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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
XXII22nd Century Group, Inc. Common2.30 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A376,614Chart, Profile, More
CNRChina Metro-Rural Holdings Limi0.95 Apr 22, 2:20PM EDTN/A6,601Chart, Profile, More
MXCMexco Energy Corporation Common7.41 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A11,451Chart, Profile, More
GBRNew Concept Energy, Inc Common 1.70 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A12,636Chart, Profile, More
OESXOrion Energy Systems, Inc. Comm5.47 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A139,546Chart, Profile, More
RVPRetractable Technologies, Inc. 3.40 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A26,901Chart, Profile, More
LOVSpark Networks, Inc. Common Sto4.98 Apr 22, 4:05PM EDTN/A158,804Chart, Profile, More
SANDSandstorm Gold Ltd. Ordinary Sh5.26 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A1,647,316Chart, Profile, More
RLGTRadiant Logistics, Inc. Common 3.22 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A45,319Chart, Profile, More
LBMHLiberator Medical Holdings, Inc3.87 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A203,828Chart, Profile, More
WTTWireless Telecom Group, Inc. C2.45 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A21,955Chart, Profile, More
INSIntelligent Systems Corporation1.58 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A1,570Chart, Profile, More
RICRichmont Mines, Inc. Common Sto1.23 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A88,245Chart, Profile, More
CRVCoast Distribution System, Inc.3.26 Apr 22, 4:09PM EDTN/A1,600Chart, Profile, More
URGUr Energy Inc Common Shares (Ca1.37 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A503,512Chart, Profile, More
EXECrexendo, Inc. Common Stock3.11 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A5,236Chart, Profile, More
NAVBNavidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc1.75 Apr 22, 4:06PM EDTN/A673,521Chart, Profile, More
DNNDenison Mines Corp Ordinary Sha1.47 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A443,165Chart, Profile, More
CTPCTPartners Executive Search Inc9.98 Apr 22, 4:08PM EDTN/A16,717Chart, Profile, More
SGBSouthwest Georgia Financial Cor13.93 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A11,082Chart, Profile, More
BVXBovie Medical Corporation Commo3.84 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A29,531Chart, Profile, More
GTEGran Tierra Energy Inc. Common 7.42 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A794,498Chart, Profile, More
BFYBlackRock New York Municipal In13.83 Apr 22, 4:10PM EDTN/A30,887Chart, More
FPPFieldPoint Petroleum Corporatio5.17 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A45,850Chart, Profile, More
CHAberdeen Chile Fund, Inc. (The)11.05 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A30,191Chart, More
GIGGigOptix, Inc. Common Stock1.71 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A128,575Chart, Profile, More
ALTVAlteva6.50 Apr 22, 4:05PM EDTN/A48,813Chart, Profile, More
HRTArrhythmia Research Technology 4.90 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A13,418Chart, Profile, More
DXRDaxor Corporation Common Stock8.22 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A2,912Chart, Profile, More
SSYSunLink Health Systems, Inc. Co1.47 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A29,378Chart, Profile, More
SIMGrupo Simec, S.A.B. de C.V. Ame11.60 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A18,005Chart, Profile, More
PDOPyramid Oil Co Common Stock5.58 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A5,020Chart, Profile, More
BRNBarnwell Industries, Inc. Commo3.09 Apr 22, 3:39PM EDTN/A1,406Chart, Profile, More
NBYNovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. C1.05 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A103,372Chart, Profile, More
LODEComstock Mining, Inc. Common St1.67 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A116,438Chart, Profile, More
NBONeuberger Berman New York Inter13.92 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A19,504Chart, More
URZUranerz Energy Corporation Comm1.71 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A338,399Chart, Profile, More
ACUAcme United Corporation. Common17.10 Apr 22, 4:09PM EDTN/A5,744Chart, Profile, More
UWNNevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. Com1.15 Apr 22, 1:16PM EDTN/A1,455Chart, Profile, More
NCQNovaCopper Inc. Common Stock1.15 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A90,648Chart, Profile, More
TSHTeche Holding Company Common St76.50 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A3,118Chart, Profile, More
MDGNMedgenics, Inc. Common Stock6.40 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A58,440Chart, Profile, More
SVLCSilverCrest Mines, Inc. Ordinar1.67 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A526,545Chart, Profile, More
GTTGTT Communications, Inc. Common11.80 Apr 22, 4:05PM EDTN/A33,171Chart, Profile, More
PIPPharmAthene, Inc Common Stock1.41 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A79,527Chart, Profile, More
EPMEvolution Petroleum Corporation12.08 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A43,783Chart, Profile, More
BRGBluerock Residential Growth REI14.21 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A36,448Chart, Profile, More
UUUUEnergy Fuels Inc Ordinary Share8.76 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A20,359Chart, Profile, More
NSPRInspireMD, Inc. Common Stock2.42 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A70,465Chart, Profile, More
