,725Chart, Profile, More
RDL.TOREDLINE COMMUNICATIONS GROUP IN1.71 11:32AM EDTDown 0.12 (6.56%)6,700Chart, Profile, More
AD.TOALARIS ROYALTY CORP.23.97 4:00PM EDTDown 1.67 (6.51%)1,196,256Chart, Profile, More
BTE.TOBAYTEX ENERGY CORP.5.81 4:00PM EDTDown 0.40 (6.44%)8,795,075Chart, Profile, More
G.TOGOLDCORP INC23.36 4:00PM EDTDown 1.55 (6.22%)7,171,427Chart, Profile, More
WRG.TOWESTERN ENERGY SERVICES CORP3.13 4:00PM EDTDown 0.20 (6.01%)86,389Chart, Profile, More
DH.TODH CORPORATION33.05 4:00PM EDTDown 2.05 (5.84%)978,661Chart, Profile, More
OTC.TOOPEN TEXT CORP78.17 4:00PM EDTDown 4.62 (5.58%)559,763Chart, Profile, More
TPK.TOTEN PEAKS COFFEE COMPANY INC7.78 3:57PM EDTDown 0.42 (5.12%)15,276Chart, Profile, More
MEG.TOMEG ENERGY CORP.5.43 4:00PM EDTDown 0.28 (4.90%)2,376,800Chart, Profile, More
EPI.TOESSA PHARMA INC3.40 3:56PM EDTDown 0.18 (4.90%)5,100Chart, Profile, More
OXC.TOORYX PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD0.78 3:56PM EDTDown 0.04 (4.88%)1,200Chart, Profile, More
FCS-UN.TOFAIRCOURT SPLIT TRUST5.16 12:20PM EDTDown 0.26 (4.80%)2,110Chart, Profile, More
TMB.TOTEMBEC INC.1.00 3:58PM EDTDown 0.05 (4.76%)141,794Chart, Profile, More
GQM.TOGOLDEN QUEEN MNG J1.22 3:59PM EDTDown 0.06 (4.69%)161,055Chart, Profile, More
PCY.TOPROPHECY DEVELOPMENT CORP4.30 2:45PM EDTDown 0.20 (4.44%)1,500Chart, Profile, More
FTP.TOFORTRESS PAPER LTD.3.95 11:52AM EDTDown 0.18 (4.36%)4,000Chart, Profile, More
BX.TOBIOX CORPORATION0.67 3:06PM EDTDown 0.03 (4.29%)500Chart, Profile, More
EFH.TOECHELON FINANCIAL HOLDINGS INC11.03 11:02AM EDTDown 0.49 (4.25%)2,460Chart, Profile, More
MG.TOMAGNA INTERNATIONAL INC49.79 4:00PM EDTDown 2.19 (4.21%)1,529,351Chart, Profile, More
LNR.TOLINAMAR CORP51.16 4:00PM EDTDown 2.25 (4.21%)401,597Chart, Profile, More
UNS.TOUNI SELECT INC32.40 4:00PM EDTDown 1.42 (4.20%)209,038Chart, Profile, More
WRN.TOWESTERN COPPER AND GOLD CORP1.17 3:59PM EDTDown 0.05 (4.10%)110,217Chart, Profile, More
DGC.TODETOUR GOLD CORPORATION31.83 4:00PM EDTDown 1.35 (4.07%)1,172,737Chart, Profile, More
SEV.TOSPECTRA7 MICROSYSTEMS INC0.52 3:59PM EDTDown 0.02 (3.70%)32,072Chart, Profile, More
PIC-A.TOPREMIUM INCOME A5.48 2:27PM EDTDown 0.21 (3.69%)21,847Chart, More
EQB.TOEQUITABLE GROUP INC55.85 4:00PM EDTDown 2.14 (3.69%)23,637Chart, Profile, More
NVC.TONEOVASC INC0.69 3:55PM EDTDown 0.03 (3.52%)15,300Chart, Profile, More
GMM-U.TOGENERAL MOTORS COMPANY30.88 2:20PM EDTDown 1.10 (3.44%)2,172Chart, More
AXY.TOALTERRA POWER CORP0.58 3:56PM EDTDown 0.02 (3.33%)122,785Chart, Profile, More
SDY.TOSTRAD ENERGY SERVICES LTD1.50 3:37PM EDTDown 0.05 (3.23%)6,880Chart, Profile, More
ATH.TOATHABASCA OIL CORP1.22 4:00PM EDTDown 0.04 (3.17%)2,272,215Chart, Profile, More
