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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
BCRXBioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.02 11:57AM ESTDown 4.12 (67.10%)5,743,703Chart, Profile, More
CTICCTI BioPharma Corp.0.49 11:57AM ESTDown 0.63 (56.69%)8,892,168Chart, Profile, More
CYRXCRYOPORT INC1.07 11:35AM ESTDown 0.36 (25.50%)34,219Chart, Profile, More
CADCChina Advanced Construction Mat1.50 10:16AM ESTDown 0.45 (23.03%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
SLPSimulations Plus, Inc.8.52 11:56AM ESTDown 2.13 (19.97%)505,790Chart, Profile, More
OCLSOculus Innovative Sciences, Inc0.95 11:56AM ESTDown 0.17 (15.36%)377,410Chart, Profile, More
ADESAdvanced Emissions Solutions, I3.22 11:39AM ESTDown 0.65 (16.80%)14,277Chart, Profile, More
DXCMDexCom, Inc.50.91 11:57AM ESTDown 11.07 (17.86%)2,007,798Chart, Profile, More
PRQRProQR Therapeutics N.V.4.27 11:55AM ESTDown 0.97 (18.51%)24,002Chart, Profile, More
UNISUnilife Corporation0.84 11:57AM ESTDown 0.24 (22.13%)1,027,372Chart, Profile, More
VNRCPVanguard Natural Resources LLC4.04 11:30AM ESTDown 0.73 (15.30%)23,292Chart, Profile, More
IMDZImmune Design Corp.8.65 11:55AM ESTDown 1.44 (14.27%)47,217Chart, Profile, More
STAFSTAFFING 3603.05 10:18AM ESTDown 0.47 (13.35%)2,600Chart, Profile, More
ABMDABIOMED, Inc.69.88 11:57AM ESTDown 11.65 (14.29%)1,321,219Chart, Profile, More
FLDMFluidigm Corporation5.51 11:56AM ESTDown 0.97 (15.03%)730,952Chart, Profile, More
CLBHCarolina Bank Holdings Inc.13.45 9:54AM ESTDown 2.25 (14.33%)1,062Chart, Profile, More
ZAISZAIS Group Holdings, Inc.4.49 11:24AM ESTDown 0.70 (13.49%)1,363Chart, Profile, More
MARPSMarine Petroleum Trust3.42 11:09AM ESTDown 0.53 (13.42%)160Chart, Profile, More
FOLDAmicus Therapeutics, Inc.5.22 11:57AM ESTDown 0.78 (12.94%)851,953Chart, Profile, More
ROIAKRadio One, Inc.1.20 11:57AM ESTDown 0.19 (13.67%)63,441Chart, Profile, More
ROIARadio One, Inc.1.30 10:46AM ESTDown 0.19 (12.75%)1,214Chart, Profile, More
BINDBIND Therapeutics, Inc.1.44 11:42AM ESTDown 0.21 (12.73%)86,946Chart, Profile, More
CPLPCapital Product Partners L.P.3.43 11:54AM ESTDown 0.42 (10.91%)929,681Chart, Profile, More
HNSNHansen Medical, Inc.2.60 11:57AM ESTDown 0.33 (11.37%)77,469Chart, Profile, More
HSGXHistogenics Corporation2.13 11:25AM ESTDown 0.29 (12.18%)2,212Chart, Profile, More
LGCYPLegacy Reserves LP2.86 11:56AM ESTDown 0.39 (12.12%)12,497Chart, Profile, More
EPRSEPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.2.80 11:33AM ESTDown 0.38 (11.95%)38,215Chart, Profile, More
VNRBPVanguard Natural Resources LLC4.11 11:55AM ESTDown 0.56 (11.99%)28,293Chart, Profile, More
PCTYPaylocity Holding Corporation27.77 11:56AM ESTDown 3.97 (12.51%)346,913Chart, Profile, More
COLLCollegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.16.50 11:57AM ESTDown 2.25 (12.00%)88,132Chart, Profile, More
CARACara Therapeutics, Inc.6.94 11:57AM ESTDown 0.94 (11.93%)280,020Chart, Profile, More
ANTHAnthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.34 11:57AM ESTDown 0.33 (12.36%)443,112Chart, Profile, More
