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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
SFD.TONXT ENERGY SOLUTIONS INC1.25 2:01PM ESTDown 0.13 (9.42%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
OLY.TOOLYMPIA FINANCIAL GROUP INC26.37 11:56AM ESTDown 2.58 (8.91%)1,482Chart, Profile, More
FTU.TOUS FINANCIAL 15 SPLIT CORP.1.03 12:36PM ESTDown 0.10 (8.85%)3,400Chart, Profile, More
PTM.TOPLATINUM GROUP METALS LTD.2.14 2:02PM ESTDown 0.19 (8.15%)214,077Chart, Profile, More
GEO.TOGEODRILL LIMITED2.16 1:25PM ESTDown 0.19 (8.09%)7,850Chart, Profile, More
LGC.TOLUNA GOLD CORP1.75 10:23AM ESTDown 0.15 (7.89%)10,717Chart, Profile, More
SJ.TOSTELLA JONES INC39.43 2:01PM ESTDown 3.26 (7.64%)572,841Chart, Profile, More
KRN.TOKARNALYTE RESOURCES INC0.75 1:58PM ESTDown 0.06 (7.41%)18,563Chart, Profile, More
TBL.TOTAIGA BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD.1.01 12:41PM ESTDown 0.08 (7.34%)9,810Chart, Profile, More
CS.TOCAPSTONE MINING CORP.1.38 2:02PM ESTDown 0.10 (6.76%)1,236,366Chart, Profile, More
TMD.TOTITAN MEDICAL INC0.49 12:40PM ESTDown 0.04 (6.73%)24,080Chart, Profile, More
LUN.TOLUNDIN MINING CORP.7.74 2:01PM ESTDown 0.53 (6.41%)1,233,695Chart, Profile, More
MRE.TOMARTINREA INTERNATIONAL INC.8.31 2:02PM ESTDown 0.51 (5.78%)286,323Chart, Profile, More
MBN.TOMBN CORPORATION5.57 9:29AM ESTDown 0.29 (4.95%)817Chart, Profile, More
EOX.TOEUROMAX RESOURCES LTD0.60 10:55AM ESTDown 0.03 (4.76%)11,000Chart, Profile, More
NRI.TONUVO PHARMACEUTICALS INC5.28 1:19PM ESTDown 0.26 (4.69%)1,900Chart, Profile, More
QEC.TOQUESTERRE ENERGY CORP0.83 1:27PM ESTDown 0.04 (4.60%)130,500Chart, Profile, More
CPI.TOCONDOR PETROLEUM INC1.93 1:46PM ESTDown 0.09 (4.46%)25,788Chart, Profile, More
CXI.TOCURRENCY EXCHANGE INTERNATIONAL26.10 1:53PM ESTDown 1.16 (4.26%)91,419Chart, Profile, More
LNR.TOLINAMAR CORP55.25 2:01PM ESTDown 2.41 (4.18%)188,782Chart, Profile, More
CMMC.TO1.18 1:48PM ESTDown 0.05 (4.07%)776,155Chart, Profile, More
CFW.TOCALFRAC WELL SERVICES LTD.4.62 2:02PM ESTDown 0.19 (3.95%)383,117Chart, Profile, More
AZ.TOARIZONA MINING INC2.75 1:51PM ESTDown 0.11 (3.85%)747,147Chart, Profile, More
PIC-A.TOPREMIUM INCOME A7.12 1:59PM ESTDown 0.26 (3.52%)20,627Chart, Profile, More
TCW.TOTRICAN WELL4.63 2:02PM ESTDown 0.16 (3.34%)651,786Chart, Profile, More
ESI.TOENSIGN ENERGY SERVICES INC.9.10 2:00PM ESTDown 0.31 (3.29%)78,694Chart, Profile, More
WRG.TOWESTERN ENERGY SERVICES CORP3.27 1:10PM ESTDown 0.11 (3.25%)48,498Chart, Profile, More
XTC.TOEXCO TECH10.72 2:02PM ESTDown 0.36 (3.25%)30,320Chart, Profile, More
MPC.TOMADISON PAC CL B3.00 1:35PM ESTDown 0.10 (3.23%)14,300Chart, Profile, More
MG.TOMAGNA INTERNATIONAL INC56.94 2:01PM ESTDown 1.88 (3.20%)552,958Chart, Profile, More
AGF-B.TOAGF MANAGEMENT LTD., CL.B, NV6.13 2:00PM ESTDown 0.20 (3.16%)99,618Chart, Profile, More
TV.TOTREVALI MINING CORPORATION1.25 1:55PM ESTDown 0.04 (3.10%)464,765Chart, Profile, More
