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Top Cryptos by Tokens Outstanding

Top Cryptos by Tokens Outstanding

5.89k followers31 symbols Watchlist by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track Cryptocurrencies which have the highest circulating supply. This list is generated dynamically with the intraday price updates.

Curated by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track Cryptocurrencies which have the highest circulating supply. This list is generated dynamically with the intraday price updates.


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WatchlistChange Today1 Month Return1 Year ReturnTotal Return
Top Cryptos by Tokens Outstanding+3.54%---

31 Symbols

SymbolCompany NameLast PriceChange% ChangeMarket TimeVolumeAvg Vol (3 month)Market Cap
SHIB-USDShiba Inu USD0.000018143026+0.00+1.07%4:41 a.m. UTC140.70M721.60M10.69B
BTT-USDBitTorrent(New) USD8.971512e-7+0.00+1.53%4:38 a.m. UTC31.01M37.07M868.66M
NFT9816-USDAPENFT USD4.4571996e-7+0.00+2.22%4:38 a.m. UTC17.98M38.27M445.72M
BABYDOGE-USDBaby Doge Coin USD1.4543358e-9+0.00+1.36%4:39 a.m. UTC4.02M-209.12M
LADYS-USD-1.6275507e-7+0.00+13.18%4:39 a.m. UTC6.64M-119.52M
AIDOGE-USDArbDoge AI USD3.3137285e-10+0.00+2.82%4:38 a.m. UTC6.40M-57.81M
CAW30402-USDcrow with knife USD6.869171e-8-0.00-0.79%4:38 a.m. UTC463.49k-52.88M USD9.334925e-10-0.00-1.45%4:39 a.m. UTC1.33M-41.15M
KISHU-USDKishu Inu USD4.2048545e-10-0.00-0.16%4:38 a.m. UTC401.39k-39.16M
QOM-USDShiba Predator USD4.2838018e-8+0.00+0.53%4:39 a.m. UTC6.39k-25.70M
CAT19856-USD-4.993617e-10+0.00+32.58%4:38 a.m. UTC5.85M-24.97M
PIT-USDPitbull USD5.148872e-10-0.00-1.24%4:38 a.m. UTC380.82k-20.69M
CATGIRL-USDCatgirl USD5.2132315e-10+0.00+1.26%4:39 a.m. UTC32.23k-18.45M
VINU15270-USDVita Inu USD1.6724222e-8+0.00+0.27%4:38 a.m. UTC3.08M-15.05M
SQUIDGROW-USDSquidGrow USD1.0111786e-8+0.00+4.21%4:38 a.m. UTC964.07k-11.88M
BABYBONK28801-USDBaby Bonk USD2.5285296e-11-0.00-0.47%4:39 a.m. UTC8.83M-9.92M
BOOT-USDBostrom USD1.3610851e-8+0.00+2.92%4:38 a.m. UTC7.09k-8.05M
HAM-USDHamster USD2.1955031e-9-0.00-0.37%4:39 a.m. UTC2.02M-5.23M
SHIRYO-USDShiryo USD3.540552e-12-0.00-4.75%4:38 a.m. UTC1.83k-3.48M
RET20013-USDRenewable Energy USD9.8834524e-11-0.00-1.93%4:38 a.m. UTC1.56M-1.99M
HODL9900-USDHODL USD2.6334117e-9+0.00+1.50%4:38 a.m. UTC58.40k-1.91M
WSG-USDWall Street Games (old) USD1.3303528e-9+0.00+63.24%4:38 a.m. UTC11.83k-1.18M
SPORE9468-USDSpore USD2.3060243e-11-0.00-0.53%4:38 a.m. UTC227.00-730.06k
FWC-USDFootball World Community USD1.6932613e-11-0.00-0.93%4:39 a.m. UTC432.34k-715.57k
NFTART-USDNFT Art Finance USD2.4541591e-11-0.00-0.66%4:38 a.m. UTC1.23k-620.46k
SOLZILLA-USDSolzilla USD6.971162e-10+0.00+2.54%4:39 a.m. UTC15.36k-446.98k
OGGY-USDOggy Inu (BSC) USD4.0088137e-12-0.00-10.45%4:38 a.m. UTC365.00-433.45k
AIBB-USDBullBear AI USD1.9631691e-10-0.00-3.20%4:39 a.m. UTC12.42k-401.63k
WSPP-USDWolf Safe Poor People USD2.4384125e-11+0.00+1.14%4:38 a.m. UTC251.00-329.27k
SILVA-USDSilva Token USD1.5321074e-10+0.00+1.91%4:38 a.m. UTC13.00-255.86k
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