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Cassava Sciences, Inc. (SAVA)

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43.84-2.34 (-5.07%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
43.50 -0.34 (-0.78%)
After hours: 07:29PM EDT

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  • C
    I noted that the 27% slower decline for BIIB is very similar to LLY's medicine (like 28%), which is supposed to just be a slightly better version of the same thing. That is not even in the same zip code as cognitive improvement (100% + reversal) and massive difference in cost and side effects. SAVA longs have the RIGHT investment.
  • b
    Curious timing between the SEC, the 8K, the 900m fine, and the test results...
  • A
    The second version or me-too of adu from biib will have another advisory committee meeting….wait for it! 😂
  • A
    You don’t say…another >10K call options traded today with a strike between 50-77 that expire on Friday….🤔😁😎
  • C
    It is clear that the plaque is not the cause of AD, even if there is minor clinical benefit from removing it, possibly at significant cost. Filamin A binding is the correct focus. SAVA knows it has the correct approach.
  • A
    OMG nearly 90% short volume today…nuff said 😂
  • k
    Retail doesn't get bullied on this stock anymore. We've seen the data and we are not selling until approval or buyout no matter how much you short attack it. Good luck covering those 12m shares affordably when acquisition gets announced.
  • P
    Pharma Boy
    For BIIB if you go strictly by what the language is, this doesn’t meet Medicare’s ‘reasonable and necessary’ criteria because the F.D.A. themselves says there’s no direct evidence of IMPROVED COGNITION,” said Dr. Tunis, who also works as a consultant, including advising Biogen, before Aduhelm was approved, about Medicare’s various options for coverage. He added that the F.D.A.’s requirement that Biogen conduct another trial (which will take years while Aduhelm is available to patients) “implies that the cognitive benefits have not yet been shown.” THATS CLEAR THAT SAVA IS 1000% BETTER . Shorting BIIB is a winner
  • L
    Swing and a miss by shorty at today's close. SAVA closed at $46.18 at 4:00PM. A number of trades
    immediately printed in the $45.90-.95 level at 4:00PM, but, not in the closing block! Shorts get to pay rent at 50%+ at the higher close, but, hey what's a few extra $k in interest when you are already paying $18000+/- a day to carry your short position?
  • K
    Not understanding why Biogen/Eisia news is lifting SAVA?
  • D
    Biogen in action. Imagine if this was Cassava.

    Biogen (BIIB) is a recent example. The biotech agreed to pay $900 million to charges regarding false claims to Medicare and Medicaid by paying kickbacks to physicians to induce them to prescribe Biogen drugs, the U.S. Department of Justice said on Sept. 26.
  • A
    Can’t wait for the premarket tomorrow.
  • R
    Intravenous infusion twice a month with a 20% chance of brain swelling and a 27% chance of it slowing down AD.
    That seems like a lot of risk for a minimal potential of slowing the disease down.
    There is no comparison to Simu in form of pills with no known side effects and potential cognitive improvements with the added bonus of managing AD related behaviors.
    SAVA all the way!!!!
  • Z
    Maybe Wednesday News..?! Sava likes to give news on Wednesdays…
  • S
    A good PR Department would come out and say "Congratulations to Biogen for solid testing numbers. This is great for the AZ community. However, we would encourage anyone interested in AZ to look at our data and compare results and particularly, safety."

    How hard is this?
  • A
    Who else bought today 😁
  • S
    Just sent to IR: Hello, longtime shareholder and trust me, I feel the pain of management with all of the negative reporting and short seller attacks. I do however, believe the company should hire the BEST PR firm. It is an expense that will be well worth it and let the executive management focus on executing. Please pass this on to the BOARD/Management. Thank you.
  • M
    Biogen came up with good news on their AD trails but SAVA claim even much better results than Biogen so people started to realize how SAVA was cheap.
  • S
    So Eisai plans to present at the CTAD conference (about the only late Nov conference that I am aware of). SAVA will be there suspect it will be interesting to see the response to an updated Simu readout. Assuming this is the late 2022 window that Remi may be targeting for the PH2 update.
  • A
    AH trading of BIIB was halted. And if due to a steep sell-off ...while SAVA, LLY and a few other AD plays spiked in the final 30 minutes of AH ...then my theory for SAVA AH spike is: One or more tutes/shorts/HFs etc. who were holding BIIB investments in anticipation of the lecanemab results ...were not impressed.

    While lecanemab's results were better than Aduhelm's, lecanemab it still is a MAB (requires infusions), can cause painful edema/effusion, is based on the tired old Amyloid Beta hypothesis. AND has clearly inferior clinical/cognition results as compared to simufilam.

    So long-story-short: IMHO, if BIIB was halted in AH because of a sell-off, then smart (bigger) money is flowing away from BIIB and it is flowing toward SAVA and other players in the AD space.