FRU.TOFREEHOLD ROYALTIES LTD.13.40 1:58PM ESTDown 0.41 (2.97%)107,627Chart, Profile, More
ACQ.TOAUTOCANADA INC25.83 1:59PM ESTDown 0.79 (2.97%)58,221Chart, Profile, More
ISL-U.TOVOYA FLOATING RATE SR LOAN FUND8.45 11:15AM ESTDown 0.25 (2.87%)2,000Chart, More
TMQ.TOTRILOGY METALS INC0.68 12:19PM ESTDown 0.02 (2.86%)6,092Chart, Profile, More
FM.TOFIRST QUANTUM MINERALS LTD16.68 2:02PM ESTDown 0.49 (2.85%)762,683Chart, Profile, More
DCM.TODATA COMMUNICATIONS MGMT CORP2.06 1:48PM ESTDown 0.06 (2.83%)11,325Chart, Profile, More
IMV.TOIMMUNOVACCINE INC0.69 11:24AM ESTDown 0.02 (2.82%)36,500Chart, Profile, More
GGD.TOGOGOLD RESOURCES INC0.70 1:22PM ESTDown 0.02 (2.78%)161,713Chart, Profile, More
TRZ.TOTRANSAT AT INC5.26 11:58AM ESTDown 0.15 (2.77%)17,322Chart, Profile, More
RC.TORDM CORP4.66 11:22AM ESTDown 0.13 (2.71%)2,771Chart, Profile, More
EFR.TOENERGY FUELS INC.2.90 2:02PM ESTDown 0.08 (2.68%)282,332Chart, Profile, More
TECK-A.TO32.41 11:53AM ESTDown 0.89 (2.67%)1,110Chart, Profile, More
RMP.TORMP ENERGY INC0.73 1:51PM ESTDown 0.02 (2.67%)911,306Chart, Profile, More
NSU.TONEVSUN RES J4.47 1:48PM ESTDown 0.12 (2.61%)157,572Chart, Profile, More
TVE.TOTAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD3.39 1:54PM ESTDown 0.09 (2.59%)201,274Chart, Profile, More
FTP.TOFORTRESS PAPER LTD.7.26 9:29AM ESTDown 0.19 (2.55%)1,575Chart, Profile, More
MX.TOMETHANEX CORP60.08 2:01PM ESTDown 1.57 (2.55%)56,351Chart, Profile, More
PEY.TOPEYTO EXPLORATION AND DVLPMNT C30.00 1:59PM ESTDown 0.77 (2.50%)190,201Chart, Profile, More
S.TOSHERRITT INTL RV1.57 2:01PM ESTDown 0.04 (2.48%)983,449Chart, Profile, More
MPVD.TOMOUNTAIN PROVINCE DIAMONDS INC6.33 1:57PM ESTDown 0.16 (2.47%)18,328Chart, More
NDQ.TONOVADAQ TECHNOLOGIES INC.8.36 12:29PM ESTDown 0.21 (2.45%)4,100Chart, Profile, More
ESN.TOESSENTIAL ENERGY SERVICES LTD0.81 1:19PM ESTDown 0.02 (2.41%)55,985Chart, Profile, More
EDV.TOENDEAVOUR MINING CORP22.28 2:02PM ESTDown 0.55 (2.41%)109,112Chart, Profile, More
EMP-A.TOEMPIRE COMPANY LIMITED16.32 2:01PM ESTDown 0.40 (2.39%)190,331Chart, Profile, More
DML.TODENISON MINES CORP.1.02 1:54PM ESTDown 0.03 (2.38%)1,914,830Chart, Profile, More
TOG.TOTORC OIL AND GAS LTD7.41 2:02PM ESTDown 0.18 (2.37%)310,793Chart, Profile, More
CGT.TOCOLUMBUS GOLD CORP0.83 1:57PM ESTDown 0.02 (2.35%)88,235Chart, Profile, More
FCU.TOFISSION URANIUM CORP0.83 1:53PM ESTDown 0.02 (2.35%)532,692Chart, Profile, More
XAU.TOGOLDMONEY INC3.33 2:00PM ESTDown 0.08 (2.35%)14,787Chart, Profile, More
DEE.TODELPHI ENERGY CORP.1.68 1:59PM ESTDown 0.04 (2.33%)106,025Chart, Profile, More
WRN.TOWESTERN COPPER AND GOLD CORP1.71 1:28PM ESTDown 0.04 (2.29%)16,300Chart, Profile, More
PTS.TOPOINTS INTERNATIONAL LTD.10.80 1:13PM ESTDown 0.25 (2.26%)600Chart, Profile, More
BTE.TOBAYTEX ENERGY CORP.5.71 2:02PM ESTDown 0.13 (2.23%)1,611,055Chart, Profile, More
CET.TOCATHEDRAL ENERGY SERVICES LTD.0.88 1:22PM ESTDown 0.02 (2.22%)213,990Chart, Profile, More
