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    I'm not sure what more you could ask from a company. Solid profits, controlled growth, forward planning CEO and board, all on the verge of a nationalization of a product that will produce a gigantic revenue stream. Wait until the uplist happens. Patience my fellow investors.
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    Puff Daddy
    It’s Been A Couple Days Let’s Open Another TRULIEVE Dispensary #76 In Clearwater, Florida. Will Be The 6th Store To Open In 2021 And #81 To Open Nationally
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    America First
    Something uuuge is going on with MSOS after hours. I have never seen volume like this before after hours and have watched it daily. There was a purchase of 300k shares at $48.95 at 16:45 and then the heavy activity has continued. Thousands of shares at a time. Hold on to your seats folks. SAFE Banking here we come!
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    Last 2 weeks of OMMU reports should just confirm the obvious....A company's stock price is NOT its underlying business. These prices are a gift just like volatility is the friend of the long term investor. Wild swings in a stocks price is just an opportunity to add to your position and hold for a minimum of 24 months. Q4 2020 numbers are going to be amazing, and clearly Q1 2021 are going to be even better. Not to mention rumors of SAFE in mid March Trul is a $100 stock everyday of the week on the CURRENT business. Just wait until Pennsylvania is rec and Florida is rec and the company enters other states not to mention an up list. Fun times ahead if youre willing to hold for the long haul
  • j
    Finished up a 5 day ascending right triangle with $48 at the top and $41 the low point. Broke thru $48 up to $48.89, is now back testing the break out. Forward momentum targets $55/$56. Need much larger volume going thru $49.
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    Leslie Chow
    Virginia Becomes First Southern State to Pass Legislation to Legalize Marijuana
  • W
    Very good sign when the paid bashers start showing up - big move coming
  • B
    Green all day and somehow we finish red! This should be a good investor stock. Cant wait to uplist and leave the swing traders here to frustrate someone else ( :
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    Eric J
    Kim Rivers said 1 very important thing that stood out to me at the benzinga conference. She mentioned how trulieve is the only MSO with experience in scaling growth in an environment that is reliant on main hubs to keep supplying product to dozens of stores (75). When it's time to branch out to other states, they have florida as a model to look back on in regards to scaling over and over in other states as well as the knowledge they need to become a main wholesale hub for other retail brands. Also, second note, she mentioned the good news coming out of the south east and that she would love to ship product over to Alabama and Georgia and that they are equipped to do so right now. She also mentioned she wants to become a northeast and southeast "POWERHOUSE". That's some really strong language to use and I really believe in her strategy as well as her ability to do so.
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    Sudden jump, wonder what happened. I guess just the randomness of a small company.
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    Eric J
    Idk if this post will get flak or not...but I was just wondering, what is your thoughts on trulieve offering dividends in the future? I'm not saying in the next year or 2 because obviously they will need a lot of that capital to expand across the US ...but maybe 3-5...just want to know everyone's thoughts on this. Considering holding this stock even longer than I thought. The potential trajectory of growth is too good to let it go
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    Kentucky bluegrass
    Up 100% in the last 6 months. Wonder which company is going to buy tcnnf once or before legalization.
  • A
    The show has just begun, they (OTC) are taking your money away, long time since I have seen $1 bid/ask spreads, boiler room stuff. They know 3 months the from now trulieve s/p will be 10-20 dollars higher. Market makers will grab cheap stocks from weak hands. We have seen this many times. This is not a stock to day trade. Just hold on for 1-4 years and you will be rewarded
  • G
    If you annualize this weeks OMMU revenue you get 875M$ ... TRUL is doing 1B$ in Florida this year alone ... 400M$+ EBITDA. Plus PA and MA ... this company is actually undervalued based on 2021 numbers.
  • D
    Da Risk Guru
    #SayNoToTheCap!!! On Florida medical potency. Have you guys seen this new fight Truelieve and other operators are in?
  • B
    Maybe I'm late to the news but how in the world is Cronos valued at 3.5 billion? They reported a quarterly loss of 111m on revenue of ONLY 17m! Trulieve will report 10 times the revenue and profitable in one month! I'm not even sure how you compare a loss to earnings, but if you want to go off revenue alone, that would say Trulieve should be at a 35b market cap (not that I necessarily think it should be at this stage, we still need to prove out expansion to other states).
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    Puff Daddy
    TRULIEVE Price Target Upgrade By Stifel Canada To $107 CDN.... Huge Upside From Here.
  • r
    I say this hits 60 after ER...
  • s
    TRULIEVE (TCNNF) - Why to buy It and put It away

