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    For more than a year now, the original COVID-19 vaccines have held up remarkably well — even miraculously so — against a Greek alphabet of new variants: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta.

    But now experts say something is changing. Since the start of 2022, the initial version of Omicron, known as BA.1, has been spinning off new sublineages — BA.2, BA.2.12.1, BA.4, BA.5 — at an alarming pace.

    Earlier variants did this too. But it never really mattered, because their offshoots “had no functional consequence,” according to Eric Topol, founder of Scripps Research Translational Institute. “They did not increase transmissibility or pathogenicity.”

    Today’s rapidly proliferating Omicron mutants are different, however. They all have one worrisome trait in common: They’re getting better and better at sidestepping immunity and sickening people who were previously shielded by vaccination or prior infection.

    The virus, in other words, is now evolving faster — and in a more consequential way — than ever before. Given the increasing speed of immune evasion — and what this pattern portends for the future — experts warn that the time has come to rethink our reliance on the vaccine status quo and double down on next-generation vaccines that can actually stop infection.
    “As difficult it is to mentally confront, we must plan on something worse than Omicron in the months ahead,” Topol wrote on May 15. “We absolutely need an aggressive stance to get ahead of the virus — for the first time since the pandemic began — instead of surrendering.”

    The brewing storm of BA sublineages isn’t all bad news. COVID cases have been rising nationwide since the beginning of April, nearly quadrupling over the last six weeks to more than 90,000 per day, on average. Yet both COVID deaths (about 300 per day) and ICU patients (about 2,000 total) are still at or approaching record lows — even though other countries with bigger gaps in previous exposure or vaccination have been hit hard, and even though new research shows that Omicron and its spin-offs are not, in fact, intrinsically less severe or deadly than prior variants, contrary to early assumptions.

    Clearly, existing immunity is still valuable. Along with new therapeutics like Paxlovid, it’s the major factor that makes 2022 different, and much less deadly, than 2021 or 2020.

    A skeptic might say that’s all that matters. A low rate of death and severe disease? Mission accomplished, the argument goes. COVID really is no worse than the flu now. Americans are right to unmask and return to normal.

    The problem with this approach is that it ignores the virus’s new direction — and what science can do to redirect it. It succumbs to a complacency that could, in time, become deadly itself.

    Just a few months ago, it was possible to believe COVID was running out of steam. Fresh off a massive winter BA.1 wave, the world was flooded with new antibodies, which seemed to slow the next version of Omicron, BA.2, to a crawl. It felt like the beginning of the end: the first big step toward endemicity, or a less dangerous, disruptive and predictable coexistence with COVID. Like the flu.

    But the near-simultaneous — and near-immediate — emergence of BA.2.12.1, BA.4 and BA.5 has upended those expectations. All three strains share several mutations with BA.2, but they also boast additional alterations in a key amino acid called L452, which may help explain why all three dodge immunity so well. As Gretchen Vogel of Science magazine explained in a recent story titled “New versions of Omicron are masters of immune evasion,” “L452 is part of the receptor-binding domain, the part of the spike protein that locks onto cells, enabling infection. The domain is also a key target for protective antibodies.”

    The disturbing thing about these L452 mutations is that they didn’t just happen to one strain in one place. They occurred in at least four different sublineages in four different countries, all at the same time: Belgium, France, South Africa and the U.S. (specifically New York). This strongly suggests that the mutations weren’t random, but rather a Darwinian adaptation meant to help the virus sidestep the very thing that seemed to be keeping cases low in the first place: the huge amounts of Omicron immunity generated over the winter.

    “The independent appearance of four different mutations at the same site? That’s not normal,” immunologist Yunlong Richard Cao of Peking University told Science magazine. Already, Omicron and its descendants “should be called SARS-3,” added Linfa Wang, a bat coronavirus researcher at the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore — an entirely distinct virus.

    And the fact that the virus responded this way once suggests that it can keep responding the same way in the future.
    “We can be certain that [future variants will] continue to be more and more capable of immune escape,” explained Kristian Andersen, who studies viral evolution at Scripps Research.

    (the article goes on, link below in comments)
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    I'm going to say this just once. Vaxart is not about the Stock Price or the amount of money on hand or the interest rates for additional funding, or the dilution from selling more shares to the public. VXRT is about whether the data will support the "Grail" of the VAAST oral delivery system to the Mucosal System of the Body, giving it protection and protecting others from transmission while you are fighting off the targeted Virus. I want this for myself, my Family and Friends, and all of you. Take Care and keep your good habits.
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    David Disano
    Just so you know....

    The short interest has remained steady at 18.6%
    Days to cover has dropped to just under 6 days.

    Do with this what you will
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    Happy Monday morning. Let see Vaxart break 4.00 today. I have faith in their Oral Pill Pipeline making progress on Corvid-19, Norovirus, Flu, etc.
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    So anyone know what the Proxy number "14 to 16 digits" is so I can Vote on line please?
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    Is there anything to this?

