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    5. (4/20/17) #3493XX - 11:10 am - "Adambro" SH
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    8. (4/20/17) #363679 - 5:55 pm - "Blackgold12" SH
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    Current Order Tally:

    • 70,021 total orders over 45 days INCLUDING 4/20/17 (4/20/17 orders were 23,990 for that day alone)
    • 46,031 total orders over 44 days EXCLUDING 4/20
    • Current orders per day = 1,046
  • order #408846
  • From comparing deals, Canopy takes the cake for sure. Canopys all stock deal initial payment of 674,631 shares (roughly $7.2 million) and 490,641 shares upon certain milestones over the next couple years for a total deal payment of roughly 1.1 million shares all said and done VS Auroras deal of $3,020,000 cash and 8.3 million shares, for a total of roughly $20 mil, the dilution just keeps happening for them, but at least this one was a solid pick up for them.
  • just a thought. will lps always be producers and retailers? or will the government take over retail similar to liquor? then lps would become wholesalers. wholesale prices in Colorado have dropped 40% in a year to $1600/lbs or $3500/kg. the more producers that pop up the more the wholesale price will drop closer and closer to the $2/g or so that it costs to produce. my concern is govt takes retail and sure we'll have 600,000kg/yr sales but $2.50/gram to lps and the other $5.50 to the govt retailers. 600,000kg at wholesale of even $3500/kg would only give canopy $420m in sales with 20% market. now if hc increases license approvals we'll have 100lps fighting for 100% of a market. and if wholesale prices drop further say $2000/kg. then we have 100 lps fighting over 600,000kg x $2000 = $1.2b despite there being 600,000kg x $8000 = $4.8b in sales. i suppose thats why the lps who only grow bud and make oil will be left as commodity farmers while the lps who innovate with edibles, drinks, medicine, etc are the ones who will be on top.
  • Hi,
    I had a great tour a Smith Falls.
    The event of their master grower departure was insignificant and non-eventful for them. As a mater of fact they have many skilled grower that are involved in the growing process and receive offers from capable growers daily.
    Future use of Goldman Group is possible however not really active right now. Goldman Group leases the Bedrocan facility to Canopy Growth. There was some talk about possibly their involvement with Germany initiatives. However, details, time line were not mentioned.
    The encapsulator should be coming active "soon" with no further time frame given.
    DIN for capsules still in works with no further conversation or expression about that question. The GMP certification status: they are moving forward on this initiative but no time line or achievements given.
    Yellow oil hit the tweedmainstreet and sold out in very short time frame. 7000 bottles sold.
    The tour group had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Linton. We had a person in the group who had taken a tour some time ago. Bruce had recognized that he had met this person on an investor tour before. I am sure Bruce meets many people in a day. To have him pick this person our and recognize him really impressed me.
    Thanks for the "My Place Restaurant" tip. The food was awesome. No Beer though :(
    It was really interesting to see how they are starting to double stack their growing operations. They are still awaiting HC approval for the top layers.
    Construction workers everywhere! They are working on the inside plant area next door to current indoor operations which I believe has 320 000 square feet. The double stacked growing space will mean there is a lot of weed going to be produced there.
    HC approval of total KG production. This is important. Even though you may have XYZ size of building it does not mean you get to produce as much weed as you wish. HC gives approval for total KG production. Right now Canopy Growth has an operational aggregate of 32 000 KG approval. It does not matter how big your building is people. Keep this in mind when you are looking at future predictions of other LPs based on their stated builds.
  • Nice. Tweed Grasslands product to hit the store soon. another LP making this kind of expansion, production ramp up and product offerings.

  • Weeder back to his spot in the sand. 8
  • Gotta admit, while I am in Weed long and try not to let my emotions be dictated by the inevitable swings in the market, I do get a little spring in my step when there are almost 5% gains in a day.
  • quick pop in
    no surprise here
    one last flush before ER
    look for double bottom here in mid 7s
    also, no surprise cmed is getting flushed too as they release mid june
    crooked pigs squeezing retail for all they are worth before ERs for both weed and cmed
    cdn medical business alone is worth around $6 cdn ( 10x 2017 sales)
    this is now $6.6 ex cash so market is now valuing weeds Intl business and future Rec business at practically zero
    just gotta shake your head and laugh
    but like I have always said, doesn't matter what price is now, what matters is a few years down the road for us long term investors that is

    huge game 7 tonight

    GO SENS !!

  • WHAT?!?? Aurora acquires German Pedanios!
  • Nice...just out from HC. Benefit to Canopy (among other LPs) to be sure given the amount of space they already have at current production facilities to expand into...AND EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!

    "Streamlining the review and approval of applications to modify or expand an existing production facility for licensed producers with a record of good compliance with the ACMPR."

    Statement from Health Canada on Improving the Licensing of Production of Cannabis for Medical Purposes -
    Health Canada is introducing several improvements to its medical cannabis program that aim to streamline the application process for issuing production licenses and enable increased production under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulat
  • Load up on Aurora come Monday they will be dominating Germany
  • Good morning all. Last day of the week. Let's get it. 💪🏽☕️😎
  • Question for Dean
    Any mention of Canopy Rivers while on the tour?
  • Why is Chuck Rifici using this pic with Snoop?

    Pleased to announce the newest member of the @CannabisWheaton Executive Team - Kevin Furet

  • I didn't check the board or the stock once today. Heck I haven't really been paying attention at all save my various news feeds. The weather is great, my local economy is great, business is booming and no negative news on the Canopy front. All good in my world.

    Check in here and it's like Armageddon lol!

    The truth is nothing negative has really changed in the Canopy picture that I am aware of save an increase in short activity and the whole sector is flat to down.

    Long term picture is intact. No other LP has the square footage, harvest or market share of WEED. Not a single other LP has shown anywhere near the ability of Canopy to ramp up production. I could go on but it's the same you have heard a million times. You already know the reality of you dump the emotion.

    If you can't take the heat don't play in the kitchen and just so the ChacenAces condemnations can begin for a few laughs:

    See the forest not the trees. The forest is actually growing regardless of the current downtrend.

  • hate Motley Fool, writing negative article on this stock every single day, especially it comes out when stock is moving upwards. they must be short on this one, for doing this so aggressively
  • How long will this industry be red for? I can't imagine with tons of companies out there available to manipulate, why is this one happening for so long? With all the good news about legislation occurring after February, why are we looking at such a downtrend when even back in December it occurred but recovered relatively shortly. Aside from assuming it's institutions that are driving the price down, there has to be some other logical unbiased thought. I'm all for the watch for the forest not trees. But when money is tied up for a negative swing this long. when the share price is down by nearly 40% since feb with no news but positive news.... It's #$%$
  • Going to visit low $7s again , dropped over 40% since March, woo!
  • How I feel since I bought in