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Altria Group, Inc. (MO)

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As of 10:28AM EDT. Market open.

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  • R
    waiting for my .16 annual dividend increase announcement
  • m
    Watching CNBC now I really try not to but Cramer had his segment am I diversified on one person called in and had MO as one of stocks he liked everything except MO! His reason I don`t endorse Tobacco why can`t you say the stock has been a poor performer etc etc? The fact of the matter Mr. Cramer Sin Stocks always win in the end. 8 percent yield what`s there not to like other than the constant bashing MO gets from the Liberal Media! In all honesty I am here for the divy so if they stop raising or lower it I would bail. I love my $1000 every 3 months! Good luck longs and don`t watch CNBC it will just raise your blood pressure!
  • C
    Nothing but buying since 7/25/2022 big divvys
  • A
    Given its generous dividends, this stock deserves better treatment.
  • j
    i bought on 52 but thé dividend makes it good
  • S
    Just saying: it’s still cheap, if they increase the dividend on 8/25- looks like a done deal the business supports it, the stock will increase until at least the ex-divident date on 9/14, that has been the pattern for many years. Past perform never indicates it will continue - that what’s said. Forward guidance for this year and next is good. Go from there! 🤠
  • Y
    Next 3 years - new regulations won't affect MO as they would be tied up in courts for years. JUUL being banned won't mean anything to MO's bottom line.

    Next 3 years - nothing short of Marlboro smoking collapsing (won't happen) will stop MO from raising the dividends to a minimum of $ 3.76, $ 3.92 and $ 4.08. Those three added up are $ 11.76 of dividends paid out.

    If you receive all 12 dividends and hold them as cash, the stock price could drop to $ 33.64 and you'd STILL have the same amount of principle that you have at $ 45.40.

    I like that hedge. That's what I'm doing.
  • Y
    One would think that MO would want to use a lot of that buyback before they have to pay out the raised the dividend amount on each outstanding share. Expect a lot of buying pressure over the next month.
  • N
    Bought more mo today at 45.84 , seems like it is not coming down, during pendamic bought at 39
  • Y
    I mean this could be around 47 or 48 before they even announce a dividend increase and then the news of a raise to $3.76 or higher could send it to the doorstep of 50 well before the X dividend date.
  • r
    After speaking with a friend of mine who thinks "that tobacco company who bought Juul" might be in a great position after cannabis is federally approved, will put cannabis in its Juul product. I was surprised that someone who is NOT so involved in the market or such things was so in line with my thought for awhile now, I think the popularity of Juul will be a fantastic platform for delivering THC in an already very recognizable and popular product with kids who will be in their 20s and 30s. With Altrias marketing power and shelf space in convenient and vape stores it will be a natural for success.
  • Y
    There are MILLIONS that won't smoke weed because they can't be sure where it's coming from, but those millions would buy from Altria in a heartbeat. Future is bright for young MO.
  • Y

  • A
    I will announce the dividend increase next Thursday morning.

    Billy G.
  • Y
    MO will force this over 50 with the buyback and dividend raise.
  • V
    Josh Muted. Again!
  • J
    Jim Gardner
    Value shoppers will start buying this and drive price up a few bucks.
  • s
    Purchased 460 shares at $41.62. I feel pretty confident of buying on the dip, at this price, especially at a dividend yield of 8.62%. I'm expecting them to raise the dividend in the next couple of weeks which should enhance the price. The price will fluctuate but the dividend yield is safe.
  • C
    Pick up 49 more shares. Best deal in the market.
  • B
    Beef McBeef
    Folks, I have a large and luxurious beef so you should listen to everything I say. I say we see $50 after div announcement. Boom.