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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
BACBank of America Corporation Com16.15 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.02 (0.12%)104,765,535Chart, Profile, More
GEGeneral Electric Company Common26.56 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.44 (1.68%)69,658,555Chart, Profile, More
AAAlcoa Inc. Common Stock13.56 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.14 (1.04%)40,974,549Chart, Profile, More
PBRPetroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petro14.01 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.52 (3.85%)34,116,471Chart, Profile, More
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. Co3.69 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.07 (1.86%)32,048,060Chart, Profile, More
PFEPfizer, Inc. Common Stock30.25 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.16 (0.53%)26,536,813Chart, Profile, More
SDSandridge Energy Inc. Common St6.75 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.27 (4.17%)26,199,937Chart, Profile, More
RADRite Aid Corporation Common Sto7.16 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.04 (0.56%)26,040,336Chart, Profile, More
TAT&T Inc.36.04 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.06 (0.17%)25,311,787Chart, Profile, More
EMCEMC Corporation Common Stock26.62 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.08 (0.30%)23,434,047Chart, Profile, More
VZVerizon Communications Inc. Com47.60 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.50 (1.06%)23,242,122Chart, Profile, More
MSMorgan Stanley Common Stock30.76 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.87 (2.91%)22,965,994Chart, Profile, More
CCitigroup, Inc. Common Stock48.22 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.04 (0.08%)21,361,800Chart, Profile, More
HPQHewlett-Packard Company Common 31.93 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.56 (1.72%)21,235,041Chart, Profile, More
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor Manufactur20.72 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.57 (2.83%)20,492,819Chart, Profile, More
WUWestern Union Company (The) Com15.25 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.80 (4.98%)19,583,286Chart, Profile, More
WFCWells Fargo & Company Common St48.93 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.16 (0.33%)19,399,882Chart, Profile, More
KOCoca-Cola Company (The) Common 40.72 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.13 (0.32%)18,547,111Chart, Profile, More
JPMJP Morgan Chase & Co. Common St55.22 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.04 (0.07%)17,955,801Chart, Profile, More
RFRegions Financial Corporation C10.22 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.12 (1.16%)17,835,278Chart, Profile, More
FFord Motor Company Common Stock16.00 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.07 (0.44%)17,657,937Chart, Profile, More
RSHRadioshack Corporation Common S1.41 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.28 (16.57%)17,016,810Chart, Profile, More
NOKNokia Corporation Sponsored Ame7.34 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.04 (0.55%)16,553,805Chart, Profile, More
ITUBItau Unibanco Banco Holding SA 15.76 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.35 (2.27%)16,334,423Chart, Profile, More
XOMExxon Mobil Corporation Common 100.42 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.48 (0.48%)15,439,810Chart, Profile, More
JCPJ.C. Penney Company, Inc. Holdi7.50 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.24 (3.31%)14,786,620Chart, Profile, More
ORCLOracle Corporation Common Stock40.08 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.05 (0.12%)14,644,119Chart, Profile, More
SNHSenior Housing Properties Trust22.54 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.24 (1.05%)14,052,960Chart, Profile, More
VALEVALE S.A. American Depositary 14.10 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.23 (1.66%)14,015,776Chart, Profile, More
KEYKeyCorp Common Stock13.56 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.05 (0.37%)13,772,519Chart, Profile, More
ALUAlcatel-Lucent Common Stock3.85 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.15 (4.05%)13,734,292Chart, Profile, More
UNHUnitedHealth Group Incorporated75.78 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTDown 2.41 (3.08%)13,427,199Chart, Profile, More
DALDelta Air Lines, Inc. Common St33.76 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.14 (0.42%)13,152,498Chart, Profile, More
USBU.S. Bancorp Common Stock40.25 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.22 (0.54%)13,043,743Chart, Profile, More
CXCemex, S.A.B. de C.V. Sponsored12.84 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.18 (1.38%)12,408,081Chart, Profile, More
GMGeneral Motors Company Common S33.98 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.03%)12,351,182Chart, Profile, More
TWTRTwitter, Inc. Common Stock45.01 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.59 (1.33%)12,308,119Chart, Profile, More
HALHalliburton Company Common Stoc60.90 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.40 (0.66%)11,675,452Chart, Profile, More
NLYAnnaly Capital Management Inc C11.25 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.16 (1.40%)11,371,744Chart, Profile, More
TRQTurquoise Hill Resources Ltd. O3.84 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTUp 0.18 (4.92%)11,348,699Chart, Profile, More
MRKMerck & Company, Inc. Common St56.47 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.21 (0.37%)11,263,810Chart, Profile, More
IBMInternational Business Machines190.01 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTDown 6.39 (3.25%)11,255,493Chart, Profile, More
PEPPepsico, Inc. Common Stock85.55 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.78 (0.92%)11,168,516Chart, Profile, More
GLWCorning Incorporated Common Sto21.04 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.31 (1.50%)11,158,246Chart, Profile, More
XRXXerox Corporation Common Stock11.43 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.07 (0.61%)10,742,222Chart, Profile, More
ODPOffice Depot, Inc. Common Stock4.05 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.11 (2.79%)10,717,156Chart, Profile, More
MGMMGM Resorts International Commo23.96 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.26 (1.07%)10,634,179Chart, Profile, More
HTZHertz Global Holdings, Inc Comm28.07 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.70 (2.56%)10,170,918Chart, Profile, More
SLBSchlumberger N.V. Common Stock99.91 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTDown 1.03 (1.02%)10,169,777Chart, Profile, More
