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Editor's Edition: Omicron is here. What next?

The recent discovery of the Omicron variant has led to a resurgence of concern about the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. In Canada, the federal government announced it will introduce a series of new restrictions at Canada's borders in response to the variant, including requiring that all air travellers coming into Canada from outside the U.S. be tested and isolate upon arrival.

On this episode of Editor’s Edition, Alicja Siekierska and the Public Policy Forum’s Sean Speer take a look at the Omicron variant and how policymakers need to respond to the changing COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss the government's new travel restrictions, the World Health Organization's push for a new pandemic plan, and a report from Ontario's Auditor General that showed $210 million in COVID-19 relief went to businesses that were ineligible for support.

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