    1. Passage of SAFE Banking Act and MORE Act. The passage of the MORE Act will be important as it will lead to the expungement of criminal records for those associated with Marijuana arrests. Just as important or probably more so for TCNNF is the passage of the SAFE Banking Act. Catalysts:

    2) Taxes. Cannabis companies are currently being taxed on gross profits due to IRS code 280E which does not allow deductions. TCNNF is paying taxes on gross profits instead of net income which is limiting profit and cash flow. TCNNF is one of the few profitable Marijuana companies in the world at the moment. Imagine what they'll do with this new found source of income?

    3) Capital Access - Credit card companies and federal banks can't do business with cannabis companies. Legalization will allow TCNNF to restructure its balance sheet, acquire loans at much better rates , which will allow expansion to occur much more easily. The cost of doing business for themselves and the customer experience will improve exponentially.

    4) Stock Up Listing. Company trades on the highest tier associated with the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). Federal legalization prohibits TCNNF from trading on the NASDAQ or the NYSE. Once the rules changes (which should occur over the next few months):

    5) Up listing (IPO), which is already in the works. Owning the stock now may be similar to owning a stock before it goes public (an IPO). Buy it now before the up listing occurs.

    6) Institutions are currently prohibited from purchasing the stock for ETF's and Mutual Funds. There is almost certain to be a frenzy of buying activity from institutions once TCNNF hits the NASDAQ or the NYSE. Buy the stock now, as the advantage of holding the stock now is with retail investors.

    7) Robinhood investors or day traders cannot currently purchase this stock. That will change once the up listing occurs. Marijuana stocks are the most commonly volume traded stocks by Robinhood owners but they are only limited to purchasing the weaker Canadian brothers. Avoid the Canadian marijuana companies. Purchase the MSO's (i.e. TCNNF) as they are much better positioned than the Canadian stocks.

    8) TCNNF Dominance in Florida. The model they are using in Florida is dominating the market. At present, Florida is only a medicinal state but its primed to become a recreational state within two years. Look at the OMMU weekly reports from the state of Florida which depicts their dominance as well as the increase in patients getting permitted to buy marijuana. Recreational use, combined with an influx of tourism, and riddance of the pandemic will spawn numbers that dwarf what we are seeing today. Florida alone will generate massive revenue and profit.

    9) Expansion. Its coming. Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are primed and ready to go. West Virginia is waiting in the wings. Other MSO's have a larger foot print in other states, compared to TCNNF but they had to over leverage their share balances into the hundreds of millions or borrow at exponential rates. TCNNF has used their profits to generate their expansion in Florida and they used a portion of their profits to expand into other states.

    10) Which leads to the next bullet point, which is the number of shares outstanding. Last I saw, we were at only 58 million shares on the float. A low share count may work to retail investors advantage, particularly when the company gets up listed to a better exchange. For institutions, Robinhood, and retail investors, the law of supply and demand may weigh heavily in the stock price.

    11) Management Team. The best in the business. Kim Rivers has displayed and shown herself to be as competent a CEO in this space as anyone out there. Kim isn't rushing into anything. She's playing her cards as they are dealt to her, and she's playing the game perfectly.

    12) Politics. When Georgia forked over their two senatorial elections to the Democrats, the game turned on its head. With Democrats now in control of the House, Senate, and Oval Office, passage of the SAFE and MORE Acts will happen soon. Republicans and Democrats can't ignore the money potential and the number of jobs that will be created with this new industry. In the end, that's what politics are about. Money and jobs. The result of the pandemic, the need for states and the federal government to raise money, and the creation of jobs that have been lost can help get resolved with this new business opportunity.

    13) Early Innings. We are all looking at a fabulous opportunity. This is no different than the beginning stages of the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Its not impossible to envision TCNNF to have the potential to be the next Coca Cola, Amazon, or Walmart of the marijuana industry. No need to day trade this stock. Just buy it and put it away.

    350 Shares, Cost $17.14 / share. Happy reading, feel free to share with friends.