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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
BACBank of America Corporation Com16.44 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.38 (2.37%)124,185,443Chart, Profile, More
FCXFreeport-McMoRan, Inc. Common S10.19 Aug 27, 4:03PM EDTUp 2.27 (28.66%)107,966,670Chart, Profile, More
VXXiPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Fu24.71 Aug 27, 5:04PM EDTUp 0.59 (2.45%)92,685,884Chart, Profile, More
AAPLApple Inc.112.92 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 3.23 (2.94%)84,616,056Chart, Profile, More
QQQPowerShares QQQ Trust, Ser 1105.64 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 2.61 (2.53%)69,377,690Chart, More
GEGeneral Electric Company Common25.01 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.00 (4.16%)64,894,187Chart, Profile, More
BTUPeabody Energy Corporation Comm2.28 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.75 (49.02%)59,200,287Chart, Profile, More
XIVVelocityShares Daily Inverse VI27.99 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.67 (2.34%)56,902,800Chart, Profile, More
UGAZVS 3X NAT GAS1.68 Aug 27, 4:53PM EDTDown 0.02 (1.18%)54,324,132Chart, Profile, More
NUGTDirexion Daily Gold Miners Inde3.13 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.46 (17.23%)52,274,262Chart, Profile, More
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation43.90 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.19 (2.79%)50,943,211Chart, Profile, More
PBRPetroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petro5.73 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.65 (12.80%)44,789,586Chart, Profile, More
MUMicron Technology, Inc.15.67 Aug 27, 3:59PM EDTUp 1.25 (8.67%)42,971,809Chart, Profile, More
TAT&T Inc.33.44 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.75 (2.29%)42,589,884Chart, Profile, More
FBFacebook, Inc.89.73 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 2.54 (2.91%)42,431,375Chart, Profile, More
FFord Motor Company Common Stock13.56 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.35 (2.65%)42,067,850Chart, Profile, More
VALEVALE S.A. American Depositary 5.00 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.56 (12.61%)41,342,739Chart, Profile, More
SUNESunEdison, Inc. Common Stock10.10 Aug 27, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.88 (9.54%)40,123,049Chart, Profile, More
INTCIntel Corporation27.72 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.42 (1.54%)38,649,417Chart, Profile, More
PFEPfizer, Inc. Common Stock33.26 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.83 (2.56%)38,592,990Chart, Profile, More
NFLXNetflix, Inc.117.66 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 7.53 (6.84%)37,056,071Chart, Profile, More
CSCOCisco Systems, Inc.26.17 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.49 (1.91%)36,504,711Chart, Profile, More
SSprint Corporation Common Stock5.07 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.28 (5.85%)33,889,773Chart, Profile, More
RSXMarket Vectors TR Russia ETF16.24 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.02 (6.70%)32,676,790Chart, Profile, More
ABXBarrick Gold Corporation Common6.84 Aug 27, 4:08PM EDTUp 0.31 (4.75%)31,487,266Chart, Profile, More
JPMJP Morgan Chase & Co. Common St64.48 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.57 (2.50%)29,045,691Chart, Profile, More
SLBSchlumberger N.V. Common Stock73.85 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 3.76 (5.36%)28,622,068Chart, Profile, More
GMGeneral Motors Company Common S28.58 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.48 (1.71%)28,498,937Chart, Profile, More
FOXATwenty-First Century Fox, Inc.27.80 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.46 (1.68%)28,426,667Chart, Profile, More
SIRISirius XM Holdings Inc.3.79 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.07 (1.88%)28,312,431Chart, Profile, More
ORCLOracle Corporation Common Stock36.82 Aug 27, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.09 (0.24%)28,218,161Chart, Profile, More
SDSProShares UltraShort S&P50022.02 Aug 27, 4:59PM EDTDown 1.13 (4.88%)28,128,328Chart, Profile, More
AAAlcoa Inc. Common Stock8.86 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.60 (7.26%)27,421,602Chart, Profile, More
