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Most Bought by Activist Hedge Funds

Most Bought by Activist Hedge Funds

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Follow this list to discover and track the stocks that were bought the most by activist hedge funds in the last quarter.

Curated by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track the stocks that were bought the most by activist hedge funds in the last quarter.


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How are these weighted?

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WatchlistChange Today1 Month Return1 Year ReturnTotal Return
Most Bought by Activist Hedge Funds-0.10%---

31 Symbols

SymbolCompany NameLast PriceChange% ChangeMarket TimeVolumeAvg Vol (3 month)Market Cap
UBERUber Technologies, Inc.44.69-1.45-3.14%4:00 p.m. EDT50.47M20.48M83.93B
DELLDell Technologies Inc.96.79+0.90+0.94%4:00 p.m. EDT793.02k2.10M73.92B
DDDuPont de Nemours, Inc.75.09+1.14+1.54%4:05 p.m. EDT3.63M3.01M39.96B
RKTRocket Companies, Inc.17.47-0.13-0.74%4:00 p.m. EDT4.18M9.14M34.68B
FEFirstEnergy Corp.38.05-0.09-0.24%4:02 p.m. EDT2.57M3.26M20.71B
AESThe AES Corporation24.27+0.05+0.21%4:00 p.m. EDT3.33M5.35M16.17B
BHCBausch Health Companies Inc.29.59+0.05+0.17%4:00 p.m. EDT1.27M2.15M10.60B
PSFEPaysafe Limited10.94+0.24+2.24%4:00 p.m. EDT3.88M7.63M7.92B
NYTThe New York Times Company43.86-0.43-0.97%4:00 p.m. EDT1.11M1.69M7.33B
DANDana Incorporated23.8+0.71+3.07%4:00 p.m. EDT755.65k953.13k3.45B
CPUHCompute Health Acquisition Corp.9.72-0.01-0.10%3:59 p.m. EDT198.05k206.84k1.05B
CRHCCohn Robbins Holdings Corp.9.86-0.02-0.20%4:01 p.m. EDT48.44k306.95k1.02B
KPLTKatapult Holdings, Inc.8.4-0.14-1.64%4:00 p.m. EDT653.56k627.10k813.30M
BOACBluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp.9.78+0.07+0.72%4:00 p.m. EDT222.40k167.50k742.67M
AVANAvanti Acquisition Corp.9.72--4:00 p.m. EDT50.65k136.36k729.00M
GOACGO Acquisition Corp.9.76+0.02+0.21%3:59 p.m. EDT26.62k92.35k701.50M
FPACFar Peak Acquisition Corporation9.94--4:00 p.m. EDT356.93k779.99k693.31M
AGCAltimeter Growth Corp.10.66-0.08-0.74%4:00 p.m. EDT307.09k682.58k666.25M
KVSCKhosla Ventures Acquisition Co. III9.84-0.03-0.30%4:00 p.m. EDT48.75k125.78k652.69M
VYGGVy Global Growth9.72-0.02-0.21%4:00 p.m. EDT165.74k186.86k623.54M
AGCBAltimeter Growth Corp. 29.95+0.02+0.20%3:59 p.m. EDT46.43k93.68k581.58M
VAQCVector Acquisition Corporation II9.81+0.01+0.10%4:00 p.m. EDT1.29k26.02k562.60M
KVSBKhosla Ventures Acquisition Co. II10.59+0.01+0.09%4:00 p.m. EDT504.37k739.88k558.80M
FMACFirstMark Horizon Acquisition Corp.9.74-0.01-0.10%4:00 p.m. EDT136.89k201.90k504.04M
SPNVSupernova Partners Acquisition Company, Inc.9.93--4:00 p.m. EDT92.62k303.97k499.60M
TLGATLG Acquisition One Corp.9.68-0.01-0.10%3:52 p.m. EDT1.00k24.42k484.00M
MRACMarquee Raine Acquisition Corp.9.915+0.02+0.15%3:59 p.m. EDT114.55k149.24k463.22M
FTCVFintech Acquisition Corp. V10.2-0.34-3.23%4:00 p.m. EDT1.45M501.19k348.70M
LHAALerer Hippeau Acquisition Corp.9.71-0.02-0.21%4:00 p.m. EDT119.0022.43k283.57M
ALITAlight, Inc.9.02-0.08-0.88%4:00 p.m. EDT1.67M2.02M-