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    The lawsuit has been resolved;

    For the foregoing reasons, the motions to dismiss by the Vaxart Defendants
    and the Armistice Defendants are granted as to Counts I, IV and V. The court
    requests supplemental briefing and submission of documents cited in the Complaint,
    which will be detailed in a separate letter to the parties. It is so ordered."
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    I'm not a scientist nor do I have any specialized education but; if Vaxart has positive P2 results - would that alone prove the VAAST platform works? Regardless of our vaccines actual efficacy, wouldn't the pill platform be proven? It could have 100% efficacy or 40% efficacy - only the vaccine would need more development, not VAAST. Am I correct in thinking this way?
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    A little more analysis about the Omicron Variant. The recent market turmoil caused by the emergence of the omicron virus strain may offer investors a chance to position for a trend reversal in reopening and commodity trades, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.

    While it is likely that omicron is more transmissible, early reports suggest it may also be less deadly, which would fit into the pattern of virus evolution observed historically, strategists Marko Kolanovic and Bram Kaplan wrote in a note Wednesday. This might ultimately be a positive for risk markets because it could signal that the end of the pandemic is in sight, they said.

    “Omicron could be a catalyst for steepening (not flattening) the yield curve, rotation from growth to value, selloff in Covid and lockdown beneficiaries and rally in reopening themes,” the strategists said. “We view the recent selloff in these segments as an opportunity to buy the dip in cyclicals, commodities and reopening themes, and to position for higher bond yields and steepening.”

    The emergence of the new virus strain has roiled markets in recent days, with countries around the world stepping up travel restrictions. While some health officials said it could take weeks to reach a verdict, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said there is no indication that it is more deadly than other strains.

    Kolanovic, who became JPMorgan’s chief global markets strategist earlier this year, has advocated reopening trades and defended value stocks as the pandemic has evolved. He has also argued that markets overreacted to the threat of the delta variant.

    It would fit with historical patterns for a less severe and more transmissible virus to quickly crowd out more severe variants, which could turn omicron into a catalyst to transform a deadly pandemic into something more akin to seasonal flu, the JPMorgan strategists wrote in the Wednesday note.
    “If that scenario were to happen, instead of skipping two letters and naming it omicron, the WHO could have skipped all the way to omega,” -- the last letter of the Greek alphabet -- the strategists said.
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    Saul Goodman
    SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Dec. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vaxart, Inc. (NASDAQ: VXRT) has entered into an agreement with Kindred Bioscience, Inc. (“KindredBio”) for the purchase of KindredBio’s manufacturing equipment and sublease of its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturing facility in Burlingame, California, giving Vaxart control of its second GMP manufacturing facility.
    The transaction closed Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021, and Vaxart expects the facility to be operational for GMP production in Q1 2022.

    “This acquisition gives us greater flexibility to manage our manufacturing needs by allowing Vaxart to exercise more control over our quality control program and the timing of our manufacturing activities,” said Andrei Floroiu, Vaxart’s Chief Executive Officer.
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    @David Disano I dont own a single share of SRNE never have.

    But i do know that you said you were up $20,000 when vaxart was at 9.75 basic math says that means youre average is 8.75 . Remember when i copy and pasted your post because you said you never said it? and then low and behold you went back and deleted the comment? This board remembers. That means as of right now. You not only gave back your 20 k profit, but now youre out an additional 40 grand of your own money. I know youre not worried because you dont ACTUALLY have 20 K shares.

    Remember on WKHS you claimed to buy at 20 and claimed to be buying the gift all the way down to 10 (When i came in and shorted it and made 30 grand in 3 weeks) youre down at LEAST 50% in the red on that one.

    TRME remember you said you were averaged at 2.85? Whats it at right now a buck 60?

