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Under Armour, Inc. (UA)

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  • m
    buy and hold
  • m
    buy and HOLD,
    That's what I do
  • W
    How can the Board remain after the disaster of hiring Patrik Frisk? This brand will take years to recover, imo, if at all. And the Board skates? It was their decision to bring in this guy. Where was the governance? Accountability. Shareholders suffer and their are no consequences.
  • h
    Took my first position in this today 8.90 a number of reasons have 2 teen boys and here in UK UA is huge they only wear it as do I myself. It’s on trend and affordable compared to Nike. We heading for major credit crunch but kids won’t stop growing or wanting to look good in recession times value always wins out over premium for the masses
  • m
    Ended the short sale, it's time to raise it to $100, under armor is the best
  • J
    Some one trade 20mil shares @6:30 pm total trade 53mil today,anyone know what’s going on?
  • G
    I am so tired of UA doing nothing all day. Can you move??? I have been reading ( for a month now and the stocks there actually go!
  • r
    My message from about 6 hours ago
    Sub-8$ not going to stay this low.
    Take notice: UA and BIOL are buys. Hold into 2023.
  • a
    Just bought back again and will sell at 10.50. It took me less than 3 weeks to gain 2.50 a share 💵💵💵💵. We don’t need to be long to make money with this crazy market condition
  • J
    Cut the work force they hired to many high paying jobs that they don’t need, one good sign is everyone is negative about UA
  • J
    Hummmm Insiders buying David Gibbs purchase 50.000 shares @9.50$
  • J
    Plank is back in charge, from people inside the building. The feeling is he wants the brand relevant again. Frisk had no feel for building a brand, but got the biz operating better. If Plank can take 25% from Frisk and then go back and get it humming again from a brand perspective, it could get good.
  • J
    No news about Curry wining MVP no one is talking about Curry representing UAA shoes management you socks put out PR capitalize on winning MVP
  • M
    It seems hard to know if UA has hit bottom and will tick up, however many analysts are suggesting strong resistance due to UA supply chain issues. At expected slow growth it many be a few years or longer for UA to get back to $16 - $20 SP.
    I think UA should seriously look to merge with a stronger competitor whether Nike or someone else. The bigger companies are sitting on tons of cash. UA has a great logo and following, however has struggled from bad business decisions and wasted a ton of cash paying schools and athletes to wear their brand.
    If they sell the brand doesn’t go away they just have deeper pockets to grow the brand.
  • e
    Dunno what they do wrong, but am from Europe and gymnasts in my 5star gym buy #$%$60 T-shirts from this brand, UAA must be doing sth right in their marketing & prob lacking in many other areas of their biz, as per readinds?& there were another 3-4 punters (out of a total of 10) within the hour in the gym, wearing original apparel from this brand?if they maintain customer perceptions & improve other areas of their business, I believe they will thrive?
  • J
    Steve curry won championship. That was the reason how I got in on last 2 week. Still at a loss tho, tiny positions
  • r
    2:15 pm 06/23 $7.90 --- do not go all in
  • U
    Cheap up-chuck.

    Cut the marketing costs.

    See EPS rise.

    Continue buying back shares.

    And raise your prices !
  • A
    Stock has taken a serious hit. There are so many strong CEO's outthere, and I bet they will find someone to take UA the next step ant to a higher level. The company has improved during the last couple of years - no doubt about that, But turnarounds don't happen overnight, and it might take a few years to consolidate a growth model. However its an easy buy at these levels.
  • A
    A J
    Great entry point for longs. 10k shares added