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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
JDSTDirexion Daily Junior Gold Mine12.53 4:00PM ESTDown 4.45 (26.21%)2,567,131Chart, Profile, More
DUSTDirexion Daily Gold Miners Inde5.47 4:00PM ESTDown 1.51 (21.67%)56,287,914Chart, Profile, More
GDJSProShares UltraShort Junior Min12.48 4:00PM ESTDown 3.17 (20.26%)6,340Chart, Profile, More
DYYDB Commodity Double Long ETN du2.25 4:00PM ESTDown 0.53 (18.92%)200Chart, Profile, More
AMUBETRACS Alerian MLP Index ETN Se13.05 4:00PM ESTDown 2.85 (17.92%)3,500Chart, More
GDXSProShares UltraShort Gold Miner13.71 4:00PM ESTDown 2.10 (13.30%)33,018Chart, Profile, More
BRZUDirexion Daily Brazil Bull 3X S8.07 4:00PM ESTDown 1.15 (12.44%)259,514Chart, Profile, More
EVIEnviroStar, Inc. Common Stock3.19 4:00PM ESTDown 0.41 (11.45%)2,881Chart, Profile, More
HEGJDirexion Daily MSCI Japan Curre19.37 4:00PM ESTDown 2.49 (11.39%)100Chart, Profile, More
HOMXETRACS ISE Exclusively Homebuil17.77 2:29PM ESTDown 2.20 (11.02%)300Chart, Profile, More
DZZDB Gold Double Short ETN due Fe6.13 4:00PM ESTDown 0.68 (9.99%)1,691,664Chart, Profile, More
ASB-WT1.96 12:34PM ESTDown 0.21 (9.68%)500Chart, More
HOMLETRACS Monthly Reset 2xLeverage11.81 4:00PM ESTDown 1.23 (9.43%)6,322Chart, Profile, More
INDLDirexion Daily India Bull 3x Sh8.35 4:00PM ESTDown 0.85 (9.29%)214,425Chart, Profile, More
UMXProShares Ultra MSCI Mexico Cap17.90 4:00PM ESTDown 1.81 (9.19%)5,597Chart, Profile, More
FINUProShares UltraPro Financial Se43.01 4:00PM ESTDown 4.30 (9.09%)4,133Chart, Profile, More
HBUProShares Ultra Homebuilders & 11.65 2:31PM ESTDown 1.15 (8.98%)200Chart, Profile, More
KORUDirexion Daily South Korea Bull17.21 4:00PM ESTDown 1.69 (8.94%)5,332Chart, Profile, More
UBRProShares Ultra MSCI Brazil Cap20.60 3:56PM ESTDown 1.95 (8.65%)602Chart, Profile, More
LBJDirexion Daily Latin America 3x8.40 4:00PM ESTDown 0.76 (8.34%)3,254Chart, Profile, More
GLLProShares UltraShort Gold82.35 4:00PM ESTDown 7.26 (8.10%)62,835Chart, Profile, More
SMHDETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged 8.55 4:00PM ESTDown 0.75 (8.06%)437,421Chart, Profile, More
ELMDElectromed, Inc. Common Stock2.99 4:00PM ESTDown 0.26 (8.00%)706,312Chart, Profile, More
MLPGUBS AG Exchange Traded Access S15.33 4:00PM ESTDown 1.30 (7.85%)939Chart, Profile, More
GIGGigOptix, Inc. Common Stock2.13 4:00PM ESTDown 0.18 (7.79%)728,068Chart, Profile, More
YUMA-PAYuma Energy, Inc. 9.25% Series 1.31 1:37PM ESTDown 0.11 (7.75%)84,464Chart, More
FASDirexion Financial Bull 3X Shar16.58 4:00PM ESTDown 1.39 (7.74%)14,138,569Chart, Profile, More
SCINEGShares India Small Cap ETF11.98 4:00PM ESTDown 0.98 (7.56%)4,573Chart, Profile, More
UGAZVelocityShares 3X Long Natural 1.39 4:00PM ESTDown 0.11 (7.33%)27,614,704Chart, Profile, More
TIKTel-Instrument Electronics Corp3.70 4:00PM ESTDown 0.29 (7.27%)4,174Chart, Profile, More
KRUProShares Ultra S&P Regional Ba58.93 4:00PM ESTDown 4.41 (6.96%)4,503Chart, Profile, More
FMLPETRACS Wells Fargo MLP Ex-Energ14.45 4:00PM ESTDown 1.04 (6.71%)121Chart, Profile, More
MLPYMorgan Stanley Cushing MLP High4.57 4:00PM ESTDown 0.33 (6.69%)9,374Chart, More
