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United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC)

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6.96-0.15 (-2.11%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
7.02 +0.06 (+0.86%)
After hours: 07:07PM EDT

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  • C
    what if china invades taiwan
  • S
    Back up around $12 next month
  • H
    record monthly revenue + production at 100% into 2023. unless the world crashes this is a safe stock.
  • J
    It's a wonder no one buys it up.
  • S
    Doncha get tired of all the chicken littles all the time ragging on UMC when it is the one chip company that is careful and successful and sitting on billions in cash. It is almost as if other chip companies and brokers and hedge funds are jealous and want to drag UMC down with their failures. Oh, but that can't be happening, can it?
  • A
    can this stock back to 10 $ soon !?
  • T
    Tripy Ran
    great report
  • C
    Keep buying it anytime it dips below 6.50 share price.
  • P
    Quarterly earnings come out on the 26th. and it looks like UMC should easily beat analysts expectations. For Q2, looks like UMC will do about $2.58 billion in revenue, expecting around .35-.36 eps. Analysts expecting $2.3 billion in revenue and .30 eps. Q3 estimates by management will be key. If UMC can continue this 40% YoY growth rate, the share price should move up accordingly. Not expecting miracles here, but UMC is currently way undervalued. Should easil be around 13-14 a share, and thats still a steep discount to its growth rate.
  • P
    Well, there has now been 3 semi companies that have reported for Q2 that I know of, TSM, NXP, and TXN. All beat on the top and bottom lines, all gave higher than analyst estimates for Q3. Knowing the monthly sales numbers that UMC posts every month, I have no doubts of top and bottom line beats tomorrow and continued 100% capacity run-rates at their fabs for the foreseeable future.
    If a possible conflict between China and Taiwan is what is holding back the share price of UMC, I think that there are people out there with an agenda. A possible China/Taiwan conflict, to me, wouldn't be the same thing as the Ukraine/Russia conflict. I would hope that the U.S. would come to Taiwan's defense. The U.S. and Europe should have put troops in Ukraine as a defensive posture before the russian invasion, then dared putin to invade. I don't think he would have. I don't think he would have wanted World War 3. I don't think China wants a world war 3 either.
  • S
    What will happen if UMC blows the lid off of estimates and gives great guidance for next quarter and all next year? Will the short selling hedge funds and brokers all run wailing and crying to halt trading so they can cover??
  • S
    UMC is NOT one of the other dozen or so loser chip stocks. It is sitting on billions of dollars in CASH. It is successful and is building new fabrication plants in Singapore. So, why is Congress going to award 35 billion of our tax dollars to loser companies like intel which lost billions the last few years and has no fabrication plants. But somehow they are going to build a plant in Ohio. Something stinks in Washington, DC.
  • R
    I just starting looking at UMC and it seems so undervalued. The stock price makes no sense to me.
  • J
    Does anyone know for sure if UMC will pursue to benefit from the Semiconductor Bill?
  • D
    Digital Turmoil
    Nice dividends !!!
  • G
    6/3/2022 annual $0.2866 7.1% 6/21/2022 6/22/2022 7/21/2022

    Anyone get above rate of dividend on 7/21/2022? I got dividend on rate of $0.25 %, not sure why? anyone can explain it?
  • S
    Did you see where China has slowed sand shipments to Taiwan where TSM and UMC use them for semiconductor manufacturing. Talk about shooting yourself in your own feet, China. (China buys
    semiconductors from UMC) UMC, come on over to US and build fab plants here. I am sure we have whatever kind of sand you need.
  • t
    tell it like it is1
    If you want a stock to hold within the semi conductor field this is the one , No doubt in my mind that this fire sale stock price will triple /quadruple and more within the next year ! Almost every single market that makes electronics or cars or TVs or just about anything that works off of micro chip including the smoke detectors in your house !UMC is Cheap and has profited every single month as you can see on their disclosure on their own home site when you click on investors , you will see just how fast they are growing each month and each quarter which is really amazing and a great place to safely park some cash for a while ! Everyone needs these chips and theirs not enough manufacturers to go around so they all are kept busy pumpin out semi's ! When looking for company's like this i tend to want a bargain so i can reap the rewards from my investment even if it means holding onto them for a few years , i believe this stock will not need a few years in order to double and triple and at these prices I'm all in and feel safe behind a company with such great numbers ! Buy it while it's cheap !GLTA
  • k
    kactus jack
    New management needed! This management is driving stock price into the ground.
  • S
    UMC reports earnings on July 27 BMO. It constantly amazes me how well this company is doing when it tells us its revenue for the previous month and year. And yet, it amazes me that the company allows daily shorting by hedge funds and brokers to steal equity from investors instead of taking control of stocks by recording trades by whomever and how many shares bought and sold by that trader just as it does on ex-dividend dates.