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Former Tiger Woods mistress opens up about the affair: 'He was my Tiger'

More than ten years after her affair with Tiger Woods became public knowledge, Rahcel Uchitel finally opened up about their relationship. Uchitel said she wanted to finally tell her side of the story because of the way she’s been portrayed by the media. On HBO’s two-part docuseries Tiger, Uchitel tells of a deeply personal relationship that was about much more than just sex.
“So many people put him on a pedestal, and here he was in my bed, and he was my Tiger,” Uchitel said. She later added, “He was like a fountain. He just wanted to talk and talk and talk. He told me a lot about his childhood, his dad, and that he was sick of trying to hide who he was. But he was so scared of the real Tiger not living up to the Tiger that everybody else thinks he is.”
Uchitel said that a couple days before Thanksgiving in 2009, as the National Enquirer was about to publish a story about her relationship with Woods, she spoke to Woods’s now ex-wife Elin Nordegren and convinced her that there was no sexual relationship. But on Thanksgiving, Nordegren figured out the truth, proving her suspicions when she called Uchitel from Woods’s phone. Later that night, Woods got into a car accident shortly after leaving his house that would lead to his affair with Uchitel being exposed to the world. Uchitel said that was life-changing.
“This story was so huge, that was the end of my life as I knew it,” Uchitel said. “There now were probably 45 to 50 paparazzi outside of my apartment telling me that I was a homewrecker, that I was a whore, saying I hope you get AIDS and die.”