    See david, I do this thing called "Paying attention" You clearly dont becasue you still think Ive ever bought SRNE (Thats ohioken BTW, and i think CLarissaTV)
    I also do a completely foreign concept to you called "Making Money" Money in my pocket right now. Not ifs.. and gonnas. and youll sees... money right now in my pocket, and I've made more than youve lied about.
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    “This acquisition gives us greater flexibility to manage our manufacturing needs by allowing Vaxart to exercise more control over our quality control program and the timing of our manufacturing activities,” said Andrei Floroiu, Vaxart’s Chief Executive Officer.
    “Vaxart is developing not only COVID-19 oral tablet and norovirus vaccines but also oral tablet vaccines for other diseases using our proprietary delivery platform. With this second plant, we expect to have the clinical-scale manufacturing capacity necessary to rapidly develop our multiple programs in parallel
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    Wondering if they have acquired manufacturing facility in preparation for seeking FDA approval of possible emergency use authorization to sell their vaccine once they have adequate data. Having the proper manufacturing in place is an FDA requirement, and perhaps they are trying to get the manufacturing piece of the application in order for required FDA inspection. Does this make sense?
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    Vaxart has been working on a pill vsccines long before covid ,there is a need for their technology.There are many people that do not like needles the market is very large .
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    You don't just simply invest in manufacturing facilities unless there is a solid ROI projected...
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    Read the judgment, lawsuit isn't settled yet. I would have preferred that Armistice pay for their tricks (counts IV and V in the suit) but it seems they managed to convince Vaxart directors to take the fall. Key points (counts II and III about directors' unjust enrichment and failure to disclose OWS funding) against the directors are pending more info.

    I honestly don't care about the suit unless Vaxart has to pay for the bad publicity. The directors are just there to enrich themselves so they deserve to lose. The whole company relies on Sean Tucker, everyone else is disposable.
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    Apparently some on this board think if you buy 20 shares of a stock thats the entire trade. no thats YOUR entire trade. every block sale is a minimum of 100 shares (Thats why you never see anything on the daily trader of less than 100)
    How is this done? When you ask your broker to buy you 20 shares of stock he says you bet. and then pools your 20 shares with 1 2 or even 10 other people buying to get that 100 block. Thats why when you make a trade ATM the broker usually says something to the effect of "Let me lock in that trade for you and get you a direct confirmation"
    Now. WHen you use robin hood. Your purchases are NOT ATM, you are buying from Robinhood. Who usually owns enough shares to TRANSFER them to you usually at a penny more than the actual market price.
    IF they dont have them they talk to a third party broker and get them. and then transfer them to you (Thats why if your a webull, krakken, robin hood trader... NO mater what you set your sell limits at.... I can still borrow you shares... Because you dont actually have them, robinhood, webull, or krakken does. and they get paid a percentage by me to borrow your shares.

    THis is why Davids claim of 17 of first 20 trades at open today being 100 shares are clearly short sellers... is likely incorrect. and more likely that Retailers with less than 100 shares, are dumping in fear.
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    Omicron is a Variant of Concern, promoted by the Fraudsters. The Pandemic is transforming to an endemic in the US and now it is time to help the rest of the World with Mucosal based Covid -19 Pills, and to help ourselves to reduce the threat to ourselves. There are many more viral threats that Vaxart's VAAST Platform can focus on with the help of Investors and World Wide Vaccine Organizations. VXRT is a very Strong Buy below $10.00. Take care all.
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    I am no PR expert but if big pharma can say" we should have an omicron vaccine by March, etc, etc " (when in actuality it is a therapeutic in character) why cant VXRT start a PR campaign discussing the merit of VAAST and how they may have a real vaccine by end of 2022... (if they seriously go after it)...
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    God Bless America
    Producing a Covid vaccine as a pill is not an easy task. This URL talks about Merck's experience with it: Only 30% efficiency. I am saying this to say that Vaxart is on the right pass, albeit I wish they are little faster and more knowledge sharing. I have been holding this stock for almost 2 years, and made good money on it. My belief is that they don't have enough funding to get this to the finish line. Personally, I am not running out of patience.
    Merck said on Friday that its anti-Covid pill was found to be 20% less effective in a final analysis of a clinical trial.
    Merck said on Friday that its anti-Covid pill was found to be 20% less effective in a final analysis of a clinical trial.
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    [ As the day ends... ]
    I won't recommend you to buy at 7.50-8.00 unless the situation changes, i.e. positive P2a result.
    Around 6.75 is the comfort baseline, so it's up to you.
    6.50's & 6.60's are screaming buys!!!
    Use it if you're trading a certain portion of your shares.
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    When you think everything is Vaxart-specific... just look at this 1 month chart and you will feel better. Enjoy these low prices.
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    the positive announcement isnt getting a positive responses because investors don't trust management...the run up is coming once people see why management is positioning itself...more news is coming to provide a clear explaination of why they are getting set to produce/manufacture product...the real news will be about Buy out...Jnj will soon pop up with investment money from the newly spun off one is talking about the 90 day option Jnj has had on vxrt which was to exercise within 90 days after the start of phase 2
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    Vaxart Announces Acquisition of Second GMP Manufacturing Facility
    December 1, 2021 at 8:00 AM EST
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    [ Proactive Long Strategy ]
    Remember this?
    "Will new support be made after the news? Probably, at least for a while.
    But not at the peak level for sure. I'm guessing it to be low to mid 7's."

