Week ahead: Tesla’s Q1 sales, March jobs report, and key manufacturing news

What should investors know about the week of April 3, 2023?

Yahoo Finance’s Brad Smith breaks it down.

On Monday, the markets will react to Tesla’s (TSLA) latest delivery figures for the year.

On the economic front construction spending (Monday) and factory orders (Tuesday) will be released.

Markets are closed Friday, but all eyes will be on the March Jobs report.

Key video moments:

00:00:10 - Tesla’s sales numbers
00:00:28 - Key manufacturing news
00:00:34 - Jobs report

Video Transcript

- Tesla's latest sales numbers, key manufacturing news, and the jobs report, it's all coming up in a shortened Easter week for the markets. Here is what you need to know.

On Monday, the markets will react to Tesla's latest delivery figures. These are the first quarterly sales numbers from Tesla since it started a price war with competitors. CEO Elon Musk said on the most recent earnings call at the end of January, that he's seeing orders at almost twice the rate of production.

A gauge of the health of the overall economy is out on Monday. Watch out for factory orders and construction spending. And one of the key data points the Fed uses to set interest rates is out on Friday, and that's the monthly jobs report. The job market is expected to soften again with 240,000 new jobs created in March. The unemployment rate is forecast to hold steady at 3.6%.

Finally, a reminder, the stock market is closed on Friday for observance of Good Friday, ahead of Easter weekend.