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  • S
    Notice you don't hear any more regulations talk? Was never going to happen. MO is just fine.
    Catalysts for upward movement. Resolution of Jull case (doesn't really matter which way it goes). Continuing legalization of cannabis (CT recently). DIV increase.
  • o
    $50 when the judge rules in Altria's favor. $55 after earnings and August dividend increase.
  • K
    Lets suppose we were in Russia, Thailand, Nigeria, China, Korea, or any other country besides the United States and we wanted to impress our smoking friends with a cigarette, what would we pull out? Marlboro Red. Yes, that's right, Marlboro. There are so many more countries to conquer with this cigarette. Its about people wanting Quality. Smoke 2 packs, you need more. That's why I invest in Altria. Its not all about the U.S. market, other markets around the world are growing. The world is getting younger and they want the best! Buy and hold folks. 7% Dividend no brainer....
  • A
    Thanks to those who sold last week. I really appreciate it. Picked up some more MO…Love those dips!
  • S
    Stone Cold
    Let me guess DB sold
  • T
    If you bought right before ex-div, don’t sweat it. At that time, forward PE was just 11. Historical PE is around 15. As sales from IQOS, On!, and CRON pick up and with further buybacks and dividend increases, we’ll return to historical PE at the minimum. It’s hard to time bottom, so don’t beat yourself up over it. Just keep adding and reinvesting divvies, and take advantage of 7+% yield and a significantly undervalued SP.
  • T
    “Looking at the full year, our Zacks Consensus Estimates suggest analysts are expecting earnings of $4.57 per share and revenue of $21.4 billion.” 0.8 payout ratio times 4.57 equals the likely dividend amount to be announced in August. You do the math.
  • B
    Blue Blood
    MO steps in around $ 47 and buys back. The buyback has plenty of room left to run.
  • C
    Go Mo!!
  • W
    Buy cheap in premarket otherwise you will miss the train to 50$ this week. This stock is the safest stock to invest in.
  • E
    dividend now over 7.25%. Buy this on the way down and keep increasing your yield. It will be over $51 soon enough. If you're in it for the dividend, like myself, then our time is approaching. Buying on a hopeful run-up to the dividend IS NOT the play. It began with the sell-off after the ex-dividend date Monday. However, DO NOT load up immediately. For those of us wanting max yields along with some added growth in the stock, our stars align during market sell-offs that artificially drag down stocks like MO and XOM . And there's rarely a better sell-off to lock in higher yields and ultimate see your share prices rise beyond your initial purchase than moments like today...when the economy is "too hot" and the Feds raise rates a little. The outsized panic selling that occurs can last quite a bit longer than one may expect, as can unnecessary full blown sell-offs like December 2018, and the Covid-19 sell-off early 2020. THOSE are the moments when our stars align....when the overall economy is booming yet simply hits a bump and corrects. Now is no different...if the Fed keeps raising, as they should, and we have another correction, which we should, it will be perfect time. Even great stock like MO and XOM sell-off way too much at times, so be certain not to catch a falling knife today and miss that bottom that may be coming soon. Dollar cost average on the way 3-5% of your allotment beginning today, and another 5%-10% each $5 drop until we perhaps see a sub $40 . It was $35 a year ago, $72 in 2017, so respect the potential for an outsized sell-off and slowly buy on dips. We may not see this golden opportunity this time around.....but I can assure you it's getting closer and closer. There's nothing better than buying superb dividend stocks during sell-offs in otherwise strong economies vs buying in a true recession. There's an enormous difference.
  • J
    all I'm going to say on this stock is buy.. I'll explain. ok weed just got legalized in another state today. the writing is on the wall it will be federally legal within years. MO has access to cronos weed. ok so fda gets rid of nicotine to make way for weed. that's going to be the trade off. cigs will still be produced..worst case is they do lower the nicotine lvls but mo will be making more profit off the weed sales... weed cigarettes let's go!!!
  • T
    Come the divvy INCREASE in August, renewed energy and optimism will propel this to at least $52. Just my thoughts.
  • a
    Woahhh huge losses today according to @WILLIAM. OHI the stock he recommended on here is Down 4x as much today ! Huge paper losses for @WILLIAM he is probably getting margin calls as we speak!
  • R
    This is a marijuana play. You will wish you bought now when marijuana is federally legalized
  • T
    Anonymous has been trashing this stock since the 30's. Now, he wants to point out that you already lost your divvy with the share price, but he never acknowledges that we made multiples of the dividend with the share appreciation from the 30's. Special guy.
  • B
    Blue Blood

    William, with MO very green, decides to spend the day at his lemonade stand.
  • S
    The div is outstanding right now. When the August increase happens, it will be more attractive. Easy money.
  • C
    Two things more important than stock price:

    1. Number of shares you own
    2. Dividend
  • k
    Thanks to MO, I'm smoking Marlboro for free. I'm drinking beer for free. As of July 1, I will be be smoking pot for free. I can't wait for them to get into the liquor and prostitute businesses. MO is not only a dividend king, but a king PERIOD !!!