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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
GIGAGiga-tronics Incorporated2.58 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.47 (132.43%)29,396,651Chart, Profile, More
CLNTCleantech Solutions Internation1.98 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.88 (80.00%)782,266Chart, Profile, More
DHRMDehaier Medical Systems Limited3.04 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.34 (78.82%)4,091,046Chart, Profile, More
KONEKingtone Wirelessinfo Solution 4.38 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 1.39 (46.55%)148,654Chart, Profile, More
GBIMGlobeImmune, Inc.4.63 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.21 (35.38%)603,340Chart, Profile, More
DELTDelta Technology Holdings Limit2.23 Dec 1, 3:55PM ESTUp 0.57 (34.33%)25,341Chart, Profile, More
TERPTerraForm Power, Inc.9.15 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 2.25 (32.61%)32,452,111Chart, Profile, More
ABGBAbengoa, S.A.2.64 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.58 (28.16%)547,826Chart, Profile, More
CBAYCymaBay Therapeutics Inc.1.68 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.34 (25.37%)478,653Chart, Profile, More
CALIChina Auto Logistics Inc.1.83 Dec 1, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.35 (23.71%)294,101Chart, Profile, More
HFFCHF Financial Corp.19.29 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 3.06 (18.85%)468,103Chart, Profile, More
CADCChina Advanced Construction Mat2.00 Dec 1, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.31 (18.34%)28,489Chart, Profile, More
EDUCEducational Development Corpora16.35 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 2.52 (18.22%)146,431Chart, Profile, More
SMLRSemler Scientific, Inc.2.09 Dec 1, 3:40PM ESTUp 0.31 (17.25%)34,059Chart, Profile, More
YECOYulong Eco-Materials Limited3.01 Dec 1, 3:53PM ESTUp 0.40 (15.48%)30,511Chart, Profile, More
CJJDChina Jo-Jo Drugstores, Inc.2.08 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.26 (14.29%)496,458Chart, Profile, More
CHNRChina Natural Resources, Inc.1.85 Dec 1, 3:37PM ESTUp 0.23 (14.20%)15,864Chart, Profile, More
GCBCGreene County Bancorp, Inc.32.99 Dec 1, 3:22PM ESTUp 4.07 (14.07%)2,307Chart, Profile, More
BNSOBonso Electronics International1.65 Dec 1, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.20 (13.94%)100,293Chart, Profile, More
ENPHEnphase Energy, Inc.1.89 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.22 (13.17%)997,884Chart, Profile, More
CORICorium International, Inc.9.28 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.08 (13.17%)88,801Chart, Profile, More
SGYPWSynergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.15 Dec 1, 3:01PM ESTUp 0.25 (13.16%)1,113Chart, More
HGSHChina HGS Real Estate, Inc.2.34 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.27 (13.04%)19,144Chart, Profile, More
WINSWins Finance Holdings Inc.11.58 Dec 1, 3:27PM ESTUp 1.33 (12.93%)40,658Chart, Profile, More
MOKOMOKO Social Media Ltd.1.15 Dec 1, 3:51PM ESTUp 0.13 (12.75%)17,255Chart, Profile, More
LAYNLayne Christensen Company6.59 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.70 (11.88%)233,729Chart, Profile, More
SCVLShoe Carnival, Inc.21.78 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 2.30 (11.81%)610,062Chart, Profile, More
EMKREMCORE Corporation8.09 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.84 (11.59%)1,136,980Chart, Profile, More
MDSYModSys International Ltd.2.24 Dec 1, 1:50PM ESTUp 0.23 (11.44%)650Chart, Profile, More
SGMOSangamo BioSciences, Inc.9.22 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.94 (11.35%)2,524,655Chart, Profile, More
BLRXBioLineRx Ltd.1.48 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.15 (11.28%)537,153Chart, Profile, More
INTXIntersections, Inc.3.11 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.31 (11.07%)97,295Chart, Profile, More
FHCOFemale Health Company (The)1.71 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.17 (11.04%)237,985Chart, Profile, More
