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  • M
    We are in bigger debt than ever before and it’s increasing. None sens
  • i
    CAD = USD Within a Year from today, just my opinion and thoughts. US is spending just way too much money and printing too much money for their dollar to remain strong. Gold Prices rising is a good indicator that the USD value is going to dip, just my opinion take it how you want.
  • C
    looks like CAD ready to roll over. throne speech will give further room to the downside imo GLTA
  • R
    CERB going to run out soon in Canada. Should be interesting to see how this will affect the country. My guess is that the loonie will go down against the greenback. Anybody who owns US stocks can double dip.
  • R
    Looks like Trudeau is kicking the can down the road by extending CERB for another month. RIP to Canada's middle class.
  • R
    "The market value of the U.S. dollar has an impact on every segment of the economy, including the stock market. A strong dollar is synonymous with falling equity prices, while a weaker dollar can cause stock prices to rise. However, the relationship between currency valuations and the stock market is complex. A weak dollar is not necessarily good news for investors."

    I'm wondering if Powell's focus today is the US dollar. Can't ignore that it is taking a huge beating thanks to the rising stock market.
  • k
    In 7 months Canadian dollar will be worth more than US
  • T
    Because the USD is the trusted currency, would you rather peg it to the Yuan?
  • V
    does anybody think, cad can go up in this month ?
    planning on buying some usd, any suggestions for the best way & time to buy usd with cad ?
  • B
    Bruce Hood
    I understand the CAD strengthening I just don’t get the USD dropping so much. Just cause trump wants the dollar weak shouldn’t make it so? Their economy is roaring yet the dollar keeps dropping. Doesn’t make sense to me.
  • A
    Oil is down. Weak dollar. Good for manufacturing industry. Buy healthcare stocks
  • M
    Why is it every time US stock indices go up, the US dollar goes down?
  • J
    I can’t believe how strong the Canadian Dollar is today. I honestly thought it would go back to .69-.70
  • J
    The US government is running up unprecedented levels of debt, Fed Reserve balance sheet expansion monstrous. I wouldn't be surprised if CAD = USD before year end.
  • L
    Canada’s credit rating down to AA from AAA and virus uncertainty is why the dollar is dropping.
  • E
    Great analysis today at BetterTrader for USDCAD
  • D
    keep on climbing CAD, and Keep Covid numbers low, we will continue to.climb
  • N
    Not Your Average Joe
    $1.46 and climbing, it's been over 20 years since it was at this level. not sure how much higher it goes here, 1.50 seems to be the next stop but after that I have no idea where resistance might be.
  • j
    Is the Canadian dollar going to go up higher?
  • C
    Will the Canadian dollar ever be par with American dollar again?