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Aperture Investors CEO says China & India's economies will grow faster than U.S. markets in coming years

Aperture Investors Chairman & CEO Peter Kraus discusses opportunities in emerging markets.

You can see the entire interview here.

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00:40 On China & India's growth

Video Transcript

- Peter, one of the common themes that we've heard from a number of our guests over the last couple of weeks has been the opportunity to oversee specifically what's happening in emerging markets and the play here just on China's reopening. How big of an investment opportunity do you see that being for the long term?

PETER KRAUS: That's a good question because you put a time frame on it. The long term. Emerging markets have been underperforming for 10 years, equity and debt. And both are interesting places to invest. Emerging market equity yields are probably between 7% to 8 and 1/2%. Emerging market equities have been depressed for 10 years.

Is China going to reopen? Yes. When? Who knows? Will China's reopening and India's continued growth drive emerging markets? Absolutely. Are they likely to grow faster than US markets in the next couple of years? Yes. Is it more volatile? Absolutely. Should you allocate capital to it? I would.