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    BlackBerry has hired former McAfee president John Giamatteo as president of its cyber security business unit.

    Starting October 4th he will responsible for business unit, engineering and go to market strategy, the company said Wednesday as it announced BlackBerry’s Q2 financial results.

    photo of John Giamatteo
    John Giamatteo
    The cybersecurity unit includes the BlackBerry Spark endpoint and unified endpoint management suite.

    During his time with McAfee, BlackBerry said pointedly in its news release, Giamatteo “delivered strong double-digit growth across its enterprise, SMB and consumer businesses as well as significant margin expansion across the portfolio.”

    During a conference call for industry analysts announcing the appointment and the financial results, CEO John Chen said he is “dying to hear his experience of growth [at McAfee] because he was able to grow both the consumer and enterprise business … I’m sure he will make some changes. I’m doubtful that everything will remain exactly the same. On the other hand the investments we made in channel, [sales] pipelines, partners, engineering, and in hiring more sales staff, and a couple of quarters ago we hired a pretty good head of professional services, I’m sure he will take full advantage of those.”

    In addition to working at McAfee, Giamatteo has also been chief operating officer of AVG Technologies and held leadership positions with Solera Holdings, RealNetworks, Inc. and Nortel Networks.

    The hiring of Giamatteo follows the hiring in April of Mattias Eriksson as
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    No volume. Means no selling at these levels. Very positive. The company confirmed a patent sale within 2 months is 80% - and if not there are other interested parties (more than one). Things are picking up on other fronts. What is not to like. Why sell?
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    During CNBC interview with Chen, Chen was asked if BB was going to double down on Cyber Security or IOT. His reply was "Both" and added "We have a plan to do both". Once this patent sale goes through and they become flush with cash, RD will increase substantially, and maybe a small acquisition or two may follow soon. Of course this is my speculation, but makes sense and I LOVE it!
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    Hold & check it in 6 months, we'll be rewarded.
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    Thoughts on BB progress-

    -Loved seeing 2 quarters in a row of positive revenue growth for Cyber security.
    -Beating expectations in IOT was huge in my opinion due to chip shortage. Continuing to see awesome design wins. Ready for 25/25!
    -Patent update is good! Either way in my opinion. JC draws a line in sand and says let’s get it done or I’ll open it up for a bidding war. Scenario 1, gets done and we have influx of cash soon for more R&D. Scenario 2 he pulls plug and we have a bidding war. My bet would be we pick up more than the 200 million lost in revenue from 2021.
    -Not sure what to think about Tom. My opinion is JC is done with lack of results. It’s game time. Hoping it’s not anything else.
    -Ivy, is a game changer! Loved seeing it on track and can’t wait to see how this develops.

    All in all, it’s a good day to be a long shareholder of BB.

    Buy, hold and be rewarded.

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    Don't be scared away by the slow tire air leak that happened today after this morning's pop. When BB went parabolic in January and in the spring, it took 5 to 10 days to go from bottom to peak. HODL. Just have loaner diamond hands for a week or so, you'll see.
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    CNBC interview .. Chen said we are at going to double down our growth in both cuber security and IOT business . It’s the chip shortage but that’s temporary and they will come out of it … Chen seems to be very positive and confident .. go blackberry go …
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    Chip shortage to cost auto industry 210 billion this year. BB is on a GOOD trajectory here!
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    Didn't sell off in AH, which is a good sign. ;) My concern is that eventually retail investors "run" into the same obstacle when choosing to invest with BB, is their enough strength of support for SP to continue to increase based on what we know via yesterday's ER and without settlement... I I say 100% Yes... but I suppose the market will give us all the answer by end of the week. Cheers and GLTA
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    I have never been so confident about this company than now. The up trend started yesterday. Get on board before it’s too late. Stay tuned !
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    Good earnings for BB. That was one of their highest beats on revenue in awhile. I feel the future looks very bright for them.
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    Some shorties posted that the ER lacked profit. Well, guess what? By the time you see that profit coming in, the BB's share price would easily be in $30 level. Good luck to Longs.
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    BB target $40 by March 2022, in 6 months. should not see single digits ever. but who knows.
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    82% of EV makers already using BB QNX. How i see it is that if I own BB shares, I own the tech in 82% of all vehicles. BB is getting a production royalty on the vehicles made (read the Q/A section of the conference yesterday).
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    Still up 12.50%, bodes well for a strong close, IMO...

    Many more green days ahead... Best to BB longs...
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    Sharing this analysis of BB quarterly from a Reddit post I value.

    Where to Blackberry!!!

    Lets face it, I was looking forward to higher revenue growth! But after reading the financial report and listening in to the Webcast, I revisited the disclosures and tried to get a sense of where Blackberry is going.
    Cyber security produced a second 2022 quarter to quarter growth in revenue of 13%. On assumption of BB maintaining such growth over next 2 quarters, possible growth in this sector alone could reach 40% pa and compares favorably with Crowdstrike or Sentinel. If this portion of BB's business was to be valued in a similar way to it's competitors, on a discounted basis cyber security might be valued at $20 billion.
    The QNX and IoT revenue side is growing exponentially, only hampered by the world shortage of micro chips. So, trying to be conservative, this part of BB's stock valuation might be worth $5 - 7 billion.
    Combined, a $25 billion value equates to $50 per share. Discount this again to half and BB's shares could be in the $25 range within the next 9 months.
    A reassessment of BB doesn't happen overnight but I believe we will enjoy the ride.
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    QNX and IVI in 25/25 of top EV makers is inevitable. The vehicle ecosystem can't have a
    wildcard (Tesla) on the highway with all of the other digital
    infrastructure built around qnx.
    Maybe they just park the Tesla platform on top
    of QNX Hypervisor. Maybe that's what the convergence looked like in both John Chen and Elon Musk's minds all along.
    SpaceX, satellites, and the collaboration elsewhere
    between the two should hint John and Elon are on a first name basis.
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    I watched BB entire day and I'm really tired to see how the big money and easy bashers are working hard to supress the stock down. Just before the opening bell the price was 10.35. In normal cases the price was supposed to go directly up. But surprise! they pulled it back on purpose to break the courage of large audence waiting to jump in. So many of the buyers were discouraged at that 5 minutes. This is how they play with it. But later on important amount of people jumped in and brought the stock up to $11. Then the dark money appeared again and with their little lolita bashers they pulled it back again making people feel this is the ceiling. Unfortunately we're in a game where the opponent starts with 10 more points and the referee is also on their side. Looking at today's sitaution the Dark Money won the game and we missed the chance of going over $11. It looks like it'll close around $10 tomorrow. Congradulations for those who went over financial figures and logic of stockmarket. Good days are ahead maybe not close but ahead. Good Luck!
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    Congrats to BB shareholders! I haven't been a shareholder for a while but been following the company. I'm happy to see a CAD company succeed!