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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
GEGeneral Electric Company Common30.36 Nov 27, 1:00PM EST 0.00 (0.00%)33,143,866Chart, Profile, More
SUNESunEdison, Inc. Common Stock3.36 Nov 27, 1:03PM ESTUp 0.11 (3.38%)30,262,932Chart, Profile, More
BACBank of America Corporation Com17.48 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.04 (0.23%)22,937,528Chart, Profile, More
VALEVALE S.A. American Depositary 3.57 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.16 (4.29%)19,133,059Chart, Profile, More
HPQHP Inc. Common Stock12.61 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.03 (0.24%)17,214,251Chart, Profile, More
PFEPfizer, Inc. Common Stock32.79 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.08 (0.24%)16,119,593Chart, Profile, More
DISWalt Disney Company (The) Commo115.13 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 3.54 (2.98%)14,912,040Chart, Profile, More
FCXFreeport-McMoRan, Inc. Common S8.10 Nov 27, 1:02PM EST 0.00 (0.00%)14,910,850Chart, Profile, More
AAPLApple Inc.117.81 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.22 (0.19%)13,046,445Chart, Profile, More
PBRPetroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petro4.93 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.19 (3.71%)12,991,411Chart, Profile, More
BABAAlibaba Group Holding Limited A81.38 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.33 (0.40%)12,600,339Chart, Profile, More
BBDBanco Bradesco Sa American Depo5.62 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.10 (1.75%)11,638,840Chart, Profile, More
SFUNSouFun Holdings Limited America6.73 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.29 (4.13%)10,137,882Chart, Profile, More
AAAlcoa Inc. Common Stock9.32 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.09 (0.96%)9,841,053Chart, Profile, More
CSCOCisco Systems, Inc.27.32 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.08 (0.29%)9,532,251Chart, Profile, More
TAT&T Inc.33.57 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTUp 0.12 (0.36%)9,327,165Chart, Profile, More
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation53.93 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.24 (0.45%)9,009,132Chart, Profile, More
ITUBItau Unibanco Banco Holding SA 7.21 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.15 (2.04%)8,840,301Chart, Profile, More
QQQPowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1114.31 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.16 (0.14%)8,827,991Chart, Profile, More
SYFSynchrony Financial Common Stoc31.35 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.18 (0.57%)8,373,712Chart, Profile, More
SIRISirius XM Holdings Inc.4.14 Nov 27, 12:59PM ESTUp 0.02 (0.49%)8,268,394Chart, Profile, More
ABEVAmbev S.A. American Depositary 4.90 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.06 (1.21%)7,985,035Chart, Profile, More
FFord Motor Company Common Stock14.53 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.02 (0.14%)7,760,586Chart, Profile, More
ABXBarrick Gold Corporation Common7.11 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.27 (3.66%)7,677,918Chart, Profile, More
VIPSVipshop Holdings Limited Americ16.95 Nov 27, 1:03PM ESTUp 0.41 (2.48%)7,542,686Chart, Profile, More
RPRXRepros Therapeutics Inc.2.54 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.79 (45.14%)7,539,705Chart, Profile, More
KMIKinder Morgan, Inc. Common Stoc23.87 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.23 (0.95%)7,419,657Chart, Profile, More
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company Com8.74 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.68 (7.22%)7,322,688Chart, Profile, More
KOCoca-Cola Company (The) Common 43.15 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.12 (0.28%)7,236,711Chart, Profile, More
MCURMacrocure Ltd.2.44 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.50 (25.77%)6,995,887Chart, Profile, More
ORCLOracle Corporation Common Stock39.18 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.08 (0.20%)6,869,874Chart, Profile, More
CSCComputer Sciences Corporation C68.62 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.84 (1.21%)6,853,970Chart, Profile, More
