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Prince William presents Earthshot climate prizes

The Earthshot Prize, created by Britain’s Prince William, was presented on Sunday, after the Royal family criticized global leaders for uninspired climate action.

The honors were established to recognize solutions to the planet’s biggest environmental problems.

Among the winners this year were Milan, Italy and Costa Rica, each receiving over $1 million dollars.

Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado accepted the award for his country’s ecosystem restoration and reforestation programs.

“What does the Earthshot mean for you guys? What does it feel you're going to do with it and how does it take you to the next level?"

"For us it represents a recognition of many generations of Costa Ricans who have supported this. This is not only an administration policy, it's a national stakepost."

Milan won the “Build a Waste-Free World” award for its food waste hubs, which recovers food and provides it to those most in need.

British royals have recently made a series of comments on climate issues.

William took a swipe last week at billionaires caught in a space tourism race, saying the world’s greatest brains should instead focus on environmental problems facing the Earth.

Meanwhile Queen Elizabeth said she was irritated by world leaders who talk about climate change but don’t act, adding that it was still unclear who will turn up to the upcoming COP26 global climate summit in Scotland.

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