    A variable just added to the trend yesterday, the NHP publication needs a few more days(2-5 days), which added another opportunity. Here is the modified plan:
    - PPS will linger between 7.50 and 7.75 till the publication
    - I expect another touch of low 8 when the publication hits
    - Settle back to mid to low 7 till the next catalyst (~10% swing)

    What are the next catalysts (impact to SP) in December besides the NHP publication?
    - P1b trial starts in India (low)
    - Postponed lawsuit case (low)

    Q1/2022 is the time; P2a result/P2b announcement, norovirus P1b result/P2 announcement, and more.

    The goal of the proactive longs is to strategically increase their holdings into Q1/2022.

    For passive longs, take a break for a month and come back in exciting January 2022.
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    Monday, November 29, 2021
    A few " possible Disruptor stocks" under $10 and $20 on my Watch List: (VXRT, INO, FSR and Ford)

    Market Talk

    I've been circumspect about the overall market with favoring small positions in gold and silver. However, while cautious with the market bouncing off all-time highs - there are certain happenings and trends that seem to be here to stay. With this in mind, I am watching a few stocks of interest.

    Stock Talk

    Two under $10 stocks:

    There is a new highly contagious C19 strain identified from South Africa and it has already spread to Botswana and Hong Kong. Actually, a new variant tagged as B.1.1.529, now named Omnicron. There are troubling things about this particular bug. It is reported to have evolved to 30 new mutations of the spike protein that current mRNA vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna target.

    Two spec stocks in the vaccine space that could be the next generation of protection are Vaxart (VXRT) and Inovio (INO). Each have novel attributes.

    Vaxart offers an Oral Tablet that dissolves in the mucous of the lower bowel. Covid 19 is transmitted via mucus droplets and takes hold in the mucous. Some believe this gives the Vaxart tablet an advantage. The counter argument is that VXRT is behind in the timeline of clinical trials and still needs more proving.

    Inovio is starting the final Phase 3 clinical trial after the FDA put a hold on it due to questions on the device planned to adminisier the vaccine. That hold seemed heavy handed to this observer and raised questions of the FDA intentionally manipulating a delay so that their favored mRNA vaccines had the advantage.

    Both VXRT and INO stock currently trade in the $ 7's range. With the emergence of Omnicron that seems to rapidly mutate the C19 spike Protein, it seems that the door may be open to both VXRT and INO stock to gain traction if further data proves that neutralizing antibodies and T cell immunity is triggered. Both the current mRNA vaccines offered by Pfizer and Moderna so far have NOT been shown to provide durable long-lasting protections. That is why boosters are being called for. However, early data from both Vaxart and Inovio vaccines seem to trigger the important T cell immunity that may be longer lasting for years, even a lifetime. For these reasons, it leaves me pondering if Vaxart's tablet vaccine and Inovio's vaccine (dna) could both be on the table as next generation vaccines with more robust attributes over existing vaccines. This would classify Vaxart and Inovio as possible disruptors. As a stock watcher the risk is the time and thus resources to actually prove and get to market.

    A tablet vaccine has compelling advantages if it is proven to provide safe and effective long-lasting T cell protections. That has NOT yet been shown by Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines.

    Two under $20 stocks:

    Two possible disruptor stocks are in the electric vehicle (ev) apace are:

    Fisker (FSR) - the planned ev's in 2022 look very interesting with a solar panel on the roof and carpets made from recycles plastic bottles from the sea. Two ranges of electric vehicles, both respectable, are planned and the co has an interesting and economical manufacturing plan to possibly overcome some of the obstacles hampering new comers in the ev space.

    Ford (F) is implementing and manufacturing their Mustang and F 150 and orders are reported to reflect high demand

    In summary, the market seems like a dicey proposition lately. If buying any stock, I suggest thinking "some", not "too much". In spec stocks, keep some dry powder and re-evaluate the positions as time goes on.

    ALL in my humble opinion, scroll down and read more..

    This site does NOT make Buy / Sell recommendations.
    Posted by Spider j jones StockstoWatch