AEZSAEterna Zentaris Inc.11.06 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.37 (3.24%)6,748,949Chart, Profile, More
NFLXNetflix, Inc.125.44 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 1.28 (1.03%)6,645,484Chart, Profile, More
INTCIntel Corporation34.46 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.01 (0.03%)6,620,857Chart, Profile, More, Inc.29.95 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.04 (0.13%)6,163,416Chart, Profile, More
CHKChesapeake Energy Corporation C5.26 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.15 (2.77%)6,087,208Chart, Profile, More
FBFacebook, Inc.105.45 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.04 (0.04%)5,913,066Chart, Profile, More
PBR-APetroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petro3.99 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.18 (4.32%)5,552,372Chart, Profile, More
NEMNewmont Mining Corporation17.39 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.52 (2.90%)5,513,746Chart, Profile, More
CCitigroup, Inc. Common Stock54.21 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.13 (0.24%)5,483,432Chart, Profile, More
GGBGerdau S.A. Common Stock1.61 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.05 (3.01%)5,446,931Chart, Profile, More
WMTWal-Mart Stores, Inc. Common St59.89 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.35 (0.58%)5,340,915Chart, Profile, More
EBAYeBay Inc.29.10 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.10 (0.34%)5,318,344Chart, Profile, More
YHOOYahoo! Inc.32.94 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.22 (0.66%)5,316,055Chart, Profile, More
RFRegions Financial Corporation C10.17 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTUp 0.08 (0.79%)5,135,997Chart, Profile, More
JCPJ.C. Penney Company, Inc. Holdi8.21 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.06 (0.73%)5,117,109Chart, Profile, More
ZNGAZynga Inc.2.62 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.03 (0.96%)5,028,013Chart, Profile, More
MUMicron Technology, Inc.15.56 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.02 (0.13%)5,018,952Chart, Profile, More
AMATApplied Materials, Inc.18.62 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.17 (0.92%)5,012,283Chart, Profile, More
OASOasis Petroleum Inc. Common Sto11.32 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.79 (6.52%)4,983,724Chart, Profile, More
WFCWells Fargo & Company Common St55.39 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTUp 0.17 (0.31%)4,914,008Chart, Profile, More
WLLWhiting Petroleum Corporation C15.94 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 1.23 (7.16%)4,912,638Chart, Profile, More
CNXCONSOL Energy Inc. Common Stock7.48 Nov 27, 1:03PM ESTDown 0.52 (6.50%)4,770,030Chart, Profile, More
FOXATwenty-First Century Fox, Inc.29.54 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.36 (1.20%)4,754,089Chart, Profile, More
KEYKeyCorp Common Stock13.14 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.07 (0.50%)4,660,362Chart, Profile, More
DNRDenbury Resources Inc. Common S3.55 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.09 (2.47%)4,591,263Chart, Profile, More
CXCemex, S.A.B. de C.V. Sponsored6.24 Nov 27, 1:01PM EST 0.00 (0.00%)4,581,249Chart, Profile, More
GPROGoPro, Inc.20.28 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.28 (1.40%)4,470,780Chart, Profile, More
ACASAmerican Capital, Ltd.15.54 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.32 (2.10%)4,447,582Chart, Profile, More
LUVSouthwest Airlines Company Comm45.82 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.06 (0.13%)4,423,257Chart, Profile, More
KBIOKaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.34.83 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 8.20 (30.79%)4,348,357Chart, Profile, More
KRKroger Company (The) Common Sto38.01 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.84 (2.26%)4,311,990Chart, Profile, More
HBANHuntington Bancshares Incorpora11.76 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.10 (0.86%)4,225,028Chart, Profile, More
VRXValeant Pharmaceuticals Interna87.09 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.07 (0.08%)4,218,736Chart, Profile, More
GPSGap, Inc. (The) Common Stock27.36 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.69 (2.46%)4,204,417Chart, Profile, More