PD.TOPRECISION DRILLING CORPORATION5.57 4:00PM EDTDown 0.18 (3.13%)1,029,459Chart, Profile, More
BBD-PD.TOBOMBARDIER INC. PREFERRED (SER9.05 3:32PM EDTDown 0.28 (3.00%)4,100Chart, More
APS.TOAPTOSE BIOSCIENCES INC3.26 3:56PM EDTDown 0.10 (2.98%)1,301Chart, Profile, More
PWT.TOPENN WEST PETROLEUM LTD.1.63 4:00PM EDTDown 0.05 (2.98%)766,542Chart, Profile, More
AIM-PB.TOAIMIA INC PREF SERIES 210.28 2:59PM EDTDown 0.31 (2.93%)1,530Chart, More
OGC.TOOCEANAGOLD CORPORATION4.66 4:00PM EDTDown 0.14 (2.92%)1,534,681Chart, Profile, More
TNP.TOTRANSATLANTIC PETROLEUM LTD.1.01 3:59PM EDTDown 0.03 (2.88%)1,870Chart, Profile, More
TRI.TOTHOMSON REUTERS CORPORATION55.63 3:59PM EDTDown 1.55 (2.71%)682,710Chart, Profile, More
SJ.TOSTELLA JONES INC46.96 4:00PM EDTDown 1.29 (2.67%)81,729Chart, Profile, More
BXE.TOBELLATRIX EXPLORATION LTD1.11 4:00PM EDTDown 0.03 (2.63%)1,823,656Chart, Profile, More
AMI.TOAURICO METALS INC1.12 3:46PM EDTDown 0.03 (2.61%)88,057Chart, Profile, More
PUR.TOPURE TECHNOLOGIES LTD5.63 4:00PM EDTDown 0.15 (2.60%)98,520Chart, Profile, More
AMM.TOALMADEN MINERALS LTD.1.89 1:43PM EDTDown 0.05 (2.58%)63,024Chart, Profile, More
MX.TOMETHANEX CORP36.71 4:00PM EDTDown 0.97 (2.57%)315,997Chart, Profile, More
PIF.TOPOLARIS INFRASTRUCTURE INC8.72 3:59PM EDTDown 0.23 (2.57%)29,547Chart, Profile, More
PHX.TOPHX ENERGY SERVICES CORP.2.70 3:56PM EDTDown 0.07 (2.53%)14,880Chart, Profile, More
ESI.TOENSIGN ENERGY SERVICES INC.7.01 4:00PM EDTDown 0.18 (2.50%)66,898Chart, Profile, More
SCU.TOTHE SECOND CUP LTD.2.76 3:48PM EDTDown 0.07 (2.47%)1,700Chart, Profile, More
TKO.TOTASEKO MINES LTD.0.79 3:55PM EDTDown 0.02 (2.47%)82,199Chart, Profile, More
NXC.TONEXC PARTNERS CORP11.12 10:34AM EDTDown 0.28 (2.46%)3,486Chart, More
SVC.TOSANDVINE CORPORATION3.22 4:00PM EDTDown 0.08 (2.42%)612,100Chart, Profile, More
BPO-PW.TOBROOKFIELD OFFICE PROPERTIES PR8.98 3:04PM EDTDown 0.22 (2.39%)1,000Chart, More
CFF.TOCONIFEX TIMBER INC3.27 2:34PM EDTDown 0.08 (2.39%)1,775Chart, Profile, More
CUS.TOCANEXUS CORPORATION1.23 4:00PM EDTDown 0.03 (2.38%)170,201Chart, Profile, More
GSY.TOGOEASY LTD16.41 4:00PM EDTDown 0.40 (2.38%)24,041Chart, Profile, More
KWH-UN.TOCRIUS ENERGY TRUST8.78 4:00PM EDTDown 0.21 (2.34%)71,005Chart, Profile, More
FRC.TOCANYON SERVICES GROUP INC.4.69 4:00PM EDTDown 0.11 (2.29%)147,051Chart, Profile, More
BRB.TOBRICK BREWING J2.56 3:50PM EDTDown 0.06 (2.29%)10,850Chart, Profile, More
BYD-UN.TOBOYD GROUP INCOME FUND76.70 4:00PM EDTDown 1.79 (2.28%)34,095Chart, Profile, More
CEU.TOCANADIAN ENERGY SVCS AND TECH C3.44 4:00PM EDTDown 0.08 (2.27%)460,929Chart, Profile, More
HNZ.TOHNZ GROUP INC13.44 3:10PM EDTDown 0.31 (2.25%)1,706Chart, Profile, More
