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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
OVI-B.TOOVIVO INC CLASS B1.26 Apr 17, 2:08PM EDTDown 0.29 (18.71%)100Chart, More
GEN.TOGENENEWS LIMITED0.48 Apr 17, 3:52PM EDTDown 0.09 (15.79%)191,261Chart, Profile, More
PNC-B.TOPOSTMEDIA NETWORK CANADA CORP C0.80 Apr 17, 1:38PM EDTDown 0.14 (14.89%)1,000Chart, More
NDQ.TONOVADAQ TECHNOLOGIES INC.16.80 Apr 17, 3:55PM EDTDown 2.93 (14.85%)18,359Chart, Profile, More
OER.TOOANDO ENERGY RESOURCES INC1.55 Apr 17, 2:23PM EDTDown 0.15 (8.82%)5,694Chart, Profile, More
CMH.TOCARMANAH TECHNOLOGIES CORP.5.75 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.53 (8.44%)107,447Chart, Profile, More
PJC-A.TOJEAN COUTU GROUP (PJC) INC., CL25.60 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 1.97 (7.15%)702,017Chart, Profile, More
ETG.TOENTREE GOLD INC.0.52 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.04 (7.14%)142,402Chart, Profile, More
ZAR.TOZARGON OIL AND GAS LTD.3.98 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.27 (6.35%)135,122Chart, Profile, More
CDH.TOCORRIDOR RESOURCES INC.0.75 Apr 17, 3:12PM EDTDown 0.05 (6.25%)26,559Chart, Profile, More
IAE.TOITHACA ENERGY INC0.93 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.06 (6.06%)603,991Chart, Profile, More
GUY.TOGUYANA GOLDFIELDS INC3.00 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.18 (5.66%)256,718Chart, Profile, More
WRN.TOWESTERN COPPER AND GOLD CORP0.51 Apr 17, 3:47PM EDTDown 0.03 (5.56%)66,441Chart, Profile, More
YCM.TOCOMMERCE SPLIT CORP CAPITAL SHA0.85 Apr 17, 1:23PM EDTDown 0.05 (5.56%)1,247Chart, More
GTE.TOGRAN TIERRA ENERGY INC.4.32 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.25 (5.47%)1,272,875Chart, Profile, More
CAL.TOCALEDONIA MINING CORPORATION0.73 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.04 (5.19%)40,100Chart, Profile, More
PXX.TOBLACKPEARL RESOURCES INC.1.17 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.06 (4.88%)440,607Chart, Profile, More
AX-PA.TOARTIS REIT PREF SERIES A19.40 Apr 17, 3:52PM EDTDown 0.95 (4.67%)26,292Chart, More
RVM.TOREVETT MINING COMPANY INC0.63 Apr 17, 3:08PM EDTDown 0.03 (4.55%)1,500Chart, Profile, More
GCL.TOCOLABOR GROUP INC.1.49 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.07 (4.49%)167,928Chart, Profile, More
GTX.TOGRAN TIERRA EXCHANGECO INC.4.30 Apr 17, 3:40PM EDTDown 0.20 (4.44%)415Chart, Profile, More
IBG.TOIBI GROUP INC.1.53 Apr 17, 3:48PM EDTDown 0.07 (4.38%)15,801Chart, Profile, More
SOY.TOSUNOPTA, INC.13.47 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.59 (4.20%)10,090Chart, Profile, More
MAQ.TOMCEWEN MINING MINERA ANDES ACQ 1.19 Apr 17, 3:57PM EDTDown 0.05 (4.03%)9,385Chart, Profile, More
SW.TOSIERRA WIRELESS45.69 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 1.86 (3.91%)79,755Chart, Profile, More
WEQ.TOWESTERNONE INC1.23 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.05 (3.91%)98,865Chart, Profile, More
DMM.TODYNASTY METALS0.74 Apr 17, 3:46PM EDTDown 0.03 (3.90%)520Chart, Profile, More
RKN.TOREDKNEE SOLUTIONS INC.4.47 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.18 (3.87%)753,655Chart, Profile, More
HLC.TOHOLLOWAY LODGING CORPORATION6.25 Apr 17, 10:10AM EDTDown 0.25 (3.85%)240Chart, Profile, More
TD-PFC.TOTD BANK PREF SERIES 522.80 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.91 (3.84%)35,244Chart, More
WFS.TOWORLD FINANCIAL SPLIT CORP3.56 Apr 17, 11:00AM EDTDown 0.14 (3.78%)690Chart, More
TD-PFB.TOTD BANK PREF SERIES 323.04 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.88 (3.68%)42,871Chart, More
I.TOINTELLIPHARMACEUTICS INTERNATIO3.18 Apr 17, 3:39PM EDTDown 0.12 (3.64%)11,450Chart, Profile, More
