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4.6200-0.1750 (-3.65%)
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    Still holding all of my Vaxart shares at a cost of $8.06 each.

    In time time the market will ascend again.

    Be patient, I expect Vaxart to start communicating better which in due time will tell us more and bolster the stock price!

    Please be patient, objective and not emotional and you will do well!
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    What should investors do?
    The best strategy during downturns may be no strategy at all, but it all depends on your risk tolerance and your time horizon. “Doing nothing is often the best strategy.”
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    A new Vaxart post on LinkedIn:
    Axios on the need for a new, efficient and focused effort on different methods to address COVID-19. Top D.C. health officials now affirm what Vaxart has been saying all along: “we also need new vaccines that are delivered differently, such as orally or via absorption through the skin, and that don't require cold-chain storage.
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    SRNE just announced a PO of 10M test kits and it's down ~12%. SRNE has $200M debt which is a terrible situation when the interest rate goes up.
    This is a busy week of corporate earnings results, economic data and a Federal Reserve monetary policy-setting meeting. Nothing matters this week, except for the market trend...
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    I refuse to be panicked into selling for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the company. I would hope that all other dedicated longs feel the same way
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    Wall Street was deep in the red again Monday as investors feared the Federal Reserve's plans to hike interest rates will eat into corporate profits. The tensions in Ukraine, earnings season and — of course — inflation weren't helping, either.
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    Vaxart posted this on the LinkedIn site. Any hints they are trying to give the investors?

    Check out this article from Axios on the need for a new, efficient and focused effort on different methods to address COVID-19. Top D.C. health officials now affirm what Vaxart has been saying all along: “we also need new vaccines that are delivered differently, such as orally or via absorption through the skin, and that don't require cold-chain storage. These could help immensely with global vaccination.”
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    Someone(s) dropped over $3M on over 700k shares just before the bell, so likely a large institutional…
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    I have a trade still pending for April call options. Meaning? Nobody believes this is a long term issue.
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    Most T cell response (activation of both T helper CD4 and T killer CD8 ) memory cells is in VXRT upto 17 years of calculated protection with their initial phase 1 result against S & N protein, media misguided investors and a year ago even science couldn't recognize the importance of T cells, now studies acknowledged the T cell activation and response can give cellular level of long immunity against coronaviruses. In my opinion this can even make human races resiliant to pan coronaviruses, possible several others in their pipeline as such vaccines for Influenza, Norovirus and HPV. US Govt should approve for fast trials with VXRT for a booster and save the world from further pandemics. The whole covid market and media trashed a year ago VXRT findings, the day is close for the recognition, there won't be another choices for fast IgA activation in mucosal level antibodies along T cell activation with cellular immunity which occupies in our mouth, nose, throat, bronchi, alveoli, intestine, #$%$ and #$%$ life long. So no more coronaviruses shedding, though VXRT true vaccination mankind may acure herd immunity. Yes we need IGG neutralizing floating antibodies in the blood stream, once we lose our mucosal protection, then the coronaviruses may enter to blood stream where we need IGG neutralizing antibody which is second line protection which we already obtains though MRNA vaccines, J & J or even with Novavax but these vaccines are not protecting us from the infection and replication of coronaviruses. Without mucosal immunity these coronaviruses will never leave human host. This pandemic is not going away with current vaccines, further genetic changes may lead to devastating consequences. When the SARS-CoV-2 virus enters the human body (blood stream), it breaks into cells with the help of two proteins that it finds there, ACE2 and TMPRSS2. While there has been much discussion of viral infection in gut and lung cells, researchers have dug into massive gene expression datasets to show that other potential target cells also producing ACE2 and TMPRSS2 are scattered throughout the body?including in the heart, bladder, pancreas, kidney, and nose. There are even some in the eye and brain.Pls review this Lancet publication.
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    already quite obvious - the whole pre-market significantly down again - Vaxart getting drubbed - it's going to take quite a while for them to recover the losses they've suffered in the last few weeks - wish I had a crystal ball - would have sold a couple of weeks to a month ago and bought back at these bargain prices
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    We the North
    Today's panel discussion hosted by Ron Johnson.... many high profile medical experts...see what they say is wrong with mrna vaccines, the corruption in the FDA, BP, etc...5 hour video but very educational...
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    OK, the Data now supports the view that we are not going to stop the spread of Covid-19 through the ramping of IGg Antibodies systematically.  We also know, through Data that targeting the ramping of IGg Antibodies causes the body to produce fewer T-Cells as well as far fewer IGa Antibodies in the Mucosa.  Vaxart's Mucosal Pill Vaccine induces a huge T-cell response, far greater than any of the injectables.  All this data is confirming the cross reactiveness and cross protection from Vaxart's Mucosal S+N Vaccine and its initial Phase-1 Report, last February 2021.  The initial Media Reports and Market Manipulations are about to be reversed as Vaxart's Mucosal Vaccine becomes validated and confirmed.  The CDC and Fauci are both pushing T-Cell importance to the public and making it very likely for a FDA Fast Tracking of Vaxart's Plug and Play Pill Vaccine.   Vaxart is about to explode higher once this correction is behind us and News is released.  Today many Shorts became Longs.  Take care and keep your good habits, stay focused.
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    If you didn't sell. You haven't lost anything. Great pipeline. Great things to come.
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    The large amount of naysayers here along with the obvious algo bots trading Vaxart today give me a good feeling of manipulation. Longs should reverse this psychology and use it as a gift. I did.
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    David Disano
    Ya know whats REALLY nice.
    The mute button.
    It really is.
    I get BS responses I dont have to read.
    I dont see posts with no facts, figures or analysis.
    Or mind-numbing posts that can bearly compose a sentence except "ummmmm its going down yeah thats it".
    Or even just as popular bash the poster. Which is also so very convincing.
    Cause you see guys if you had anything relevant to say id listen.
    And so would others.
    Mindless rivel doesnt count.
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    Indrid Cold
    Hello again. Was away for a few months because of health reasons. I had Coronavirus some time ago and roughed it out. Also tested positive for Delta and roughed that out as well. Don't know if I had Omicron because I didn't get tested for it, but I just felt lousy. I cannot take the garbage vaccines that are out there because of a Factor 5 deficiency, which makes me more susceptible to blood clots. Anyway, feeling pretty good now and picked up another 7K between Friday and today to add to my existing 5K. So, how is everyone doing? Crazy market lately, but a good bounce back at the end of day.
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    * Smart Money Today *
    Shorts: Covered for profits
    Longs: Bought for a long hold
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    Vaxart currently has 99 employees and their website shows 41 open positions. That's 140 positions when filled, an increase by almost 1000% in less than 2 years. What is the logical reason for this kind of hiring? To bring product to market as quickly as possible. **this information is attributable to timedentry on ST**
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    We are in the correction mode. Market is down, all the indexes are Red. It isn't only VXRT down. When the correction is done, VXRT will recover quickly. Don't be panicky, don't sell your stakes... Everything will be OK..