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Pond Technologies Holdings Inc. (POND.V)

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  • F
    Anybody know why Pond has been going up the last 2 weeks?
  • J
    This company is going to zero. I don't understand why anyone would be buying the stock here. Capital markets are closed so POND can't raise money to stay afloat. Even if they do manage to survive, there's next to no upside because of how many shares are outstanding, the equity is incredibly diluted.
  • t
    Not trading - why???
  • F
    Does anyone know Pond's current cash flow balance. I would like to like to know how long of a cash flow runway they have.
  • A
    Will retest low 0.20's before starting a good uptrend
  • L
    Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos invested heavy into a private company called Carboncure Technologies, who is basically a weaker less lucrative version of POND. Carbon capture is the future and will be in high demand, and POND will lead the pack. That is also not even considering the algae market, which will also be huge. With a lot of DD and research, I am confident this will be worth multiple dollars.
  • C
    There is a pond discord server that just started up. Lots of good dd is being put in there for anyone wanting to dive deeper and follow the company.
  • Y
    Elon musk is looking for Carbontech companies... so far, this is the only one in Canada who's trading at stock exchange. A nice speculative play.
  • B
    One contract, one news story away from 300% gain
  • L
    Revenue up 70%, this is only the beginning.
  • S
    To fight climate change the Canadian government is likely going to be tightening regulation on companies emissions. Therefore, companies that specialize in capturing emissions are going to be increasing in demand.

    Pond Technologies ( $POND.CN ) is based in Ontario and they specialize in feeding CO2 emissions to algae. The algae not only stops the CO2 from going into the air, but it can also be used later for animal feed and even fuel.

    This company seems really exciting and they are selling for about only .58 right now

    Their CEO did a good interview a couple years back, you can check it out here:
    Pond Technologies’ platform to transform carbon dioxide into algae products for revenue
  • G
    What’s causing the drop in stock price?
  • L
    Was nice to see the update and everything they are working on. You have to be bullish on POND after reading that that.
  • D
    I'm trying to understand how the money changes hands with this company. It's not very clear who makes what money and when. For example, if they install one of their bioreactors on an industry CO2 emitting factory, and the algae is growing for them to harvest. Why does the factory pay Pond? Pond is using the factory's C02 emissions, would Pond not have to pay them? It's cool that they're keeping C02 from entering the atmosphere, but how are their products doing?
  • J
    The Pond Natural division was up 25% from 2019 to 2020 and is currently up 15% this year from 2020 with the CEO saying the rest of the year will be strong.
    They also have 2 other divisions in the company that could turn into billion dollar plus entities on their own with one single contract/partnership.
  • L
    Keeps getting better and better. Awesome news.
  • B
    Ben From the North
    Iam interested to invest but the financials doesnt look good :-/ Not ready yet maybe?
  • M
    For investors looking to get exposure to green tech, $POND is one to check out. One of the few public companies focusing on carbon capture, Pond profitably transform's CO2 from any source into valuable algae-based products such as bioproducts, food ingredients, or nutraceuticals.

    Their recent financial statement's for Q1 ending March 31, 2021 showed improvement with a 58% increase in Pond Naturals Rev, a positive working Capital of $532,000, and a decrease in net loss by $31k. I expect this growth to continue as they have strong re-order levels, new clients onboarding, and increased order volume from customers.

    With the current climate crisis, the carbon capture industry will experience lots of growth in the future and this innovative method that uses greenhouse gases associated with global warming to create algae products will be huge.
  • L
    making some exciting developments in addressing the massive challenges of pollution. Big fan of an ethical investment, I've got high hopes for this one.