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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
VFF.TOVILLAGE FARMS INTERNATIONAL INC1.72 9:30AM EDTUp 0.10 (6.17%)500Chart, Profile, More
TS-B.TOTORSTAR CORP., CL. B, NV1.65 9:40AM EDTUp 0.09 (5.77%)44,898Chart, Profile, More
MFC-PN.TOMANULIFE FINANCIAL CORP PREF SE20.01 9:30AM EDTUp 0.94 (4.93%)100Chart, More
FGX.TOFAIRCOURT GOLD INCOME CORP.4.65 9:30AM EDTUp 0.20 (4.49%)600Chart, More
NGQ.TONGEX RESOURCES INC.1.20 9:30AM EDTUp 0.05 (4.35%)1,400Chart, Profile, More
TRI-PB.TOTHOMSON REUTERS CORPORATION, PR11.48 9:30AM EDTUp 0.47 (4.27%)120Chart, More
TA.TOTRANSALTA CORPORATION6.36 9:43AM EDTUp 0.25 (4.09%)185,489Chart, Profile, More
AXY.TOALTERRA POWER CORP0.57 9:37AM EDTUp 0.02 (3.64%)40,407Chart, Profile, More
NTB.TONEPTUNE TECHNOLOGIES & BIORESSO1.45 9:42AM EDTUp 0.05 (3.57%)25,000Chart, Profile, More
BU.TOBURCON NUTRASCIENCE CORPORATION2.69 9:32AM EDTUp 0.09 (3.46%)4,026Chart, Profile, More
AZ.TOARIZONA MINING INC1.92 9:36AM EDTUp 0.06 (3.23%)57,851Chart, Profile, More
CPX.TOCAPITAL POWER CORPORATION20.25 9:43AM EDTUp 0.64 (3.26%)50,409Chart, Profile, More
WRN.TOWESTERN COPPER AND GOLD CORP1.08 9:33AM EDTUp 0.03 (2.86%)8,230Chart, Profile, More
TRZ.TOTRANSAT AT INC6.83 9:34AM EDTUp 0.18 (2.71%)19,897Chart, Profile, More
BLD.TOBALLARD POWER2.44 9:43AM EDTUp 0.06 (2.52%)58,785Chart, Profile, More
VRX.TOVALEANT PHARMACEUTICALS INTL IN30.77 9:43AM EDTUp 0.74 (2.46%)83,014Chart, Profile, More
TKO.TOTASEKO MINES LTD.0.84 9:43AM EDTUp 0.02 (2.44%)18,750Chart, Profile, More
CLS.TOCELESTICA INC., SV14.58 9:43AM EDTUp 0.30 (2.10%)27,654Chart, Profile, More
BB.TOBLACKBERRY LIMITED9.23 9:43AM EDTUp 0.18 (1.99%)158,117Chart, Profile, More
PXX.TOBLACKPEARL RESOURCES INC.1.03 9:35AM EDTUp 0.02 (1.98%)2,045Chart, Profile, More
BAA.TOBANRO CORP.0.54 9:37AM EDTUp 0.01 (1.89%)54,500Chart, Profile, More
LOW-UN.TOLOW VOLATILITY CDN EQUITIES INC9.79 9:30AM EDTUp 0.18 (1.87%)100Chart, Profile, More
WFT.TOWEST FRASER TIMBER CO LTD44.65 9:43AM EDTUp 0.80 (1.82%)62,747Chart, Profile, More
AMI.TOAURICO METALS INC1.15 9:33AM EDTUp 0.02 (1.77%)20,913Chart, Profile, More
NXC.TONEXC PARTNERS CORP11.19 9:37AM EDTUp 0.19 (1.73%)600Chart, More
RVX.TORESVERLOGIX CORP.1.20 9:30AM EDTUp 0.02 (1.69%)200Chart, Profile, More
KOR.TOCORVUS GOLD INC1.28 9:41AM EDTUp 0.02 (1.59%)300Chart, Profile, More
TH.TOTHERATECHNOLOGIES2.59 9:40AM EDTUp 0.04 (1.57%)3,400Chart, Profile, More
GDG-UN.TOGLOBAL DIVIDEND GROWERS INCOME 11.43 9:30AM EDTUp 0.17 (1.51%)5,080Chart, Profile, More
GXE.TOGEAR ENERGY LTD0.69 9:41AM EDTUp 0.01 (1.47%)14,640Chart, Profile, More
KLS.TOKELSO TECHNOLOGIES INC1.40 9:34AM EDTUp 0.02 (1.45%)8,703Chart, Profile, More
MRE.TOMARTINREA INTERNATIONAL INC.8.87 9:40AM EDTUp 0.12 (1.37%)21,064Chart, Profile, More
INE-PC.TOINNERGEX RENEWABLE ENERGY INC P21.48 9:30AM EDTUp 0.28 (1.32%)1,000Chart, More
