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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
MSV.TOMINCO SILVER CORP.0.74 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.21 (39.62%)113,224Chart, Profile, More
TH.TOTHERATECHNOLOGIES0.76 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.15 (24.59%)545,836Chart, Profile, More
AUP.TOAURINIA PHARMACEUTICALS INC5.85 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.85 (17.00%)118,942Chart, Profile, More
INQ.TOINSCAPE CORP., SV3.25 Feb 27, 3:30PM ESTUp 0.45 (16.07%)7,800Chart, Profile, More
KOR.TOCORVUS GOLD INC0.85 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.10 (13.33%)449,328Chart, Profile, More
MM.TOMOOD MEDIA CORPORATION0.60 Feb 27, 4:09PM ESTUp 0.07 (13.21%)283,229Chart, Profile, More
RTG.TORTG MINING INC0.69 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.07 (11.29%)2,500Chart, Profile, More
EFL.TOELECTROVAYA INC.0.70 Feb 27, 3:52PM ESTUp 0.07 (11.11%)45,567Chart, Profile, More
FRX.TOFENNEC PHARMACEUTICALS INC3.32 Feb 27, 3:20PM ESTUp 0.32 (10.67%)1,528Chart, Profile, More
AZP-PC.TOATLANTIC POWER PREF EQUITY SER 13.00 Feb 27, 3:56PM ESTUp 1.25 (10.64%)2,250Chart, More
III.TOIMPERIAL METALS CORP11.75 Feb 27, 4:31PM ESTUp 1.05 (9.81%)90,072Chart, Profile, More
ITC.TOINTRINSYC TECHNOLOGIES CORP1.15 Feb 27, 3:36PM ESTUp 0.10 (9.52%)19,191Chart, Profile, More
SGQ.TOSOUTHGOBI RESOURCES LTD0.60 Feb 27, 1:59PM ESTUp 0.05 (9.09%)9,872Chart, Profile, More
HLF.TOHIGH LINER26.37 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 2.13 (8.79%)53,777Chart, Profile, More
EDT.TOSPECTRAL MEDICAL INC0.62 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.05 (8.77%)454,992Chart, Profile, More
ATP.TOATLANTIC POWER CORP.3.61 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.29 (8.73%)588,571Chart, Profile, More
ZAR.TOZARGON OIL AND GAS LTD.3.65 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.28 (8.31%)53,241Chart, Profile, More
DRX.TOADF GROUP INC., SV2.38 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.18 (8.18%)4,066Chart, Profile, More
AEI.TOARSENAL ENERGY INC.3.89 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.28 (7.76%)6,162Chart, Profile, More
BAR.TOBALMORAL RESOURCES LTD1.18 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.08 (7.27%)296,535Chart, Profile, More
EDV.TOENDEAVOUR MINING CORP0.60 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.04 (7.14%)1,945,283Chart, Profile, More
NCU.TONEVADA COPPER CORP.1.69 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.11 (6.96%)142,297Chart, Profile, More
NXJ.TONEXJ SYSTEMS INC1.49 Feb 27, 3:56PM ESTUp 0.09 (6.43%)11,260Chart, Profile, More
WLC.TOWESTERN LITHIUM USA CORP0.69 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.04 (6.15%)458,485Chart, Profile, More
PWB.TOPACIFIC AND WESTERN BANK OF CAN5.94 Feb 27, 3:46PM ESTUp 0.34 (6.07%)5,528Chart, Profile, More
CMH.TOCARMANAH TECHNOLOGIES CORP.4.05 Feb 27, 3:54PM ESTUp 0.22 (5.74%)21,668Chart, Profile, More
DWI.TODRAGONWAVE INC.1.11 Feb 27, 3:51PM ESTUp 0.06 (5.71%)16,464Chart, Profile, More
MXG.TOMAXIM POWER CORP.2.64 Feb 27, 1:24PM ESTUp 0.14 (5.60%)662Chart, Profile, More
DNA.TODALRADIAN RESOURCES INC.1.14 Feb 27, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.06 (5.56%)815,740Chart, Profile, More
WG.TOWELLGREEN PLATINUM LTD0.57 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.03 (5.56%)105,811Chart, Profile, More
MNW.TOMITEL NETWORKS CORPORATION12.70 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.66 (5.48%)303,562Chart, Profile, More
PWC-PB.TOPWC CAPITAL INC PREF CLASS B13.00 Feb 27, 1:24PM ESTUp 0.67 (5.43%)730Chart, More
BX.TOBIOX CORPORATION0.61 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.03 (5.17%)1,638Chart, Profile, More