MTBCMedical Transcription Billing, 1.42 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.14 (10.94%)26,813Chart, Profile, More
CDOROCondor Hospitality Trust, Inc.19.95 Dec 1, 2:18PM ESTUp 1.95 (10.83%)4,316Chart, Profile, More
ABYAbengoa Yield plc16.02 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.54 (10.64%)2,907,691Chart, Profile, More
ISRLIsramco, Inc.101.78 Dec 1, 3:51PM ESTUp 9.78 (10.63%)1,529Chart, Profile, More
IMMYImprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.7.44 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.71 (10.55%)324,283Chart, Profile, More
MCOXMecox Lane Limited3.62 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.34 (10.30%)63,055Chart, Profile, More
IRGIgnite Restaurant Group, Inc.4.23 Dec 1, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.38 (9.87%)8,062Chart, Profile, More
XOMAXOMA Corporation1.46 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.13 (9.77%)8,976,235Chart, Profile, More
WILCG. Willi-Food International, L3.81 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.34 (9.67%)35,123Chart, Profile, More
FOMXFoamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.8.76 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.77 (9.64%)369,835Chart, Profile, More
APOLApollo Education Group, Inc.7.74 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.68 (9.63%)3,762,524Chart, Profile, More
GLBLTerraForm Global, Inc.4.41 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.38 (9.43%)4,389,403Chart, Profile, More
NEOTNeothetics, Inc.9.98 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.85 (9.31%)185,400Chart, Profile, More
COLLCollegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.20.74 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.75 (9.22%)122,381Chart, Profile, More
SCTYSolarCity Corporation31.39 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 2.63 (9.14%)4,324,192Chart, Profile, More
SUMRSummer Infant, Inc.2.15 Dec 1, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.18 (9.14%)43,623Chart, Profile, More
BYFCBroadway Financial Corporation1.58 Dec 1, 2:34PM ESTUp 0.13 (8.97%)5,495Chart, Profile, More
BRIDBridgford Foods Corporation10.75 Dec 1, 3:56PM ESTUp 0.88 (8.92%)128Chart, Profile, More
CENXCentury Aluminum Company4.06 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.33 (8.85%)2,364,619Chart, Profile, More
CSUNChina Sunergy Co., Ltd.1.13 Dec 1, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.09 (8.65%)135,921Chart, Profile, More
PERIPerion Network Ltd2.40 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.19 (8.60%)542,401Chart, Profile, More
DYNTDynatronics Corporation3.22 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.25 (8.42%)5,996Chart, Profile, More
DRNADicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.14.47 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.11 (8.31%)125,281Chart, Profile, More
QTNTQuotient Limited14.72 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.12 (8.24%)10,870Chart, Profile, More
LNTHLantheus Holdings, Inc.3.83 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.29 (8.19%)134,982Chart, Profile, More
ADMPAdamis Pharmaceuticals Corporat4.92 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.37 (8.13%)188,836Chart, Profile, More
CBAKChina BAK Battery, Inc.3.21 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.24 (8.08%)32,940Chart, Profile, More
EVKEver-Glory International Group,2.84 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.21 (7.98%)41,271Chart, Profile, More
WPCSWPCS International Incorporated1.78 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.13 (7.88%)1,149,890Chart, Profile, More
PRGNLParagon Shipping Inc.5.00 Dec 1, 3:40PM ESTUp 0.36 (7.76%)2,700Chart, More
XTLBXTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.1.67 Dec 1, 3:46PM ESTUp 0.12 (7.74%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
PMEPingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd.1.40 Dec 1, 2:22PM ESTUp 0.10 (7.68%)22,543Chart, Profile, More
RDCMRadcom Ltd.12.29 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.87 (7.62%)109,859Chart, Profile, More