ZIONWZions Bancorporation1.60 11:57AM ESTDown 0.20 (11.12%)3,500Chart, More
HRTXHeron Therapeutics, Inc. 17.13 11:57AM ESTDown 2.16 (11.20%)682,263Chart, More
HTGMHTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.2.42 11:12AM ESTDown 0.31 (11.36%)2,089Chart, Profile, More
OHRPOhr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.84 11:57AM ESTDown 0.32 (10.13%)388,433Chart, Profile, More
SRPTSarepta Therapeutics, Inc.10.69 11:57AM ESTDown 1.54 (12.56%)1,369,989Chart, Profile, More
IRWDIronwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.7.46 11:57AM ESTDown 0.97 (11.53%)783,724Chart, Profile, More
GASSStealthGas, Inc.2.57 11:54AM ESTDown 0.30 (10.57%)49,218Chart, Profile, More
RXDXIgnyta, Inc.8.17 11:56AM ESTDown 0.84 (9.32%)70,802Chart, Profile, More
LJPCLa Jolla Pharmaceutical Company13.64 11:57AM ESTDown 1.51 (9.97%)101,650Chart, Profile, More
KMPHKemPharm, Inc.12.65 11:47AM ESTDown 1.70 (11.85%)22,612Chart, Profile, More
ADROAduro Biotech, Inc.12.90 11:57AM ESTDown 1.48 (10.29%)202,512Chart, Profile, More
TNXPTonix Pharmaceuticals Holding C3.89 11:55AM ESTDown 0.53 (11.99%)174,871Chart, Profile, More
MIMEMimecast Limited9.58 11:53AM ESTDown 0.77 (7.43%)275,822Chart, Profile, More
GLMDGalmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd.5.44 11:28AM ESTDown 0.64 (10.55%)4,867Chart, Profile, More
SHOSSears Hometown and Outlet Store5.41 11:57AM ESTDown 0.63 (10.36%)58,007Chart, Profile, More
MTLSMaterialise NV5.40 11:55AM ESTDown 0.59 (9.85%)17,856Chart, Profile, More
AVXLANAVEX LIFE SCIENCES4.18 11:56AM ESTDown 0.46 (9.91%)564,753Chart, Profile, More
EGHT8x8 Inc10.40 11:55AM ESTDown 1.22 (10.54%)576,646Chart, Profile, More
ESPREsperion Therapeutics, Inc.14.06 11:57AM ESTDown 1.48 (9.52%)172,961Chart, Profile, More
ARDMAradigm Corporation2.82 11:15AM ESTDown 0.33 (10.48%)16,246Chart, Profile, More
YECOYulong Eco-Materials Limited3.36 10:43AM ESTDown 0.39 (10.39%)6,984Chart, Profile, More
BNFTBenefitfocus, Inc.22.85 11:57AM ESTDown 2.47 (9.76%)72,953Chart, Profile, More
AIXGAixtron SE3.29 11:31AM ESTDown 0.38 (10.35%)10,143Chart, Profile, More
LGCYOLegacy Reserves LP2.43 11:47AM ESTDown 0.27 (10.00%)25,141Chart, Profile, More
HTWRHeartware International, Inc.34.49 11:57AM ESTDown 4.63 (11.84%)154,646Chart, Profile, More
EGRXEagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.53.56 11:57AM ESTDown 5.60 (9.47%)246,809Chart, Profile, More
DTUSBarclays PLC26.01 9:30AM ESTDown 2.91 (10.08%)304Chart, Profile, More
AERIAerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.13.69 11:57AM ESTDown 1.53 (10.05%)189,997Chart, Profile, More
BCOMB Communications Ltd.24.30 10:33AM ESTDown 2.70 (10.00%)752Chart, Profile, More
ETRMEnteroMedics Inc.1.01 11:56AM ESTDown 0.09 (8.20%)76,357Chart, Profile, More
MRNSMarinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.4.85 11:56AM ESTDown 0.47 (8.83%)42,017Chart, Profile, More
PARNParnell Pharmaceuticals Holding2.26 11:27AM ESTDown 0.25 (9.96%)2,623Chart, Profile, More
IMMYImprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.4.79 11:56AM ESTDown 0.50 (9.45%)49,122Chart, Profile, More