CQE.TOCEQUENCE ENERGY LTD.1.02 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.05 (5.15%)692,317Chart, Profile, More
MIC.TOGENWORTH MI CANADA INC.31.75 Feb 27, 4:16PM ESTUp 1.55 (5.13%)680,822Chart, Profile, More
MKZ-UN.TOMACKENZIE MSTR UN0.82 Feb 27, 3:17PM ESTUp 0.04 (5.13%)52,034Chart, Profile, More
IVN.TOIVANHOE MINES LTD0.83 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.04 (5.06%)1,275,324Chart, Profile, More
WDO.TOWESDOME GOLD MINES LTD.1.27 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.06 (4.96%)41,217Chart, Profile, More
AGF-B.TOAGF MANAGEMENT LTD., CL.B, NV8.31 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.39 (4.92%)674,928Chart, Profile, More
CJ.TOCARDINAL ENERGY LTD14.47 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.67 (4.86%)1,251,008Chart, Profile, More
EFH.TOEGI FINANCIAL HOLDINGS INC.16.23 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.75 (4.84%)29,992Chart, Profile, More
NAL.TONEWALTA CORPORATION15.39 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.67 (4.55%)206,546Chart, Profile, More
DEE.TODELPHI ENERGY CORP.1.40 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.06 (4.48%)252,021Chart, Profile, More
TGF-UN.TOTIMBERCREEK GLOBAL REAL ESTATE 15.20 Feb 27, 2:07PM ESTUp 0.65 (4.47%)3,922Chart, More
CWI.TOCROSSWINDS HOLDINGS INC4.80 Feb 27, 11:52AM ESTUp 0.20 (4.35%)100Chart, Profile, More
HBM.TOHUDBAY MINERALS INC.10.90 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.44 (4.21%)951,501Chart, Profile, More
ELD.TOELDORADO GOLD7.21 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.29 (4.19%)3,742,742Chart, Profile, More
TNP.TOTRANSATLANTIC PETROLEUM LTD.6.00 Feb 27, 3:49PM ESTUp 0.24 (4.17%)10,395Chart, Profile, More
ECO.TOECOSYNTHETIX INC1.26 Feb 27, 4:09PM ESTUp 0.05 (4.13%)10,300Chart, Profile, More
PZG.TOPARAMOUNT GOLD AND SILVER CORP1.52 Feb 27, 3:19PM ESTUp 0.06 (4.11%)11,000Chart, Profile, More
BAM-PX.TOBROOKFIELD AM PREF SER 2818.06 Feb 27, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.71 (4.09%)9,489Chart, More
HBC.TOHUDSONS BAY COMPANY28.10 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.10 (4.07%)1,174,654Chart, Profile, More
TRP-PC.TOTRANSCANADA CUMUL REDEEM PREF S16.98 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.65 (3.98%)9,396Chart, Profile, More
NRI.TONUVO RESEARCH INC4.28 Feb 27, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.16 (3.88%)21,960Chart, Profile, More
XTD.TOTDB SPLIT CORP., CLASS A SHARES5.35 Feb 27, 10:43AM ESTUp 0.20 (3.88%)1,100Chart, More
FVI.TOFORTUNA SILVER MINES INC5.62 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.21 (3.88%)1,959,121Chart, Profile, More
CTH.TOCYNAPSUS THERAPEUTICS INC1.35 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.05 (3.85%)86,812Chart, Profile, More
MAQ.TOMCEWEN MINING MINERA ANDES ACQ 1.36 Feb 27, 12:05PM ESTUp 0.05 (3.82%)5,680Chart, Profile, More
NPC.TONAPEC INC1.10 Feb 27, 12:09PM ESTUp 0.04 (3.77%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
KRN.TOKARNALYTE RESOURCES INC0.84 Feb 27, 3:48PM ESTUp 0.03 (3.70%)13,049Chart, Profile, More
LIF.TOLABRADOR IRON ORE ROYALTY CORPO18.16 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.64 (3.65%)317,068Chart, Profile, More
BLU.TOBELLUS HEALTH INC.1.14 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.04 (3.64%)9,166Chart, Profile, More
RBS-PB.TOR SPLIT III CORP PREF CLASS B14.29 Feb 27, 3:52PM ESTUp 0.49 (3.55%)1,217Chart, More
PGF.TOPENGROWTH ENERGY CORPORATION4.14 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.14 (3.50%)1,456,953Chart, Profile, More
VET.TOVERMILION ENERGY INC56.22 Feb 27, 4:17PM ESTUp 1.88 (3.46%)519,596Chart, Profile, More
PRW.TOPETROWEST CORPORATION0.60 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.02 (3.45%)120,693Chart, Profile, More
