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  • J
    Below is from TMF article of today "3 Cannabis Growth Stocks . . ." the say revenue could reach $850 million in 2021, but It should exceed $1.1 billion.

    1. Trulieve Cannabis
    With its 83 dispensaries in Florida and a small but growing number outside the state, Trulieve Cannabis (OTC:TCNNF) is one of the fastest-growing medicinal cannabis operators in the U.S. And Trulieve's growth is poised to accelerate thanks to its investment in new hubs outside the Sunshine State. Its recent entry into the West Virginia market and the scaling up of its wholesale operations in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts will provide a lot of new opportunities in the near future.

    By the end of this year, the company could be making as much as $850 million in revenue. That's quite a bit more than its trailing-12-month revenue of $619.3 million, and it'd be just the start of what management has planned.

    Specifically, Trulieve has an acquisition pending for Harvest Health & Recreation, another multistate cannabis operator. The transaction could close in the third quarter, and if it goes through, it'll open up an entirely new hub in the Southwest region of the U.S., where Trulieve doesn't currently have a presence.

    Finally, if cannabis is legalized nationwide, Trulieve is exceptionally well positioned to capture recreational use market share in Florida using the same strategy it used in the medicinal market. Its medicinal cannabis dispensaries cover the vast majority of the state's largest population centers, and its stores are already equipped to handle significant ongoing demand from their regular customers.

    So, the company doesn't face major barriers to serving additional demand when or if the recreational marijuana market comes online. And its extensive retail presence acts as free advertising to build consumer awareness in advance of a change in legislation. In short, the next few years could be even better than the company's recent breakout from Florida, and that's worth paying attention to.
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    The House of Representatives passed a large-scale spending bill that includes provisions on marijuana banking, letting Washington, D.C. legalize cannabis sales, CBD regulations, employment protections, loosening hemp rules, safe consumption site for illegal drugs and psychedelic research, among other issues.
  • j
    @Puff Daddy, yes, TCNNF will be bigger in PA. But VRNOF is, I think, a hidden stock. The co. is new to the investment community having gone
    public in Feb. 2021 (right at the peak of the U.S. cannabis market) and recently hit a double bottom low of $13.75 in July. On its conversation board there are only 337 posts vs almost 19000 on this board. Bk Val of $4 per sh is approx the same as well as the latest $0.59 erns/sh.
    $15+/- vs $32+/- VRNOF looks like where TCNNF was back in the summer of 2020.
    I think VRNOF deserves a closer look. I was made aware of this stock only 6 days ago via a post by Lynn. I took a closer look and liked what I saw and have bought this past week and it is my sole cannabis stock holding.
  • N
    Bought more today. Now it's a Top 5 in my portfolio. -10% down though. Hope share price will have more momentum soon
  • A
    I’m a happy shareholder sold some at $49 still own a decent amount of shares. One question for everyone companies like 710 labs, jungle boys, cookies and huge brands from Cali are coming to Florida. I think it will hurt sales tremendously due to the quality and popularity of these brands. It will hurt the share price. What do you guys thinks just want a civil conversation
  • j
    Once this thing gets some upward momentum again, everyone is going to want to pile back in. I am not selling regardless of the price and I am very heavily bought in at the current price, but I just want to be able to party sooner so lets go Trulieve!
  • M
    medium term price target 68$
    long term (1 year) 105$
    When you have a look at Tilray that were at 143$ in 2018,
    i think it could go much higher for TCNNF easier for that fundamentals.
    just a matter of time
  • D
    Big block trade towards end of day. Don't paper hands the actual fundamental 💎 diamond.
  • M
    Although I'm sure this upcoming Q2 report will be impressive, I REALLY look forward to it's Q3 report in November after the Harvest merger and the world see's $350 million USD in revenue. That will bonify our top dog position in the industry.
  • L
    Puffdaddy - Fantasize with me for a minute, and imagine a merger with GTI is in the cards. I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time. What would it look like? Terms, timeline, synergies, branding, etc. I’d love to hear as many angles on the idea as you have time to provide/speculate. It would certainly create a profit powerhouse. There’s also minimal overlap in key demographics (Illinois, New York, Nevada). As we’re seeing so far with Harvest, Florida isn’t too much of a problem. Pennsylvania is the only market where the combined dispensary count- a very important count- could cause a problem. MA is up in the air. Perhaps we’ll start hearing more whispers of a Trul/GTI merger once MA is farther along and PA starts raising the dispensary caps (maybe after they go rec in a couple of years)? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Anyone’s, for that matter. Too many synergies between the two companies to ignore.
  • H
    OMMU Report for 30-July

    Patient count: 593,176 up from 590,332
    Addition of new patients has slowed to ~3,000 per week since Q1/Q2 ( ~4k per week on average)

    Stores: 87
    Medical THC (mgs): 72.59 million up from 64.67 million
    Low THC (mgs): 1.243 million up from 1.112 million
    Flower (ozs): 35.5 k marginally up from 35.3k … ~35k seems to be the new normal
  • K
    Trulieve is due for a 10% up day. I think when the trial overhang ends, we will see that 10% bump or earnings will push it up. I expect good earnings with PA and finally some rev from MA to cover some of the costs. Fl also growing nicely. Also want to hear when the new processing facility is up and running.
  • m
    amazing how much better of a company TCNNF is than TLRY, more rev, profitable, still expandingyet TLRY still trades at a higher market cap..
  • M
    Seems to me the biggest fear is the Amazonation of the cannabis industry. Just don't see it happening for a long time. In the mean time companies like Trulieve are building a very successful model operating with the Fed/ State rules in place. There will be winners and losers. So far Trulieve has proven it will be a winner.
  • A
    The more DD I do, the bigger my appetite for a large buy order gets. About a 30 P/E ratio on the largest growing industry in the U.S, this is easy money.
  • L
    400,000 sq feet was approved for the entire state of GA to build its medical program on and Trulieve won 100,000 sq ft of it. Trulieve does nearly 50% of the business in FL with 25% of the operational dispensaries (I recognize I'm talking cultivation VS retail location so not apples to apples). How much of the GA market do you think Trulieve will serve with 25% of the total cultivation space given to the entire state of GA?
  • B
    NOT here to brag, and since the stock has gone down since I bought, there's certainly nothing to brag about. I AM HERE to tell retail investors that they are in a fantastically-priced, fast growing quality managed stock that is going to go up 3x in the next 1-2 years. I am personally buying over 1% of the outstanding stock this week. My friends are buying another 1% this week. NO it will not make the stock go up. YES we know we are small fish.
  • D
    Everyday we shave 200 million off the market cap of a company making roughly $350,000 dollars a day in profit.
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    After harvest deal is closed the following quarter will likely be revenue of 325 million and growing my guess is that 2022 revenues will be 1.5 billion with a profit of 800 million plus who knows maybe another big acquisition to solidify the first mj company to 2 billion a year revenue.
  • Y
    I don't think MSOs can go much lower than this. My portfolio has been supported at these price ranges for over 4 months now. Adding! The tide will turn.