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Crowded Tech Hedge Fund Positions

Crowded Tech Hedge Fund Positions

16.43k followers31 symbols Watchlist by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track tech stocks with highest percentage of hedge fund ownership.

Curated by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track tech stocks with highest percentage of hedge fund ownership.


The Yahoo Finance Crowded Tech Hedge Fund Positions list tracks the technology positions with the highest hedge fund concentration. Investors follow crowded hedge fund trades as a possible source of returns and an important component of risk management. Though Crowded Hedge Fund Positions have historically outperformed the market, in times of stress, they have become increasingly volatile and underperformed the market over time.

How did we choose these stocks?

Yahoo Finance employs sophisticated algorithms to monitor and detect trends in the Global Financial Markets. We bring these insights to you in the form of watchlists. We calculate the concentration of hedge fund holders over the total institutional ownership of all tech stocks in the investable universe. Those with the highest concentration are considered crowded hedge fund positions.

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How are these weighted?

The stocks in this watchlist are weighted equally.


WatchlistChange Today1 Month Return1 Year ReturnTotal Return
Crowded Tech Hedge Fund Positions+1.89%+60.80%+26.81%+29.72%

31 Symbols

SymbolCompany NameLast PriceChange% ChangeMarket TimeVolumeAvg Vol (3 month)Market Cap
SHOPShopify Inc.1487.47+1.73+0.12%4:00 p.m. EDT702.29k941.68k185.45B
NOWServiceNow, Inc.681.11+0.86+0.13%4:00 p.m. EDT855.48k1.02M134.93B
SQSquare, Inc.255.35+0.94+0.37%4:00 p.m. EDT4.59M7.55M117.53B
INFYInfosys Limited24.13-0.09-0.37%4:00 p.m. EDT6.24M6.69M101.11B
ADYEYAdyen N.V.31.63+0.26+0.83%3:59 p.m. EDT313.89k469.26k96.43B
APHAmphenol Corporation78.35+0.52+0.67%4:00 p.m. EDT1.41M2.24M46.87B
UUnity Software Inc.142.33-5.38-3.64%4:00 p.m. EDT2.19M3.12M40.21B
EPAMEPAM Systems, Inc.627.9-6.26-0.99%4:00 p.m. EDT182.43k272.12k35.56B
GLWCorning Incorporated38.33+0.42+1.11%4:02 p.m. EDT2.38M4.07M32.74B
ANETArista Networks, Inc.394.71+5.07+1.30%4:00 p.m. EDT302.98k409.84k30.28B Holdings, Inc.295.76-1.74-0.58%4:00 p.m. EDT971.04k1.47M30.12B
TOSTToast, Inc.50.96-1.58-3.01%4:00 p.m. EDT1.08M2.34M25.61B
ASANAsana, Inc.129.78+2.13+1.67%4:00 p.m. EDT2.87M2.42M23.87B
ESTCElastic N.V.168.73-2.25-1.32%4:00 p.m. EDT536.48k748.41k15.53B
ISironSource Ltd.11.57-0.13-1.11%4:00 p.m. EDT886.63k1.52M11.74B
FIVNFive9, Inc.158.83-0.94-0.59%4:00 p.m. EDT743.20k2.28M10.76B
DOCNDigitalOcean Holdings, Inc.90.35-1.31-1.43%4:00 p.m. EDT904.56k2.25M9.70B
DLBDolby Laboratories, Inc.92.08-0.68-0.73%4:00 p.m. EDT125.42k361.26k9.34B
STSensata Technologies Holding plc56.86-0.14-0.25%4:00 p.m. EDT1.39M783.04k9.01B
CIENCiena Corporation52.95+0.23+0.44%4:00 p.m. EDT500.63k1.05M8.20B
PSFEPaysafe Limited8.03-0.07-0.86%4:00 p.m. EDT5.21M6.91M5.81B
VNTVontier Corporation34.36+0.16+0.47%4:01 p.m. EDT465.52k860.06k5.81B
AYXAlteryx, Inc.75.71+0.10+0.13%4:00 p.m. EDT395.86k863.69k5.09B
COMPCompass, Inc.12.3-0.08-0.65%4:00 p.m. EDT3.21M1.25M4.80B
WNSWNS (Holdings) Limited86.23+2.74+3.28%4:00 p.m. EDT424.30k137.36k4.20B
ETWOE2open Parent Holdings, Inc.11.82+0.28+2.43%4:00 p.m. EDT3.71M2.54M4.02B
SEMRSEMrush Holdings, Inc.24+0.30+1.27%4:00 p.m. EDT156.38k300.04k3.25B
BLNDBlend Labs, Inc.13.89-0.12-0.86%4:00 p.m. EDT305.38k637.49k3.15B
ZUOZuora, Inc.20.48-0.18-0.87%4:00 p.m. EDT722.13k874.87k2.55B
ARRYArray Technologies, Inc.18.66-1.75-8.57%4:00 p.m. EDT5.50M2.81M2.50B