BTO.TOB2GOLD CORP.2.11 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.07 (3.43%)3,412,329Chart, Profile, More
AZP-PA.TOATLANTIC POWER PREF EQUITY SER 12.70 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.42 (3.42%)400Chart, More
CLR.TOCLEARWATER SEAFOODS INCORPORATE13.93 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.46 (3.41%)240,391Chart, Profile, More
AJX.TOAGJUNCTION INC0.61 Feb 27, 3:07PM ESTUp 0.02 (3.39%)6,800Chart, Profile, More
KGI.TOKIRKLAND LAKE GOLD INC.5.22 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.17 (3.37%)201,577Chart, Profile, More
APS.TOAPTOSE BIOSCIENCES INC6.20 Feb 27, 3:55PM ESTUp 0.20 (3.33%)23,660Chart, Profile, More
MFI.TOMAPLE LEAF FOODS22.70 Feb 27, 4:15PM ESTUp 0.73 (3.32%)332,440Chart, Profile, More
MRD.TOMELCOR DEV18.08 Feb 27, 3:10PM ESTUp 0.58 (3.31%)9,212Chart, Profile, More
PSK.TOPRAIRIESKY ROYALTY LTD31.62 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.01 (3.30%)902,956Chart, Profile, More
MND.TOMANDALAY RESOURCES CORPORATION0.94 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.03 (3.30%)149,396Chart, Profile, More
AUM.TOGOLDEN MINERALS COMPANY0.65 Feb 27, 12:04PM ESTUp 0.02 (3.17%)5,335Chart, Profile, More
CUM.TOCOPPER MOUNTAIN MINING CORP1.30 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.04 (3.17%)635,025Chart, Profile, More
CNL.TOCONTINENTAL GOLD LTD2.00 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.06 (3.09%)1,449,607Chart, Profile, More
IMG.TOIAMGOLD CORP3.06 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.09 (3.03%)855,855Chart, Profile, More
NGD.TONEW GOLD INC.4.79 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.14 (3.01%)1,653,958Chart, Profile, More
RET.TOREITMANS CANADA6.21 Feb 27, 2:35PM ESTUp 0.18 (2.99%)1,030Chart, Profile, More
TCK-B.TOTeck Resources Limited20.08 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.58 (2.97%)3,623,076Chart, Profile, More
WRN.TOWESTERN COPPER AND GOLD CORP0.70 Feb 27, 3:56PM ESTUp 0.02 (2.94%)37,250Chart, Profile, More
TPK.TOTEN PEAKS COFFEE COMPANY INC4.95 Feb 27, 3:51PM ESTUp 0.14 (2.91%)2,177Chart, Profile, More
THO.TOTAHOE RESOURCES INC17.49 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.49 (2.88%)1,027,921Chart, Profile, More
PPL.TOPEMBINA PIPELINE CORPORATION39.98 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.09 (2.80%)1,864,777Chart, Profile, More
CAL.TOCALEDONIA MINING CORPORATION0.74 Feb 27, 3:51PM ESTUp 0.02 (2.78%)9,987Chart, Profile, More
EDR.TOENDEAVOUR SILVER CORP.2.97 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.08 (2.77%)113,798Chart, Profile, More
MDW.TOMIDWAY GOLD CORP0.94 Feb 27, 3:53PM ESTUp 0.03 (2.75%)130,465Chart, Profile, More
CVI-A.TOCALVALLEY PETROLEUM INC.0.75 Feb 27, 2:45PM ESTUp 0.02 (2.74%)11,400Chart, Profile, More
LSG.TOLAKE SHORE GOLD CORP.1.14 Feb 27, 4:19PM ESTUp 0.03 (2.70%)1,129,455Chart, Profile, More
TA-PJ.TOTRANSALTA CORP PREF SERIES G21.18 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.55 (2.67%)10,800Chart, More
KDX.TOKLONDEX MINES LTD.2.70 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.07 (2.66%)254,780Chart, Profile, More
ENB-PD.TOENBRIDGE INC PREF SER D19.30 Feb 27, 3:55PM ESTUp 0.50 (2.66%)14,906Chart, More
DGC.TODETOUR GOLD CORPORATION12.09 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.31 (2.63%)1,366,219Chart, Profile, More
HBF-UN.TOBRAND LEADERS PLUS INCOME FUND9.00 Feb 27, 3:55PM ESTUp 0.23 (2.62%)6,540Chart, More
RTK.TOARTEK EXPLORATION LTD2.75 Feb 27, 3:53PM ESTUp 0.07 (2.61%)716,940Chart, Profile, More
MAG.TOMAG SILVER CORP.9.05 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.23 (2.61%)135,445Chart, Profile, More
GGT-UN.TOGOODMAN GOLD TRUST3.59 Feb 27, 2:16PM ESTUp 0.09 (2.57%)4,750Chart, More