ARZ.TOARALEZ PHARMACEUTICALS INC4.68 9:31AM EDTUp 0.06 (1.30%)2,736Chart, Profile, More
HWD.TOHARDWOODS DISTRIBUTION INC18.10 9:42AM EDTUp 0.23 (1.29%)8,018Chart, Profile, More
MR-UN.TOMELCOR REIT8.70 9:33AM EDTUp 0.11 (1.28%)3,750Chart, Profile, More
HBM.TOHUDBAY MINERALS INC.6.39 9:43AM EDTUp 0.08 (1.27%)220,475Chart, Profile, More
FTG.TOFIRAN TECHNOLOGY GROUP CORP.2.45 9:42AM EDTUp 0.03 (1.24%)1,500Chart, Profile, More
TMD.TOTITAN MEDICAL INC0.82 9:30AM EDTUp 0.01 (1.23%)9,600Chart, Profile, More
ABT.TOABSOLUTE SOFTWARE CORP.7.58 9:38AM EDTUp 0.09 (1.20%)1,650Chart, Profile, More
MDF.TOMEDIAGRIF INTERAC17.55 9:30AM EDTUp 0.20 (1.15%)340Chart, Profile, More
CAS.TOCASCADES INC9.86 9:30AM EDTUp 0.11 (1.13%)1,133Chart, Profile, More
AOI.TOAFRICA OIL CORP1.80 9:42AM EDTUp 0.02 (1.12%)3,300Chart, Profile, More
INV.TOINV METALS INC.0.91 9:30AM EDTUp 0.01 (1.11%)4,000Chart, Profile, More
TSL.TOTREE ISLAND STEEL LTD4.65 9:42AM EDTUp 0.05 (1.09%)3,134Chart, Profile, More
BPY-UN.TOBROOKFIELD PROPERTY PARTNERS LP31.83 9:43AM EDTUp 0.34 (1.08%)6,641Chart, Profile, More
GWR.TOGLOBAL WATER RESOURCES INC11.42 9:40AM EDTUp 0.12 (1.06%)500Chart, Profile, More
NB.TONIOCORP DEVELOPMENTS LTD0.97 9:31AM EDTUp 0.01 (1.04%)93,833Chart, Profile, More
BRF-PB.TOBROOKFIELD RENEWABLE PREF CL A 13.84 9:30AM EDTUp 0.14 (1.02%)500Chart, More
POM.TOPOLYMET MINING CORP.0.99 9:42AM EDTUp 0.01 (1.02%)35,700Chart, Profile, More
MG.TOMAGNA INTERNATIONAL INC51.68 9:43AM EDTUp 0.52 (1.02%)47,730Chart, Profile, More
BBD-B.TOBOMBARDIER INC., CL. B, SV2.00 9:43AM EDTUp 0.02 (1.01%)275,571Chart, Profile, More
OSB.TONORBORD INC31.29 9:42AM EDTUp 0.31 (1.00%)22,691Chart, Profile, More
AX-PG.TOARTIS REIT PREF SERIES G15.25 9:42AM EDTUp 0.15 (0.99%)400Chart, More
RCO-UN.TOMIDDLEFIELD CAN GLOBAL REIT INC11.30 9:40AM EDTUp 0.11 (0.98%)200Chart, Profile, More
ALS.TOALTIUS MINERALS CORPORATION10.30 9:32AM EDTUp 0.10 (0.98%)2,481Chart, Profile, More
TMB.TOTEMBEC INC.1.04 9:30AM EDTUp 0.01 (0.97%)971Chart, Profile, More
OTC.TOOPEN TEXT CORP81.54 9:43AM EDTUp 0.78 (0.97%)12,315Chart, Profile, More
POW-PD.TOPOWER CORP NON-CUM 1ST PFD SHS24.48 9:33AM EDTUp 0.23 (0.95%)500Chart, More
DH.TODH CORPORATION34.24 9:43AM EDTUp 0.32 (0.94%)8,010Chart, Profile, More
EDT.TOSPECTRAL MEDICAL INC1.09 9:32AM EDTUp 0.01 (0.93%)12,550Chart, Profile, More
ET.TOEVERTZ TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED17.16 9:30AM EDTUp 0.15 (0.88%)265Chart, Profile, More
SH.TOSHOPIFY INC43.56 9:42AM EDTUp 0.38 (0.88%)4,132Chart, Profile, More
MND.TOMANDALAY RESOURCES CORPORATION1.15 9:41AM EDTUp 0.01 (0.88%)34,217Chart, Profile, More
IFP.TOINTERFOR CORPORATION13.86 9:43AM EDTUp 0.09 (0.65%)14,480Chart, Profile, More
FC.TOFIRM CAPITAL MORTGAGE INV. CORP13.91 9:43AM EDTUp 0.12 (0.87%)6,425Chart, Profile, More
