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Pinterest, Chipotle, Lyft, CVS: Earnings to watch next week

Yahoo Finance Live’s Rachelle Akuffo discusses the earnings expectations for companies like Pinterest, Chipotle, and Lyft.

Video Transcript


RACHELLE AKUFFO: Well, as we wind down what was a huge week for earnings, the season rolls on, of course, next week with another slew of big names reporting numbers, as well. As you can see there, on Monday, we'll get a beat on Tyson there. So we'll understand what the consumer is feeling, especially as we're seeing what we're seeing with food inflation. Remember, we've been following what's been happening with egg prices. But also taking a look at what's been happening with food inflation, overall.

Checking in with the game and Activision. You also have Spirit Airlines, as well. And then Pinterest, of course. Following what we saw with ad spend, a lot of people wondering what that means for Pinterest, as well, as they struggle to monetize.

On Tuesday, we'll be getting another beat here from the energy sector here with BP reporting. More consumer spending outlooks here when it comes to food, once we look at Chipotle. Hertz also reporting, as well as Royal Caribbean Group. Seeing what we'll see with the leisure spending, as well, as some consumers go into tighten their purse strings. And we're seeing credit card debt going into historical highs at the moment. So seeing what happens with some of this discretionary spending.

On Wednesday, we'll be checking in with some more food companies. You've got Wendy's and, of course, Yum Brands. But also taking a look at CVS, see what's happening with the health space there. And, of course, Disney, the big one that's gonna be reporting earnings on Wednesday that definitely want to watch, as well, as we've been seeing what's been happening with some of these streaming leaders. Disney with a lot of hands in different parts, including, of course, its parks business, but also Disney+, as well. So keeping an eye on what's happening there.

And in the payment space, you have Affirm and Robinhood, as well. I'll be checking in with them, as well. Of course, Thursday, Friday, still a packed day there, as well.