WPT.TOWESTPORT FUEL SYSTEMS INC1.75 3:59PM EDTDown 0.04 (2.23%)71,396Chart, Profile, More
QLT.TOQLT INC1.80 3:32PM EDTDown 0.04 (2.17%)500Chart, Profile, More
IAE.TOITHACA ENERGY INC0.90 4:00PM EDTDown 0.02 (2.17%)309,020Chart, Profile, More
KRN.TOKARNALYTE RESOURCES INC2.30 3:59PM EDTDown 0.05 (2.13%)10,833Chart, Profile, More
ACQ.TOAUTOCANADA INC21.66 4:00PM EDTDown 0.46 (2.08%)97,836Chart, Profile, More
CJT.TOCARGOJET INC.33.78 4:00PM EDTDown 0.71 (2.06%)13,018Chart, Profile, More
IFP.TOINTERFOR CORPORATION13.93 4:00PM EDTDown 0.29 (2.04%)164,894Chart, Profile, More
MRE.TOMARTINREA INTERNATIONAL INC.8.72 4:00PM EDTDown 0.18 (2.02%)247,240Chart, Profile, More
AR.TOARGONAUT GOLD INC.3.42 4:00PM EDTDown 0.07 (2.01%)866,436Chart, Profile, More
CEF-A.TOCENTRAL FUND OF CANADA LTD., CL18.57 3:58PM EDTDown 0.38 (2.01%)82,473Chart, More
YGR.TOYANGARRA RESOURCES LTD1.01 3:36PM EDTDown 0.02 (1.94%)24,720Chart, Profile, More
VNR-PA.TOVALENER INC PREF SERIES A17.75 3:56PM EDTDown 0.35 (1.93%)1,800Chart, More
TS-B.TOTORSTAR CORP., CL. B, NV1.53 4:00PM EDTDown 0.03 (1.92%)153,680Chart, Profile, More
WFT.TOWEST FRASER TIMBER CO LTD45.19 4:00PM EDTDown 0.88 (1.91%)204,966Chart, Profile, More
TTH.TOTRANSITION THERAPEUTICS INC.2.07 1:28PM EDTDown 0.04 (1.90%)600Chart, Profile, More
TH.TOTHERATECHNOLOGIES2.60 4:00PM EDTDown 0.05 (1.89%)59,600Chart, Profile, More
WSP.TOWSP GLOBAL INC39.55 4:00PM EDTDown 0.76 (1.89%)185,679Chart, Profile, More
CAL.TOCALEDONIA MINING CORPORATION1.57 3:42PM EDTDown 0.03 (1.87%)2,930Chart, Profile, More
BAA.TOBANRO CORP.0.53 3:57PM EDTDown 0.01 (1.85%)202,149Chart, Profile, More
TCT-UN.TOTOP 10 CANADIAN FINANCIAL TRUST8.93 3:14PM EDTDown 0.17 (1.82%)8,750Chart, Profile, More
JOY.TOJOURNEY ENERGY INC1.65 3:56PM EDTDown 0.03 (1.79%)8,110Chart, Profile, More
BCE-PA.TOBCE FIRST PR SHARES SERIES AA14.10 3:53PM EDTDown 0.25 (1.77%)20,095Chart, More
ALS.TOALTIUS MINERALS CORPORATION10.16 4:00PM EDTDown 0.18 (1.74%)65,625Chart, Profile, More
NCU.TONEVADA COPPER CORP.0.57 3:59PM EDTDown 0.01 (1.72%)44,500Chart, Profile, More
IGG.TOINNOVA GAMING GROUP INC1.15 3:57PM EDTDown 0.02 (1.71%)5,219Chart, Profile, More
EFR.TOENERGY FUELS INC.2.88 3:59PM EDTDown 0.05 (1.71%)57,554Chart, Profile, More
LIQ.TOLIQUOR STORES NA LTD.9.27 4:00PM EDTDown 0.16 (1.70%)96,576Chart, Profile, More
CWB.TOCDN WESTERN BANK25.26 4:00PM EDTDown 0.43 (1.67%)256,310Chart, Profile, More
SOX.TOSTUART OLSON INC6.71 4:00PM EDTDown 0.11 (1.61%)22,880Chart, Profile, More
DML.TODENISON MINES CORP.0.72 4:00PM EDTDown 0.01 (1.37%)380,010Chart, Profile, More
DRM.TODREAM UNLIMITED CORP8.53 4:00PM EDTDown 0.09 (1.04%)19,505Chart, Profile, More
DEE.TODELPHI ENERGY CORP.0.95 4:00PM EDTDown 0.01 (1.04%)66,950Chart, Profile, More