WPT.TOWESTPORT INNOVATIONS INC.5.62 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.21 (3.60%)40,427Chart, Profile, More
LTS.TOLIGHTSTREAM RESOURCES LTD1.34 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.05 (3.60%)1,292,069Chart, Profile, More
BBD-PD.TOBOMBARDIER INC. PREFERRED (SER8.63 Apr 17, 3:57PM EDTDown 0.32 (3.58%)2,850Chart, More
KXS.TOKINAXIS INC29.80 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 1.10 (3.56%)203,930Chart, Profile, More
CF.TOCANACCORD GENUITY GROUP INC6.92 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.25 (3.49%)112,233Chart, Profile, More
TRI-PB.TOTHOMSON REUTERS CORPORATION, PR13.62 Apr 17, 3:28PM EDTDown 0.49 (3.47%)5,479Chart, More
BDI.TOBLACK DIAMOND GROUP LTD15.74 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.56 (3.44%)179,724Chart, Profile, More
NLN.TONEULION, INC.1.13 Apr 17, 3:38PM EDTDown 0.04 (3.42%)94,134Chart, Profile, More
MFC-PF.TOMANULIFE FINANCIAL CORP CLASS 116.71 Apr 17, 3:44PM EDTDown 0.59 (3.41%)13,913Chart, More
CKE.TOCHINOOK ENERGY INC.1.42 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.05 (3.40%)46,322Chart, Profile, More
MSL.TOMERUS LABS INTERNATIONAL INC2.86 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.10 (3.38%)530,262Chart, Profile, More
DC-A.TODUNDEE CORP., CL.A SV11.31 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.39 (3.33%)105,461Chart, Profile, More
BAM-PB.TOBROOKFIELD ASSET MGMT INC., PR14.30 Apr 17, 3:33PM EDTDown 0.49 (3.31%)7,030Chart, More
BAM-PK.TOBROOKFIELD ASSET MGMT INC., PR.14.12 Apr 17, 3:53PM EDTDown 0.48 (3.29%)8,100Chart, More
YGR.TOYANGARRA RESOURCES LTD1.77 Apr 17, 3:58PM EDTDown 0.06 (3.28%)874,945Chart, Profile, More
AGF-B.TOAGF MANAGEMENT LTD., CL.B, NV7.71 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.26 (3.26%)229,817Chart, Profile, More
RES.TORARE ELEMENT RESOURCES LTD0.89 Apr 17, 4:09PM EDTDown 0.03 (3.26%)22,930Chart, Profile, More
DWI.TODRAGONWAVE INC.0.90 Apr 17, 2:24PM EDTDown 0.03 (3.23%)19,726Chart, Profile, More
CPH.TOCIPHER PHARMACEUTICALS INC13.87 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.46 (3.21%)101,595Chart, More
IAG-PG.TOINDUSTRIAL ALLIANCE PREF SER G24.25 Apr 17, 4:15PM EDTDown 0.80 (3.19%)9,143Chart, More
BAR.TOBALMORAL RESOURCES LTD0.91 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.03 (3.19%)286,352Chart, Profile, More
FHB-A.TOFIRST ASSET HAMILTON CAP EURO B10.32 Apr 17, 11:01AM EDTDown 0.34 (3.19%)985Chart, More
GTH.TOU.S. GEOTHERMAL INC.0.61 Apr 17, 2:31PM EDTDown 0.02 (3.17%)5,000Chart, Profile, More
BDT.TOBIRD CONSTR INC10.46 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.34 (3.15%)130,776Chart, Profile, More
BLD.TOBALLARD POWER2.77 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.09 (3.15%)225,699Chart, Profile, More
CPX-PA.TOCAPITAL POWER CORPORATION PREF 13.61 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.44 (3.13%)12,760Chart, More
DH-R.TODH CORPORATION SUB RECEIPTS41.68 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 1.34 (3.11%)31,025Chart, More
NTB.TONEPTUNE TECHNOLOGIES & BIORESSO2.19 Apr 17, 3:58PM EDTDown 0.07 (3.10%)109,409Chart, Profile, More
CTH.TOCYNAPSUS THERAPEUTICS INC1.26 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.04 (3.08%)118,191Chart, Profile, More
DL.TODANIER LEATHER INC., SV3.50 Apr 17, 1:43PM EDTDown 0.11 (3.05%)262Chart, Profile, More
BNK.TOBANKERS PETROLEUM LTD.3.51 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.11 (3.04%)1,663,715Chart, Profile, More
OGC.TOOCEANAGOLD CORPORATION2.24 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.07 (3.03%)548,506Chart, Profile, More
DII-A.TODOREL INDUSTRIES INC., CL.A, MV34.92 Apr 17, 1:29PM EDTDown 1.08 (3.00%)200Chart, Profile, More