VSCPVirtualScopics, Inc.3.45 10:36AM ESTDown 0.38 (9.92%)30,948Chart, Profile, More
VRTUVirtusa Corporation38.54 11:56AM ESTDown 4.20 (9.83%)113,335Chart, Profile, More
MZORMazor Robotics Ltd.8.67 11:54AM ESTDown 1.07 (10.99%)32,606Chart, Profile, More
CRTOCriteo S.A.25.02 11:57AM ESTDown 2.62 (9.48%)608,517Chart, Profile, More
TSROTESARO, Inc.32.03 11:57AM ESTDown 3.46 (9.75%)500,768Chart, Profile, More
VTAEVitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc.8.29 11:47AM ESTDown 0.88 (9.55%)36,059Chart, Profile, More
CEMPCempra, Inc.16.74 11:57AM ESTDown 1.87 (10.05%)354,362Chart, Profile, More
NBIXNeurocrine Biosciences, Inc.32.72 11:57AM ESTDown 3.27 (9.09%)839,100Chart, Profile, More
OCRXOcera Therapeutics, Inc.2.47 11:50AM ESTDown 0.33 (11.79%)10,547Chart, Profile, More
NEOSNeos Therapeutics, Inc.7.88 11:56AM ESTDown 0.84 (9.63%)79,334Chart, Profile, More
FUELRocket Fuel Inc.2.67 11:56AM ESTDown 0.29 (9.80%)340,887Chart, Profile, More
TREELendingTree, Inc.55.29 11:56AM ESTDown 4.76 (7.92%)377,947Chart, Profile, More
ALKSAlkermes plc29.42 11:57AM ESTDown 2.75 (8.55%)579,356Chart, Profile, More
CSODCornerstone OnDemand, Inc.24.84 11:56AM ESTDown 2.62 (9.54%)729,850Chart, Profile, More
ITCIIntra-Cellular Therapies Inc.25.85 11:57AM ESTDown 2.75 (9.62%)509,569Chart, Profile, More
AKAOAchaogen, Inc.3.44 11:56AM ESTDown 0.36 (9.48%)21,140Chart, Profile, More
DNAIProNAi Therapeutics, Inc.6.61 11:52AM ESTDown 0.60 (8.32%)27,776Chart, Profile, More
VAVirgin America Inc.26.46 11:57AM ESTDown 3.00 (10.18%)600,238Chart, Profile, More
ALDRAlder BioPharmaceuticals, Inc.20.15 11:57AM ESTDown 1.99 (8.99%)394,793Chart, Profile, More
MYOKMyoKardia, Inc.7.20 11:55AM ESTDown 1.06 (12.83%)54,389Chart, Profile, More
YRCWYRC Worldwide, Inc.6.78 11:57AM ESTDown 0.69 (9.18%)831,895Chart, Profile, More
CNATConatus Pharmaceuticals Inc.1.65 11:55AM ESTDown 0.19 (10.32%)301,786Chart, Profile, More
BBEPPBreitburn Energy Partners LP6.00 11:56AM ESTDown 0.64 (9.64%)23,765Chart, Profile, More
AMTXAemetis, Inc1.81 11:56AM ESTDown 0.14 (7.21%)3,539Chart, Profile, More
DHXMDHX Media Ltd.5.12 11:53AM ESTDown 0.53 (9.38%)1,296Chart, Profile, More
NXPINXP Semiconductors N.V.63.40 11:57AM ESTDown 7.30 (10.33%)4,549,936Chart, Profile, More
ALGNAlign Technology, Inc.59.65 11:57AM ESTDown 6.22 (9.44%)576,393Chart, Profile, More
CORICorium International, Inc.5.20 11:41AM ESTDown 0.51 (8.93%)6,660Chart, Profile, More
TRUETrueCar, Inc.5.03 11:56AM ESTDown 0.46 (8.38%)494,011Chart, Profile, More
AMBAAmbarella, Inc.34.02 11:57AM ESTDown 3.41 (9.11%)969,316Chart, Profile, More
RTKRentech, Inc.1.74 11:43AM ESTDown 0.17 (8.80%)74,685Chart, Profile, More
BZUNBaozun Inc.5.42 11:49AM ESTDown 0.54 (9.07%)51,257Chart, Profile, More
NLNKNewLink Genetics Corporation21.46 11:57AM ESTDown 1.77 (7.62%)196,078Chart, Profile, More
ASMBAssembly Biosciences, Inc.4.65 11:42AM ESTDown 0.45 (8.82%)16,139Chart, Profile, More
ATRSAntares Pharma, Inc.0.98 11:57AM ESTDown 0.10 (9.23%)332,245Chart, Profile, More