GVPGSE Systems, Inc. Common Stock1.75 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A9,465Chart, Profile, More
GRCGorman-Rupp Company (The) Commo30.68 Apr 22, 4:05PM EDTN/A21,397Chart, Profile, More
MDMMountain Province Diamonds Inc.4.60 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A10,583Chart, Profile, More
SYRGSynergy Resources Corporation C11.13 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A1,023,063Chart, Profile, More
MGTMGT Capital Investments Inc Com1.86 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A48,233Chart, Profile, More
BTNBallantyne Strong, Inc. Common 4.65 Apr 22, 4:06PM EDTN/A22,270Chart, Profile, More
SIFSIFCO Industries, Inc. Common S33.58 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A2,306Chart, Profile, More
NTSNTS, Inc. Common Stock1.96 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A21,464Chart, Profile, More
MSNEmerson Radio Corporation Commo2.03 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A1,500Chart, Profile, More
DLADelta Apparel, Inc. Common Stoc17.38 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A11,106Chart, Profile, More
CCFChase Corporation Common Stock31.94 Apr 22, 4:07PM EDTN/A11,420Chart, Profile, More
MZABlackrock MuniYield Arizona Fun14.44 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A1,600Chart, More
SKYSkyline Corporation Common Stoc5.30 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A51,499Chart, Profile, More
CVRChicago Rivet & Machine Co. Com39.10 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A5,651Chart, Profile, More
PZGParamount Gold and Silver Corp.1.13 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A494,069Chart, Profile, More
AMZGAmerican Eagle Energy Corporati7.16 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A109,964Chart, Profile, More
MCFContango Oil & Gas Company Comm48.15 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A64,579Chart, Profile, More
PLMPolymet Mining Corporation Ordi1.32 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A208,468Chart, Profile, More
DPWDigital Power Corporation Commo1.34 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A53,611Chart, Profile, More
NMLNeuberger Berman MLP Income Fun18.60 Apr 22, 4:09PM EDTN/A171,076Chart, More
LGLLGL Group, Inc. (The) Common St4.84 Apr 22, 1:44PM EDTN/A340Chart, Profile, More
IFAberdeen Indonesia Fund, Inc. (9.58 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A17,637Chart, More
BIR-PABerkshire Income Realty, Inc. 927.60 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A3,012Chart, More
RCGRENN Global Entrepreneurs Fund,1.56 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A9,037Chart, More
EIPEaton Vance Pennsylvania Munici12.71 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A9,430Chart, More
IMOImperial Oil Limited Common Sto47.25 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A225,452Chart, Profile, More
MEAMetalico Inc Common Stock1.63 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A114,192Chart, Profile, More
PW-PAPower REIT 7.75% Series A Cumul25.10 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A7,450Chart, More
CVUCPI Aerostructures, Inc. Common13.88 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A7,099Chart, Profile, More
CMTCore Molding Technologies Inc C12.29 Apr 22, 4:07PM EDTN/A23,278Chart, Profile, More
APTAlpha Pro Tech, Ltd. Common Sto1.99 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A56,165Chart, Profile, More
GTUCentral Gold Trust Ordinary Sha44.83 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A21,121Chart, Profile, More
GVGoldfield Corporation (The) Com2.15 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A90,845Chart, Profile, More
FRSFrisch's Restaurants, Inc. Comm23.49 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A219Chart, Profile, More
IECIEC Electronics Corp. Common St4.51 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A15,710Chart, Profile, More
SWHStanley Black & Decker, Inc. Co107.11 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A63,027Chart, Profile, More
SCE-PBSouthern California Edison Comp20.21 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A7,188Chart, More
NHSNeuberger Berman High Yield Str13.68 Apr 22, 4:06PM EDTN/A52,048Chart, More
AZCAugusta Resource Corporation Or2.89 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A24,644Chart, Profile, More
HLM-PHillman Group Capital Trust Pre30.80 Apr 22, 12:56PM EDTN/A621Chart, More
ELLOEllomay Capital Ltd Ordinary Sh9.65 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A6,300Chart, Profile, More
STRPStraight Path Communications In6.54 Apr 22, 4:05PM EDTN/A31,347Chart, Profile, More
LTS-PALadenburg Thalmann Financial Se22.40 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A82,117Chart, More
JRSNuveen Real Estate Income Fund 10.59 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A95,794Chart, More
NOMNuveen Missouri Premium Income 14.56 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A5,815Chart, More
AAUAlmaden Minerals, Ltd. Ordinary1.36 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A81,586Chart, Profile, More
GLOClough Global Opportunities Fun12.51 Apr 22, 4:09PM EDTN/A309,147Chart, More
LAQAberdeen Latin America Equity F28.85 Apr 22, 3:48PM EDTN/A2,491Chart, More
CTFNuveen Long/Short Commodity Tot16.51 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A102,950Chart, More
CLMCornerstone Strategic Value Fun6.44 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A199,326Chart, More
GGNGAMCO Global Gold, Natural Reso9.99 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A322,980Chart, More