BAM-PC.TOBROOKFIELD ASSET MGMT INC., PR.14.19 Apr 17, 3:52PM EDTDown 0.43 (2.94%)3,746Chart, More
ASR.TOALACER GOLD CORP2.72 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.08 (2.86%)496,098Chart, Profile, More
FM.TOFIRST QUANTUM MINERALS LTD15.55 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.45 (2.81%)1,741,129Chart, Profile, More
CPX-PC.TOCAPITAL POWER CORP PREF SERIES 18.57 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.53 (2.77%)28,757Chart, More
CNU.TOCNOOC LIMITED203.89 Apr 17, 11:26AM EDTDown 5.81 (2.77%)200Chart, Profile, More
BU.TOBURCON NUTRASCIENCE CORPORATION2.84 Apr 17, 3:45PM EDTDown 0.08 (2.74%)4,068Chart, Profile, More
CPX-PE.TOCAPITAL POWER CORPORATION PREF 17.90 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.50 (2.72%)9,824Chart, More
MDZ-A.TOMDC PARTNERS INC., CL .A, SV33.08 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.92 (2.71%)889Chart, Profile, More
GMP.TOGMP CAPITAL INC.5.42 Apr 17, 4:30PM EDTDown 0.15 (2.69%)17,720Chart, Profile, More
CGG.TOCHINA GOLD INT RESOURCES CORP.2.19 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.06 (2.67%)387,270Chart, Profile, More
RFP.TORESOLUTE FOREST PRODUCTS INC20.86 Apr 17, 3:43PM EDTDown 0.57 (2.66%)477Chart, Profile, More
PMT.TOPERPETUAL ENERGY INC.1.10 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.03 (2.65%)145,689Chart, Profile, More
SVM.TOSILVERCORP METALS INC.1.48 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.04 (2.63%)128,914Chart, Profile, More
CLR.TOCLEARWATER SEAFOODS INCORPORATE13.53 Apr 17, 3:58PM EDTDown 0.36 (2.59%)13,426Chart, Profile, More
MFC-PN.TOMANULIFE FINANCIAL CORP PREF SE22.20 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.59 (2.59%)14,131Chart, More
FCU.TOFISSION URANIUM CORP1.13 Apr 17, 4:15PM EDTDown 0.03 (2.59%)535,142Chart, Profile, More
EFR.TOENERGY FUELS INC.5.29 Apr 17, 3:33PM EDTDown 0.14 (2.58%)10,802Chart, Profile, More
AUP.TOAURINIA PHARMACEUTICALS INC4.96 Apr 17, 3:54PM EDTDown 0.13 (2.55%)2,253Chart, Profile, More
NCQ.TONOVACOPPER INC0.77 Apr 17, 3:18PM EDTDown 0.02 (2.53%)10,100Chart, Profile, More
PWC-PA.TOPWC CAPITAL INC PREF CLASS A1.95 Apr 17, 11:19AM EDTDown 0.05 (2.50%)4,800Chart, More
KWH-UN.TOCRIUS ENERGY TRUST7.47 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.19 (2.48%)151,804Chart, More
ATH.TOATHABASCA OIL CORP2.37 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.06 (2.47%)1,870,390Chart, Profile, More
IFP.TOINTERFOR CORPORATION17.11 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.43 (2.45%)222,674Chart, Profile, More
DH.TODH CORPORATION41.84 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 1.05 (2.45%)348,968Chart, Profile, More
DCF.TODIFFERENCE CAPITAL FINANCIAL IN0.80 Apr 17, 9:59AM EDTDown 0.02 (2.44%)4,113Chart, Profile, More
BCE-PR.TOBCE INC SER R16.00 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.40 (2.44%)43,150Chart, More
BSE-UN.TOBROOKFIELD SOUNDVEST EQUITY FUN4.84 Apr 17, 9:30AM EDTDown 0.12 (2.42%)886Chart, More
GXI.TOGUESTLOGIX INC.0.81 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.02 (2.41%)82,947Chart, Profile, More
XDC.TOXTREME DRILLING AND COIL SERVIC2.04 Apr 17, 3:57PM EDTDown 0.05 (2.39%)42,573Chart, Profile, More
ACZ-UN.TOAMERICAN CORE SECTORS DIVIDEND 10.25 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.25 (2.38%)22,094Chart, More
RIC.TORICHMONT MINES3.69 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.09 (2.38%)50,140Chart, Profile, More
CG.TOCENTERRA GOLD INC.6.18 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.15 (2.37%)462,570Chart, Profile, More
COM.TOCARDIOME PHARMA CORP11.57 Apr 17, 3:12PM EDTDown 0.28 (2.36%)447Chart, Profile, More
LB-PH.TOLAURENTIAN BANK OF CDA PR SER 122.66 Apr 17, 2:38PM EDTDown 0.54 (2.33%)5,600Chart, More