ANRAlpha Natural Resources, inc. c4.40 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.06 (1.38%)9,892,274Chart, Profile, More
BHIBaker Hughes Incorporated Commo68.33 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 2.02 (3.05%)9,855,384Chart, Profile, More
SSprint Corporation Common Stock8.52 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.15 (1.79%)9,836,826Chart, Profile, More
ABTAbbott Laboratories Common Stoc38.93 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.55 (1.43%)9,825,035Chart, Profile, More
COGCabot Oil & Gas Corporation Com34.92 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.87 (2.56%)9,741,390Chart, Profile, More
BXThe Blackstone Group L.P. Commo31.34 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.40 (1.29%)9,738,648Chart, Profile, More
CHKChesapeake Energy Corporation C28.17 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.68 (2.47%)9,680,027Chart, Profile, More
KMIKinder Morgan, Inc. Common Stoc33.77 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.46 (1.38%)9,640,056Chart, Profile, More
JNPRJuniper Networks, Inc. Common S25.17 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.12 (0.48%)9,636,855Chart, Profile, More
SUNESunEdison, Inc. Common Stock17.66 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.04 (0.23%)9,626,188Chart, Profile, More
PBR-APetroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petro14.64 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.61 (4.35%)9,534,575Chart, Profile, More
ACIArch Coal, Inc. Common Stock5.01 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.04 (0.80%)9,527,566Chart, Profile, More
BKSBarnes & Noble, Inc. Common Sto16.37 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTDown 2.23 (11.99%)9,375,794Chart, Profile, More
HKHalcon Resources Corporation Co5.34 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.03 (0.56%)9,293,733Chart, Profile, More
AXPAmerican Express Company Common86.22 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 1.18 (1.35%)9,244,808Chart, Profile, More
JNJJohnson & Johnson Common Stock98.96 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.21 (0.21%)9,153,584Chart, Profile, More
ABEVAmbev S.A. American Depositary 7.77 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.04 (0.52%)9,064,712Chart, Profile, More
LEJULEJU HOLDINGS LTD11.86 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.86 (18.60%)8,978,030Chart, Profile, More
BTUPeabody Energy Corporation Comm16.71 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.15 (0.89%)8,889,892Chart, Profile, More
BBTBB&T Corporation Common Stock37.93 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTDown 1.41 (3.58%)8,884,040Chart, Profile, More
BSXBoston Scientific Corporation C13.65 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.15 (1.11%)8,675,932Chart, Profile, More
BBDBanco Bradesco Sa American Depo14.92 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.30 (2.05%)8,659,932Chart, Profile, More
CSXCSX Corporation Common Stock28.15 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.36 (1.30%)8,658,704Chart, Profile, More
AMXAmerica Movil, S.A.B. de C.V. A19.54 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.15 (0.76%)8,651,538Chart, Profile, More
ABXBarrick Gold Corporation Common17.98 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.34 (1.86%)8,633,625Chart, Profile, More
CVXChevron Corporation Common Stoc123.68 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.85 (1.52%)8,604,891Chart, Profile, More
MOAltria Group, Inc.38.45 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.09 (0.23%)8,498,374Chart, Profile, More
AETAetna Inc. Common Stock67.77 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTDown 2.10 (3.01%)8,470,775Chart, Profile, More
ATHLATHLON ENERGY INC. Common Stock42.00 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTUp 1.07 (2.61%)8,408,584Chart, Profile, More
PGProcter & Gamble Company (The) 81.76 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.11 (0.13%)8,374,713Chart, Profile, More
WFTWeatherford International, Ltd 18.21 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.05%)8,314,012Chart, Profile, More
MROMarathon Oil Corporation Common36.73 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTUp 0.26 (0.71%)8,062,194Chart, Profile, More
VLOValero Energy Corporation Commo56.00 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.06 (0.11%)8,013,209Chart, Profile, More
GGBGerdau S.A. Common Stock6.14 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.23 (3.89%)7,975,022Chart, Profile, More
CBSCBS Corporation Class B Common 60.64 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.34 (0.56%)7,946,914Chart, Profile, More
PMPhilip Morris International Inc83.15 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.64 (1.93%)7,858,834Chart, Profile, More
AUYYamana Gold Inc. Ordinary Share7.96 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.06 (0.75%)7,834,650Chart, Profile, More
DHRDanaher Corporation Common Stoc72.85 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.80 (1.09%)7,798,168Chart, Profile, More
DISWalt Disney Company (The) Commo79.99 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.04 (1.32%)7,627,952Chart, Profile, More
PPandora Media, Inc. Common Stoc27.02 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.32 (1.17%)7,507,857Chart, Profile, More
NENoble Corporation Ordinary Shar30.36 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.01 (0.03%)7,487,190Chart, Profile, More
SCHWCharles Schwab Corporation (The27.04 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.20 (0.75%)7,389,420Chart, Profile, More
DCTDCT Industrial Trust Inc Common7.91 Apr 17, 4:05PM EDTUp 0.06 (0.76%)7,366,627Chart, Profile, More
COPConocoPhillips Common Stock74.77 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.99 (1.34%)7,230,420Chart, Profile, More
FCXFreeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold,33.01 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDT 0.00 (0.00%)7,186,923Chart, Profile, More
AIGAmerican International Group, I50.82 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.43 (0.85%)7,142,386Chart, Profile, More
AKSAK Steel Holding Corporation Co6.92 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDT 0.00 (0.00%)7,133,035Chart, Profile, More
DOWDow Chemical Company (The) Comm48.72 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.22 (0.45%)7,099,398Chart, Profile, More
HSTHost Hotels & Resorts, Inc. Com20.98 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.05 (0.24%)6,981,709Chart, Profile, More
WMTWal-Mart Stores, Inc. Common St77.66 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.44 (0.57%)6,964,745Chart, Profile, More
HDHome Depot, Inc. (The) Common S77.09 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.51 (0.67%)6,875,585Chart, Profile, More