CHKChesapeake Energy Corporation C7.02 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.68 (10.73%)26,898,071Chart, Profile, More
CCitigroup, Inc. Common Stock53.44 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.16 (2.22%)26,467,336Chart, Profile, More
WFCWells Fargo & Company Common St54.03 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.73 (3.31%)26,452,537Chart, Profile, More
FTRFrontier Communications Corpora4.93 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.09 (1.86%)26,198,888Chart, Profile, More
TVIXVelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Sho12.42 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.48 (4.02%)25,744,323Chart, Profile, More
ITUBItau Unibanco Banco Holding SA 7.91 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.37 (4.91%)25,108,437Chart, Profile, More
XOMExxon Mobil Corporation Common 74.85 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 2.35 (3.24%)24,570,983Chart, Profile, More
SDRLSeadrill Limited Ordinary Share7.38 Aug 27, 4:06PM EDTUp 0.88 (13.54%)24,347,667Chart, Profile, More
TZADirexion Small Cap Bear 3X Shar11.90 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.72 (5.71%)24,276,472Chart, Profile, More
RFRegions Financial Corporation C9.56 Aug 27, 4:04PM EDTUp 0.31 (3.35%)24,075,567Chart, Profile, More
EMCEMC Corporation Common Stock25.02 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.84 (3.47%)23,384,167Chart, Profile, More
CXCemex, S.A.B. de C.V. Sponsored7.68 Aug 27, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.60 (8.47%)23,348,174Chart, Profile, More
CAMCameron International Corporati63.21 Aug 27, 4:07PM EDTUp 3.28 (5.47%)22,808,599Chart, Profile, More
RADRite Aid Corporation Common Sto8.24 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.28 (3.52%)22,628,891Chart, Profile, More
TWTRTwitter, Inc. Common Stock26.46 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 1.43 (5.71%)22,493,044Chart, Profile, More
MROMarathon Oil Corporation Common15.97 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 1.32 (9.01%)22,410,518Chart, Profile, More
HALHalliburton Company Common Stoc38.04 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 3.61 (10.49%)21,762,370Chart, Profile, More
AMATApplied Materials, Inc.15.94 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.70 (4.59%)21,758,933Chart, Profile, More
UVXYProShares Trust Ultra VIX Short57.16 Aug 27, 4:56PM EDTUp 2.60 (4.77%)21,651,227Chart, Profile, More
CVXChevron Corporation Common Stoc77.64 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 4.55 (6.23%)21,539,601Chart, Profile, More
VZVerizon Communications Inc. Com46.19 Aug 27, 4:03PM EDTUp 1.03 (2.28%)21,487,950Chart, Profile, More
MSMorgan Stanley Common Stock34.30 Aug 27, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.00 (3.00%)21,258,640Chart, Profile, More
GDXJMarket Vectors Junior Gold Mine19.50 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.19 (6.50%)20,709,450Chart, Profile, More
COPConocoPhillips Common Stock45.87 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 2.46 (5.67%)19,431,556Chart, Profile, More
RIGTransocean Ltd (Switzerland) Co12.93 Aug 27, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.33 (11.47%)19,390,906Chart, Profile, More
YHOOYahoo! Inc.33.69 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.17 (3.60%)19,105,076Chart, Profile, More
KMIKinder Morgan, Inc. Common Stoc32.00 Aug 27, 4:04PM EDTUp 1.21 (3.93%)18,991,715Chart, Profile, More
DNRDenbury Resources Inc. Common S3.95 Aug 27, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.52 (15.16%)18,981,407Chart, Profile, More
PYPL34.62 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.45 (4.37%)18,909,574Chart, Profile, More
KOCoca-Cola Company (The) Common 39.27 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.54 (1.39%)18,871,551Chart, Profile, More
XUnited States Steel Corporation16.89 Aug 27, 4:02PM EDTUp 2.29 (15.68%)18,696,716Chart, Profile, More
PBR-APetroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petro5.04 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.56 (12.50%)18,575,201Chart, Profile, More
AUYYamana Gold Inc. Ordinary Share1.89 Aug 27, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.13 (7.39%)18,315,968Chart, Profile, More
QCOMQUALCOMM Incorporated57.36 Aug 27, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.70 (1.24%)18,261,608Chart, Profile, More
