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At close: 5:13AM BST
  • This move makes no sense as oil drops
  • I came to read what was moving our dollar up but instead I only saw political views.. I'm out.
  • Buy US today .
  • At this stage better buy US.
  • what happens to US dollar ,dropping?
  • Welcome to the new Trudeau reality. The Carbon Taxes have already driven American oil companies out of Alberta. What do you think is going to happen to the CDN$ once JT and his gang of incompetents keep piling more debt onto the accumulated deficit? Who the Hell is going to pay that off? Just wait until interest rates start going up and watch what happens to the CDN$ when the debt service ratio becomes totally unmanageable.
  • My God .
  • why US$ is stronger and gold drop ,possible war on N . Korea should be lifting the gold .
  • U.S. buying Canadian company"s cheap. U.S; Debt $53,000 per person. Canada $29,000. Go figure. Dumping Lumber Aluminum & Plastics.
  • Waiting to see US$1 = CA$ . When and in what condition this situation can happen.
  • Why is our dollar stronger today and is this a trend?
  • Anyone know why our dollar didn't hold its gain today?
  • Globe and Mail article today talking about the spike in Chinese imports which should help the loonie.
  • I feel for our Canadian snobirds. Have many great friend that winter in Arizona. Some have gave up visiting us because of the exchange rate. Though of buying Canada dollars as investment. It should go up in near future. Planning on visiting you country's birthday 150 celebration .
  • I don't believe anything these hypocrites say especially the biggest hypocrite of them all Justin Trudeau. Read an article the other day talking about Canada's forests and land mass absorbing 30% more CO2 than we emit every year. Technically we should be getting paid in Carbon Credits by other countries but instead the Liberals are perpetuating the myth that we are such big CO2 polluters. The biggest hypocrite of them all being Justin who jets at least once a week to some sort of event knowing full well the giant carbon footprint that he creates with this unnecessary jet-setting. Just another excuse to tax Canadians into more poverty and destroy what was once a thriving economy. No amount of phony Government jobs figures will change that. Get used to a 70 cent dollar. Sunny Days and Sunny ways my friend.
  • i have been watching the Canadian dollar . one thing is our economy is good, lower unemployment and our dollar lower than most country, and we are 2nd in the world for quality of living.we have gas oil manufacturing electricity. but yet our dollars is grap. what is the feds up to.I dont get it??
  • Think we go below $0.70 after the US fed raises rates in a few days?
  • If only the liberals would've followed through wiht their plan to legalize than you would've added some much needed funds. They might actually be able to balance the budget if they did but alas they are too slow and stupid.
  • It's getting less expensive for me and I'm looking forward to my vacation in a few months to the happiest place on Earth...........MONTREAL!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Canadian Government is so afraid of the coming Federal Reserve rate hikes because it knows that over the next 2 years US interest rates will probably rise by close to 2 percent with the improving US economy. If the Bank of Canada does not move in lockstep then the Canadian dollar will move to new lows and Government Bonds that finance our crazy debt will be sold in order to get better returns elsewhere ( as in the US). If they do move in lockstep then Mortgage rates will rise to levels that will crater the Canadian Housing Market the only source of growth in our warehouse economy. Not looking good for Canada. That is why a Government must keep deficits at sustainable levels. This economic disaster plan of the Liberals will bankrupt us all especially the younger generation that already has trouble finding quality employment. "Sunny Ways my friends".