SWY.TOSTORNOWAY DIAMOND CORP.1.16 9:40AM EDTUp 0.01 (0.87%)53,688Chart, Profile, More
NOA.TONORTH AMERICAN ENERGY PARTNERS 3.63 9:40AM EDTUp 0.03 (0.83%)300Chart, Profile, More
CCA.TOCOGECO COMMUNICATIONS INC64.50 9:37AM EDTUp 0.53 (0.83%)18,996Chart, Profile, More
ZZZ.TOSLEEP COUNTRY CANADA HOLDINGS I26.81 9:42AM EDTUp 0.22 (0.83%)10,749Chart, Profile, More
TOS.TOTSO3 INC3.66 9:41AM EDTUp 0.03 (0.83%)19,920Chart, Profile, More
ONR-UN.TOONEREIT TRUST UNITS3.92 9:41AM EDTUp 0.03 (0.77%)1,973Chart, Profile, More
POW.TOPOWER CORPORATION OF CANADA, SV28.59 9:43AM EDTUp 0.21 (0.74%)46,804Chart, Profile, More
DRM.TODREAM UNLIMITED CORP8.45 9:42AM EDTUp 0.06 (0.72%)3,100Chart, Profile, More
MRD.TOMELCOR DEV14.20 9:30AM EDTUp 0.10 (0.71%)483Chart, Profile, More
CJR-B.TOCORUS ENTERTAINMENT INC., CL.B,12.79 9:43AM EDTUp 0.09 (0.71%)13,256Chart, Profile, More
PIF.TOPOLARIS INFRASTRUCTURE INC8.56 9:35AM EDTUp 0.06 (0.71%)14,101Chart, Profile, More
CSW-A.TOCORBY SPIRIT AND WINE LTD CLASS20.49 9:30AM EDTUp 0.14 (0.69%)100Chart, Profile, More
GS.TOGLUSKIN SHEFF ASSOCIATES INC.17.64 9:40AM EDTUp 0.12 (0.68%)2,435Chart, Profile, More
RC.TORDM CORP4.48 9:39AM EDTUp 0.03 (0.67%)660Chart, Profile, More
LAS-A.TOLASSONDE INDUSTRIES INC., CL A 201.05 9:35AM EDTUp 1.32 (0.66%)285Chart, Profile, More
CTC-A.TOCANADIAN TIRE CORPORATION, CL. 140.03 9:42AM EDTUp 0.90 (0.65%)16,805Chart, Profile, More
BCE-PE.TOBCE 1ST PREF SHARES SERIES AE14.09 9:31AM EDTUp 0.09 (0.64%)400Chart, More
HRX.TOHEROUX-DEVTEK15.70 9:35AM EDTUp 0.10 (0.64%)1,458Chart, Profile, More
DF.TODIVIDEND 15 SPLIT CORP. II6.43 9:43AM EDTUp 0.04 (0.63%)9,772Chart, More
CFF.TOCONIFEX TIMBER INC3.28 9:30AM EDTUp 0.02 (0.61%)1,050Chart, Profile, More
SNC.TOSNC-LAVALIN SV55.89 9:42AM EDTUp 0.34 (0.61%)14,159Chart, Profile, More
UFS.TODOMTAR CORPORATION46.09 9:38AM EDTUp 0.28 (0.61%)1,518Chart, Profile, More
LIF.TOLABRADOR IRON ORE ROYALTY CORPO14.85 9:35AM EDTUp 0.09 (0.61%)4,553Chart, Profile, More
TPK.TOTEN PEAKS COFFEE COMPANY INC8.30 9:30AM EDTUp 0.05 (0.61%)900Chart, Profile, More
HR-UN.TOH&R REAL ESTATE INV TRUST23.42 9:43AM EDTUp 0.14 (0.60%)10,617Chart, Profile, More
WIN.TOWI-LAN INC3.42 9:37AM EDTUp 0.02 (0.59%)19,552Chart, Profile, More
RKN.TOREDKNEE SOLUTIONS INC.1.73 9:33AM EDTUp 0.01 (0.58%)2,500Chart, Profile, More
IAG.TOINDUSTRIAL ALLIANCE INS & FIN S42.55 9:42AM EDTUp 0.24 (0.57%)3,149Chart, Profile, More
TCS.TOTECSYS INC J10.74 9:30AM EDTUp 0.06 (0.56%)793Chart, Profile, More
ACD.TOACCORD FINANCIAL9.25 9:32AM EDTUp 0.05 (0.54%)1,760Chart, Profile, More
CFP.TOCANFOR CORP15.46 9:41AM EDTUp 0.08 (0.52%)26,416Chart, Profile, More
HLF.TOHIGH LINER19.53 9:43AM EDTUp 0.10 (0.51%)170Chart, Profile, More
BIP-PA.TOBROOKFIELD INFRA PARTNERS LP PR19.70 9:43AM EDTUp 0.10 (0.51%)100Chart, More
TRI.TOTHOMSON REUTERS CORPORATION57.37 9:43AM EDTUp 0.28 (0.49%)39,000Chart, Profile, More