SDPISuperior Drilling Products, Inc1.45 4:00PM ESTDown 0.10 (6.45%)8,613Chart, Profile, More
CKXCKX Lands, Inc. Common Stock9.05 4:00PM ESTDown 0.62 (6.41%)4,750Chart, Profile, More
YINNDirexion Daily FTSE China Bull 8.85 4:00PM ESTDown 0.59 (6.25%)1,125,291Chart, Profile, More
JJNiPath Bloomberg Nickel Subindex8.94 4:00PM ESTDown 0.59 (6.19%)9,357Chart, Profile, More
DXJCWisdomTree Japan Hedged Capital18.66 4:00PM ESTDown 1.23 (6.18%)1,793Chart, Profile, More
CRFCornerstone Total Return Fund, 12.90 4:00PM ESTDown 0.85 (6.18%)113,870Chart, More
NINIiPath Pure Beta Nickel ETN13.07 4:00PM ESTDown 0.85 (6.12%)1,100Chart, Profile, More
SVXYProShares Short VIX Short Term 31.23 4:00PM ESTDown 2.02 (6.08%)13,141,860Chart, Profile, More
QJPNSPDR MSCI Japan Quality Mix ETF57.02 4:00PM ESTDown 3.61 (5.96%)3,677Chart, Profile, More
SCIFMarket Vectors India Small-Cap 33.28 4:00PM ESTDown 2.10 (5.94%)441,077Chart, Profile, More
JPNLDirexion Daily Japan Bull 3X ET27.23 4:00PM ESTDown 1.72 (5.93%)30,645Chart, Profile, More
MLPJGlobal X Junior MLP ETF5.89 4:00PM ESTDown 0.37 (5.91%)10,635Chart, Profile, More
DXJTWisdomTree Japan Hedged Tech, M20.44 3:17PM ESTDown 1.27 (5.84%)375Chart, Profile, More
ADKAdcare Health Systems Inc Commo1.94 4:00PM ESTDown 0.12 (5.83%)46,580Chart, Profile, More
EETProShares Ultra MSCI Emerging M35.51 4:00PM ESTDown 2.19 (5.82%)4,329Chart, Profile, More
ZMLPDirexion Zacks MLP High Income 12.16 4:00PM ESTDown 0.75 (5.81%)44,331Chart, Profile, More
CQPCheniere Energy Partners, LP Ch19.90 4:01PM ESTDown 1.21 (5.73%)470,139Chart, Profile, More
MORLETRACS Monthly Pay 2XLeveraged 9.59 4:00PM ESTDown 0.57 (5.61%)215,073Chart, Profile, More
UOPProShares Ultra Oil & Gas Explo12.83 4:00PM ESTDown 0.76 (5.59%)520Chart, Profile, More
ZSLProShares UltraShort Silver48.74 4:00PM ESTDown 2.87 (5.56%)78,669Chart, Profile, More
OSMSBarclays OFI SteelPath MLP ETN12.00 4:00PM ESTDown 0.70 (5.51%)1,100Chart, Profile, More
RWXLETRACS Monthly Pay 2XLeveraged 24.57 4:00PM ESTDown 1.43 (5.50%)806Chart, Profile, More
BPMXBioPharmX Corporation. Common1.55 4:02PM ESTDown 0.09 (5.49%)51,931Chart, Profile, More
HIPSMaster Income ETF13.05 4:00PM ESTDown 0.75 (5.43%)12,316Chart, Profile, More
NTIPNetwork-1 Technologies, Inc. Co1.90 4:00PM ESTDown 0.11 (5.42%)34,626Chart, Profile, More
KWTMarket Vectors Solar Energy ETF43.72 4:00PM ESTDown 2.50 (5.40%)2,634Chart, Profile, More
UYGProShares Ultra Financials49.21 4:00PM ESTDown 2.78 (5.35%)233,510Chart, Profile, More
USDProShares Ultra Semiconductors59.24 4:00PM ESTDown 3.26 (5.22%)10,060Chart, Profile, More
AINCAshford Inc. Common Stock38.01 4:00PM ESTDown 2.09 (5.21%)622Chart, Profile, More
SCIJGlobal X Scientific Beta Japan 22.52 4:00PM ESTDown 1.23 (5.18%)524Chart, Profile, More
YMLPYorkville High Income MLP Excha3.32 4:00PM ESTDown 0.18 (5.15%)168,995Chart, Profile, More
AMLPAlerian MLP ETF7.97 4:00PM ESTDown 0.43 (5.12%)25,062,522Chart, Profile, More
MLPIUBS AG ETN17.73 4:00PM ESTDown 0.94 (5.03%)693,311Chart, Profile, More
GUSHDirexion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Ex2.89 4:00PM ESTDown 0.15 (4.93%)4,836,109Chart, Profile, More