TGTXTG Therapeutics, Inc.14.18 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.00 (7.59%)560,643Chart, Profile, More
HFBLHome Federal Bancorp, Inc. of L25.00 Dec 1, 11:58AM ESTUp 1.75 (7.53%)401Chart, Profile, More
SPCBSuperCom, Ltd.4.94 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.34 (7.39%)1,033,914Chart, Profile, More
SMEDSharps Compliance Corp9.72 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.65 (7.17%)122,042Chart, Profile, More
RLYPRelypsa, Inc.24.12 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.61 (7.15%)4,216,969Chart, Profile, More
CACCCredit Acceptance Corporation214.71 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 14.29 (7.13%)257,912Chart, Profile, More
LBIXLeading Brands Inc3.16 Dec 1, 3:29PM ESTUp 0.21 (7.12%)2,240Chart, Profile, More
CTRVCONTRAVIR PHARMACEUT2.42 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.16 (7.08%)792,080Chart, Profile, More
MFRMMattress Firm Holding Corp.52.79 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 3.43 (6.95%)2,596,158Chart, Profile, More
HMSYHMS Holdings Corp12.97 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.84 (6.92%)1,609,222Chart, Profile, More
LGIHLGI Homes, Inc.35.54 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 2.28 (6.86%)1,876,478Chart, Profile, More
ZIONZZions Bancorporation2.83 Dec 1, 3:37PM ESTUp 0.18 (6.79%)9,800Chart, More
TTNPTITAN PHARMA INC5.13 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.32 (6.65%)282,234Chart, Profile, More
SMCISuper Micro Computer, Inc.26.16 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.60 (6.51%)716,250Chart, Profile, More
BOTJBank of the James Financial Gro13.80 Dec 1, 1:02PM ESTUp 0.84 (6.51%)1,998Chart, Profile, More
MNKDMannKind Corporation2.13 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.13 (6.50%)8,891,446Chart, Profile, More
SKBISkystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Comp1.32 Dec 1, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.08 (6.45%)84,046Chart, Profile, More
JRJCChina Finance Online Co. Limite4.46 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.27 (6.44%)274,680Chart, Profile, More
WYNNWynn Resorts, Limited66.81 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 4.04 (6.44%)6,375,187Chart, Profile, More
TGATransglobe Energy Corp2.15 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.13 (6.44%)227,620Chart, Profile, More
OVLYOak Valley Bancorp (CA)10.75 Dec 1, 3:49PM ESTUp 0.65 (6.44%)28,800Chart, Profile, More
WMGIWright Medical Group N.V.22.76 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.34 (6.26%)1,851,471Chart, Profile, More
OESXOrion Energy Systems, Inc.2.40 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.14 (6.19%)76,213Chart, Profile, More
TANHTantech Holdings Ltd.5.35 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.31 (6.15%)74,078Chart, Profile, More
NWBONorthwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.4.90 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.28 (6.06%)361,970Chart, Profile, More
MOBISky-mobi Limited2.80 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.16 (6.06%)229,008Chart, Profile, More
WMGIZWright Medical Group N.V.1.11 Dec 1, 2:09PM ESTUp 0.06 (6.03%)1,725Chart, More
BPTHBio-Path Holdings, Inc.1.68 Dec 1, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.10 (6.01%)98,975Chart, Profile, More
SILCSilicom Ltd29.79 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.68 (5.98%)47,019Chart, Profile, More
GTIMGood Times Restaurants Inc.4.79 Dec 1, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.27 (5.98%)206,740Chart, Profile, More
MXWLMaxwell Technologies, Inc.7.48 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.42 (5.95%)329,821Chart, Profile, More
MRVLMarvell Technology Group Ltd.9.38 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.52 (5.87%)6,729,052Chart, Profile, More
JYNTThe Joint Corp.5.97 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.33 (5.85%)212,635Chart, Profile, More
TSRATessera Technologies, Inc.33.69 Dec 1, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.84 (5.78%)985,399Chart, Profile, More