NXPINXP Semiconductors N.V.88.36 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 3.88 (4.59%)4,197,399Chart, Profile, More
TWTRTwitter, Inc. Common Stock25.75 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.31 (1.19%)4,179,967Chart, Profile, More
MMacy's Inc Common Stock39.99 Nov 27, 1:05PM ESTDown 0.39 (0.97%)4,170,337Chart, Profile, More
XOMExxon Mobil Corporation Common 81.23 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.02 (0.02%)4,156,645Chart, Profile, More
EFUTeFuture Information Technology 15.89 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 7.74 (94.97%)4,135,321Chart, Profile, More
VZVerizon Communications Inc. Com45.23 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTUp 0.31 (0.69%)4,108,274Chart, Profile, More
JPMJP Morgan Chase & Co. Common St67.17 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTUp 0.31 (0.46%)4,052,853Chart, Profile, More
VALE-PVALE S.A.2.96 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.15 (4.82%)4,024,536Chart, More
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor Manufactur22.45 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.11 (0.49%)3,995,606Chart, Profile, More
EMCEMC Corporation Common Stock25.40 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.02 (0.08%)3,957,241Chart, Profile, More
BHPBHP Billiton Limited Common Sto26.98 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.55 (2.00%)3,947,111Chart, Profile, More
SPLSStaples, Inc.12.31 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.01 (0.08%)3,945,043Chart, Profile, More
AIGAmerican International Group, I63.68 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.53 (0.84%)3,941,220Chart, Profile, More
MTArcelor Mittal NY Registry Shar4.77 Nov 27, 1:03PM ESTUp 0.03 (0.63%)3,927,355Chart, Profile, More
OIHMarket Vectors Oil Services ETF30.72 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.42 (1.35%)3,907,571Chart, Profile, More
NBRNabors Industries Ltd.10.24 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.14 (1.35%)3,814,015Chart, Profile, More
FTRFrontier Communications Corpora4.96 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.06 (1.22%)3,774,662Chart, Profile, More
HALHalliburton Company Common Stoc39.13 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.18 (0.46%)3,766,760Chart, Profile, More
MROMarathon Oil Corporation Common17.44 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.67 (3.70%)3,696,116Chart, Profile, More
SYMCSymantec Corporation19.50 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.36 (1.81%)3,682,782Chart, Profile, More
RADRite Aid Corporation Common Sto7.86 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.05 (0.63%)3,655,125Chart, Profile, More
RIGTransocean Ltd (Switzerland) Co14.12 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTDown 0.36 (2.49%)3,634,756Chart, Profile, More
AUYYamana Gold Inc. Ordinary Share1.99 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.09 (4.33%)3,586,482Chart, Profile, More
AESThe AES Corporation Common Stoc9.99 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.11 (1.11%)3,529,054Chart, Profile, More
GGGoldcorp Inc. Common Stock11.55 Nov 27, 1:01PM ESTDown 0.20 (1.70%)3,519,195Chart, Profile, More
CBSCBS Corporation Class B Common 50.75 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.23 (0.45%)3,471,236Chart, Profile, More
KGCKinross Gold Corporation Common1.88 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.05 (2.59%)3,468,486Chart, Profile, More
QCOMQUALCOMM Incorporated48.54 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.56 (1.14%)3,441,634Chart, Profile, More
CLVSClovis Oncology, Inc.32.22 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 3.06 (10.49%)3,429,761Chart, Profile, More
NRGNRG Energy, Inc. Common Stock11.62 Nov 27, 1:03PM ESTDown 0.56 (4.60%)3,426,055Chart, Profile, More
SSprint Corporation Common Stock3.73 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTDown 0.03 (0.80%)3,419,233Chart, Profile, More
VLTCVoltari Corporation7.66 Nov 27, 1:00PM ESTUp 0.44 (6.09%)3,408,764Chart, Profile, More
INFYInfosys Limited American Deposi16.47 Nov 27, 1:02PM ESTUp 0.30 (1.86%)3,354,153Chart, Profile, More
TERPTerraForm Power, Inc.7.13 Nov 27, 12:59PM ESTDown 0.14 (1.93%)3,347,145Chart, Profile, More