    Friday, 5:35 pm ET May 13, 2022

    Investigating Potential Claims On Behalf of Investors of Vaxart, Inc. (VXRT)

    Gainey McKenna & Egleston announces that it is investigating whether the directors and/or officers of Vaxart, Inc. ("Vaxart" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: VXRT) breached their fiduciary duties of loyalty, good faith and candor and whether the Company suffered substantial harm as a result.

    According to a complaint filed by investors in the securities of the Company, Defendants amended controlling shareholder Armistice's existing warrant agreements, allowing Armistice to exercise all of its warrants immediately and sell 27.6 million Vaxart shares, reaping profits of approximately $200 million. The complaint also alleges that Defendants also issued millions of dollars in favorable stock options to Vaxart's most senior executives.

    On July 25, 2020, The New York Times published an article entitled, "Corporate Insiders Pocket $1 Billion in Rush for Coronavirus Vaccine," covering suspiciously timed stock bets that had generated significant profits for senior executives and board members at companies developing vaccines and treatments. Vaxart was featured prominently in the article, and it clarified "Vaxart is not among the companies selected to receive significant financial support from Warp Speed." In response to this news, the price of Vaxart shares dropped sharply, injuring investors.
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    I understand the need to raise money to continue trials. They can dilute with shares, find a partner, or look for grants. Dilution and partnering will cost share holders half of our profits long term. They are asking us to approve dilution without giving us results from current trials. Doesn't feel above board. I'm currently long with all my shares, but the talk of dilution will only drive SP down and hold it there. Why would anyone want to buy more shares now, knowing 100% dilution is coming? if anything that would encourage me to sell, and buy back later after dilution has reduced SP even further. I think, in the best interest of shareholders, VXRT should continue trials taking on debt and looking for grants. Small biotechnology are always a gamble. If they fail, we lose regardless of how they got there. If they succeed I would rather have full compensation for the time I've supported them, than get half while new investors will be fully compensated. Just my 2 cents. If they want my support, I need whatever results they currently have. Transparency.
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    I hate to say this (not really) but I’ve done a complete 180 on this and believe the George method of swing trading is the only viable way to make money off this stock
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    all in
    Polls on how high this will go today.
    The one who is closest at closing will be considered the VXRT Guru for a month.
    Now, be realistic.
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    Data from COVID-19 Phase II study and norovirus Phase IB study are expected in 2022.

    Ended the 1st Quarter with $157.0 million in cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities.

    Over the last 12 months, VXRT stock dropped by -58.06%. The one-year Vaxart Inc. stock forecast points to a potential upside of 76.47. The average equity rating for VXRT stock is currently 2.00, trading closer to a bullish pattern in the stock market.
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    David Disano
    From WFLX in Florida May 16,2022

    Florida passes 6 million coronaviruses cases.

    Florida became the 3rd State in the nation to pass 6 million coronaviruses cases, taking 120 days to add more than one million on Saturday with daily increase 5,364 posted Monday by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.
    The death toll is 74,239.
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    Black rock increased its position yesterday by 99+%
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    Vaxart press release was positive and gave an accurate timeline of where the company stands and future expectations. They are not going to release unsubstantiated expectations for PR reasons especially with potential law suits lingering on alleged misrepresented expectations with OWS. We all know these phase trials take time and shorts make it look like grocery shopping in a weekend. Be patient and remember COVID is going to be around for a long time. I would not be surprised when Vaxart produces some highly anticipated positive end results that an Elon Musk Twitter like events occurs with a large pharmaceutical company. Large companies are still heavily invested in Vaxart so smile be happy and patient.
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    Just voted against most of the directors and a no on the expansion of stock offering. Better off to force a sale of the company now since there seems no sense of true guidance with partnering with another company or other avenues explored. It is time to force a new direction.
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    Longs are angry today - I get it and surely understand why. However, I don't see jumping ship if you truly believe in your DD. if so, then the long hold has now become even longer. Remember that All in/Double Down was on the money in saying days ago that we would hit 2s if p2a timeline got pushed to 2H. Also note JDub's reference to The Hill blog post written by Andrei and 2 others prior to the earnings report. Vent your anger today but NEVER make big decision based on emotion. Sit back and think things through logically; if still not convinced to hold then sell and take the tax write off. Otherwise, be prepared to continue to be patient. And as @anestf2go said earlier, we are still due for noro results this quarter, which is at least something.
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    Well I officially have no Short position on Vaxart right now.
    HEres why. (Pay attention longs, this is why you really should try swing trading)

    TOmorrow is jobs day. The market ALWAYS reacts to jobs day. I think (this is called "Following logic opinion" that with the current administration unable to garner any REAL heat of distraction with the overturning (Presumably) of roe V wade, and the general public continuing to focus on the admins short comings... I Believe the job numbers will be HEAVILY Promoted as a win (Notice the numbers have never really mattered its how they describe the numbers) and this will swing up on the day. watching AH this evening and PM in the morning heavily for my entry
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    all in
    All big shots are increasing their holdings.
    As of today, institutional investors own more than 50%!
    Institutional Shares (Long) 63,434,652 - 50.17% (ex 13D/G)