Stocks finished mixed following strong job report

Yahoo Finance markets reporter Jared Blikre takes a look at how the markets responded to the recent jobs report at the closing bell on Monday.

Video Transcript

JARED BLIKRE: We are minutes away from the closing bell, and we've got a mixed market right now, but nothing's doing too much. The Dow's slightly up. The NASDAQ's slightly down. The S&P 500 just treading water there. By the way, bond yields shooting up today, having an impact, really weighing on growth stocks. But the value in cyclical trade has been humming. Industrials up 8/10 of a percent, followed by energy and materials, real estate, consumer discretionary, and financials. It's communication services and utilities, each down about a quarter of a percent, that are really weighing on things now.

Here is the NASDAQ 100. We're going to talk about Apple in a second, but that stock is down 1.7%. Meanwhile, chip stocks doing well today. We're going to talk about them. Nvidia, you can see up 1.85%. And just looking into some of our leaders and sentiment indicators, I talked about Bitcoin leading the day. Well, BITO is up almost 5%. Second to that is EWY. That is a South Korean ETF. And then you have solar energy, so kind of random what we're seeing at the top.

To the downside, KWEB. That red square you're seeing at the bottom, that is Chinese stocks. Those are faltering today. And with about 30 seconds to go, let's take a look inside there. Baidu down 4%, EDU also down 4%. Looks like a number of these are in the green, but not so meaningfully. Also going to take a look at the disruption trade, faltering today, except for Coinbase. I did mention Bitcoin strength. Coinbase up about 7%.