RAY-B.TOSTINGRAY DIGITAL GROUP INC VARI8.80 12:04PM ESTDown 0.20 (2.22%)725Chart, Profile, More
MNW.TOMITEL NETWORKS CORPORATION9.26 1:58PM ESTDown 0.21 (2.22%)9,420Chart, Profile, More
MND.TOMANDALAY RESOURCES CORPORATION0.89 1:58PM ESTDown 0.02 (2.20%)122,048Chart, Profile, More
AOI.TOAFRICA OIL CORP2.70 1:58PM ESTDown 0.06 (2.17%)39,078Chart, Profile, More
ATH.TOATHABASCA OIL CORP1.81 2:01PM ESTDown 0.04 (2.16%)482,984Chart, Profile, More
FTU-PB.TOUS FINL 15 SPLIT 2012 PREF SH8.60 10:42AM ESTDown 0.19 (2.16%)303Chart, More
TDG.TOTRINIDAD DRILLING LTD.3.23 2:02PM ESTDown 0.07 (2.12%)112,565Chart, Profile, More
MCB.TOMCCOY GLOBAL INC1.85 1:36PM ESTDown 0.04 (2.12%)37,324Chart, Profile, More
PNP.TOPINETREE CAPITAL LTD2.33 12:44PM ESTDown 0.05 (2.10%)4,549Chart, Profile, More
ARZ.TOARALEZ PHARMACEUTICALS INC5.60 11:57AM ESTDown 0.12 (2.10%)6,085Chart, Profile, More
GMM-U.TOGENERAL MOTORS COMPANY36.49 1:55PM ESTDown 0.78 (2.09%)204Chart, More
HBM.TOHUDBAY MINERALS INC.9.18 2:01PM ESTDown 0.19 (2.03%)1,066,505Chart, Profile, More
PWT.TOPENN WEST PETROLEUM LTD.2.43 2:02PM ESTDown 0.05 (2.02%)432,130Chart, Profile, More
VB.TOVERSABANK4.90 11:24AM ESTDown 0.10 (2.00%)300Chart, Profile, More
PEN.TO51.99 11:26AM ESTDown 1.01 (1.91%)725Chart, Profile, More
DBO.TODBOX TECHNOLOGIES INC0.52 1:21PM ESTDown 0.01 (1.89%)176,695Chart, Profile, More
LBS.TOLIFE & BANC SPLIT CORP.9.91 2:02PM ESTDown 0.19 (1.88%)15,874Chart, Profile, More
WIN.TOWI-LAN INC2.13 2:01PM ESTDown 0.04 (1.84%)168,370Chart, Profile, More
BIR.TOBIRCHCLIFF ENERGY LTD.8.67 2:02PM ESTDown 0.16 (1.81%)163,511Chart, Profile, More
EQB.TOEQUITABLE GROUP INC60.34 2:01PM ESTDown 1.11 (1.81%)7,295Chart, Profile, More
III.TOIMPERIAL METALS CORP7.62 1:06PM ESTDown 0.14 (1.80%)17,230Chart, Profile, More
CMG.TOCOMPUTER MODELLING GROUP LTD9.28 1:53PM ESTDown 0.17 (1.80%)17,526Chart, Profile, More
CSW-A.TOCORBY SPIRIT AND WINE LTD CLASS21.91 2:01PM ESTDown 0.40 (1.79%)5,475Chart, Profile, More
NXC.TONEXC PARTNERS CORP12.18 12:38PM ESTDown 0.22 (1.77%)5,039Chart, Profile, More
GTE.TOGRAN TIERRA ENERGY INC.3.62 1:59PM ESTDown 0.07 (1.77%)176,904Chart, Profile, More
HRR-UN.TOAUSTRALIAN REIT INCOME FUND10.61 11:32AM ESTDown 0.19 (1.76%)1,150Chart, Profile, More
RAV-UN.TORAVENSOURCE FUND14.00 1:14PM ESTDown 0.25 (1.75%)4,200Chart, Profile, More
AVO.TOAVIGILON CORPORATION12.94 1:56PM ESTDown 0.23 (1.75%)17,630Chart, Profile, More
TOU.TOTOURMALINE OIL CORP31.08 2:01PM ESTDown 0.54 (1.71%)159,426Chart, Profile, More
PIH.TOPACIFIC INSIGHT ELECTRONICS COR9.80 1:32PM ESTDown 0.17 (1.71%)19,170Chart, Profile, More
POU.TOPARAMOUNT RESOURCES LTD.16.20 2:00PM ESTDown 0.28 (1.70%)125,057Chart, Profile, More
AFN.TOAG GROWTH INTERNATIONAL INC.55.07 1:57PM ESTDown 0.94 (1.68%)8,377Chart, Profile, More
EXN.TOEXCELLON RESOURCES INC.1.76 1:12PM ESTDown 0.03 (1.68%)36,900Chart, Profile, More
SII.TOSPROTT INC.2.36 2:00PM ESTDown 0.04 (1.67%)36,632Chart, Profile, More