EBAYeBay Inc.27.10 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.93 (3.55%)18,148,477Chart, Profile, More
BABAAlibaba Group Holding Limited A70.84 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 2.18 (3.18%)18,123,836Chart, Profile, More
SHProShares Short S&P50021.87 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.57 (2.54%)17,969,611Chart, Profile, More
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor Manufactur19.94 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.49 (2.52%)17,879,982Chart, Profile, More
HPQHewlett-Packard Company Common 27.79 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.69 (2.55%)17,714,619Chart, Profile, More
DISWalt Disney Company (The) Commo102.17 Aug 27, 4:03PM EDTUp 2.94 (2.96%)17,532,220Chart, Profile, More
SCHWCharles Schwab Corporation (The30.36 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.62 (2.08%)17,297,978Chart, Profile, More
WFTWeatherford International plc (9.29 Aug 27, 4:05PM EDTUp 1.03 (12.47%)17,270,380Chart, Profile, More
KEYKeyCorp Common Stock13.88 Aug 27, 4:04PM EDTUp 0.45 (3.35%)16,690,798Chart, Profile, More
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company Com15.53 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.45 (2.98%)16,438,530Chart, Profile, More
MTArcelor Mittal NY Registry Shar8.06 Aug 27, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.37 (4.81%)16,391,955Chart, Profile, More
MRKMerck & Company, Inc. Common St54.95 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.53 (0.97%)16,135,640Chart, Profile, More
SBUXStarbucks Corporation55.95 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.99 (3.69%)15,987,923Chart, Profile, More
CMCSAComcast Corporation56.77 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.37 (2.47%)15,966,000Chart, Profile, More
ABEVAmbev S.A. American Depositary 5.37 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.15 (2.87%)15,585,049Chart, Profile, More
XRXXerox Corporation Common Stock10.23 Aug 27, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.27 (2.71%)15,458,640Chart, Profile, More
MDLZMondelez International, Inc.42.76 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.56 (1.33%)15,441,297Chart, Profile, More
VALE-PVALE S.A.3.87 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.36 (10.26%)15,377,109Chart, More
WLLWhiting Petroleum Corporation C16.75 Aug 27, 4:06PM EDTUp 2.05 (13.95%)15,208,379Chart, Profile, More
SQQQProShares UltraPro Short QQQ24.36 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTDown 2.02 (7.66%)15,196,265Chart, Profile, More
BBDBanco Bradesco Sa American Depo6.93 Aug 27, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.26 (3.90%)15,180,820Chart, Profile, More
FORDForward Industries, Inc.2.34 Aug 27, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.53 (29.28%)15,162,937Chart, Profile, More
WPXWPX Energy, Inc. Common Stock6.27 Aug 27, 4:06PM EDTUp 0.46 (7.92%)15,083,203Chart, Profile, More
JCPJ.C. Penney Company, Inc. Holdi8.47 Aug 27, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.54 (6.81%)14,855,922Chart, Profile, More
AKSAK Steel Holding Corporation Co2.92 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.36 (14.06%)14,667,758Chart, Profile, More
GILDGilead Sciences, Inc.107.99 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.03 (0.96%)14,610,261Chart, Profile, More
TCKTeck Resources Ltd Ordinary Sha6.86 Aug 27, 4:06PM EDTUp 1.34 (24.28%)14,389,146Chart, Profile, More
ABTAbbott Laboratories Common Stoc45.64 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.66 (3.77%)14,260,393Chart, Profile, More
JNKSPDR Barclays High Yield Bond E36.97 Aug 27, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.21 (0.57%)14,157,487Chart, Profile, More
FITBFifth Third Bancorp19.94 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.75 (3.91%)14,027,655Chart, Profile, More
GNWGenworth Financial Inc Common S5.05 Aug 27, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.40 (8.60%)14,020,245Chart, Profile, More
CSXCSX Corporation Common Stock27.49 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.30 (4.96%)13,925,066Chart, Profile, More
WMTWal-Mart Stores, Inc. Common St66.08 Aug 27, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.25 (1.93%)13,912,815Chart, Profile, More