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Why Disney may test the limits of 'franchise fatigue' in 2021 and 2022

Yahoo Finance's Dan Roberts joined Yahoo FInance Live to break down why Dixney may be testing the limits of 'franchise fatigue' in the coming years as the entertainment company puts numerous new series on-tap.

Video Transcript

- But what about Disney? Because at least in the Disney world with Marvel, you're going to have a whole generation of kids who've never seen these movies and keep coming back. I'm not sure they're going to be kids who don't want to see "WW84" over and over again.

- Yeah. I mean, I don't want to waste too much of our time, Adam, comparing DC to Marvel. But let's just say DC has had some duds in the past like "Aquaman," movies that just don't have the same quality level. Marvel has certainly pushed it with volume. But the MCU, as it's called, Marvel Cinematic Universe, for the most part, these movies got pretty good reviews. I mean, Disney has had a good track record for quality. But into next year, in terms of the shows, so separate from the theatrical releases, the movies, in terms of original Marvel and "Star Wars" also, spin-off shows coming to Disney+. You're about to see Disney really hit the gas.

And I think finally that the concerns over what's called franchise fatigue might prove legitimate in 2021 and 2022. They haven't been correct up until now. You've heard people like Ted Sarandos over at Netflix say, well, Disney is bound by its universes. And my retort has always been, Disney is delighted to be bound by those universes. Trust me. I mean, the numbers prove it. Consumers vote with their wallets, and those "Star Wars" movies in the Marvel movies have done huge numbers at the box office.

But now, starting next year, I mean, you've got six or seven different Marvel spin-off shows coming to Disney+. Who can watch all those? And I say that myself as a big Marvel fan. I'm just not going to watch all those shows. Now, Disney doesn't need every fan to watch every show. But I think you might finally start to see a little bit of a push back and a little bit of even die-hard fans saying, this is too much. Too much volume.

- Well, we'll see. Only time will tell. I think I've only seen, what? About probably, like, 1/10. That might even be too generous. Maybe 1/100 of these shows? So I certainly am nowhere close to the fatigue that, of course, has been one of the focuses year of Disney's lineup, by the content lineup, at least, over the last couple of years. So we'll see whether or not that actually comes to fruition. Dan Roberts, we're going to talk to you a next hour on Bitcoin. So we'll speak to you in less than an hour from now.