BWL-ABowl America, Inc. Class A Comm13.69 4:00PM ESTDown 0.71 (4.90%)552Chart, Profile, More
EZJProShares Ultra MSCI Japan62.68 4:00PM ESTDown 3.23 (4.90%)4,019Chart, Profile, More
EDCDirexion Emerging Markets Bull 7.98 4:00PM ESTDown 0.41 (4.89%)2,019,661Chart, Profile, More
MLPWUBS AG Exchange Traded Access S15.12 4:00PM ESTDown 0.77 (4.87%)59,113Chart, Profile, More
MLPAGlobal X MLP ETF7.24 4:00PM ESTDown 0.37 (4.86%)149,925Chart, Profile, More
MLPNCredit Suisse X-Links Cushings 12.74 4:00PM ESTDown 0.65 (4.85%)251,696Chart, Profile, More
ESTEEarthstone Energy, Inc. Common 11.40 4:00PM ESTDown 0.58 (4.84%)3,348Chart, Profile, More
TANGuggenheim Solar ETF20.35 4:00PM ESTDown 1.03 (4.82%)215,716Chart, Profile, More
CUREDirexion Daily Healthcare Bull 22.37 4:00PM ESTDown 1.13 (4.81%)413,181Chart, Profile, More
ONPOrient Paper, Inc. NEW Common S1.17 3:58PM ESTDown 0.06 (4.80%)8,168Chart, Profile, More
DGZDB Gold Short ETN due February 14.31 4:00PM ESTDown 0.72 (4.79%)710,490Chart, Profile, More
UDOWProShares UltraPro Dow3046.54 4:00PM ESTDown 2.33 (4.77%)2,114,150Chart, Profile, More
ARKGARK Genomic Revolution Multi-Se15.02 4:00PM ESTDown 0.75 (4.73%)867Chart, Profile, More
FISKEmpire State Realty OP, L.P. Se14.56 4:00PM ESTDown 0.72 (4.71%)9,759Chart, Profile, More
MLPCC-Tracks ETNs based on Performa11.22 3:53PM ESTDown 0.55 (4.67%)2,965Chart, Profile, More
IMLPiPath S&P MLP ETN12.78 4:00PM ESTDown 0.62 (4.63%)60,863Chart, Profile, More
BDDDB Base Metals Double Long Exch3.82 2:08PM ESTDown 0.18 (4.59%)210Chart, Profile, More
UBCE-TRACS USB Bloomberg Commodity18.30 4:00PM ESTDown 0.88 (4.57%)945Chart, Profile, More
RWWOppenheimer Financials Sector R39.30 4:00PM ESTDown 1.86 (4.52%)8,498Chart, Profile, More
HDWMWisdomTree Trust WisdomTree Int20.63 4:00PM ESTDown 0.96 (4.45%)230Chart, Profile, More
FENFirst Trust Energy Income and G17.73 4:00PM ESTDown 0.82 (4.42%)139,877Chart, More
AMJJPMorgan Chase Capital XVI JP M20.88 4:00PM ESTDown 0.96 (4.40%)5,227,987Chart, Profile, More
BDCL2xLeveraged Long Exchange Trade11.17 4:00PM ESTDown 0.51 (4.37%)137,122Chart, Profile, More
LRETETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged 20.13 4:00PM ESTDown 0.91 (4.34%)3,612Chart, Profile, More
IOILIQ Global Oil Small Cap ETF7.81 2:43PM ESTDown 0.35 (4.34%)602Chart, Profile, More
XPPProShares Ultra FTSE China 5030.91 4:00PM ESTDown 1.40 (4.33%)30,095Chart, Profile, More
YGRORoyal Bank of Canada Exchange T7.43 4:00PM ESTDown 0.34 (4.31%)10,900Chart, Profile, More
AMUETRACS Alerian MLP Index ETN13.15 4:00PM ESTDown 0.59 (4.29%)242,896Chart, Profile, More
PIPPharmAthene, Inc Common Stock1.57 4:00PM ESTDown 0.07 (4.27%)32,063Chart, Profile, More
CHAUDirexion Daily CSI 300 China A 13.32 4:00PM ESTDown 0.59 (4.24%)330,456Chart, Profile, More
PUWPowerShares WilderHill Progress16.16 4:00PM ESTDown 0.72 (4.24%)2,002Chart, Profile, More
KBWBPowerShares KBW Bank Portfolio 29.09 4:00PM ESTDown 1.28 (4.21%)267,729Chart, Profile, More
IOTIncome Opportunity Realty Inves6.60 11:33AM ESTDown 0.29 (4.21%)3,300Chart, Profile, More