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Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (TRUL.CN)

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  • W
    No volume, no buyers - just shorties selling shares to drive price lower… Who ever thought the one time MJ advocates (Schumer and Booker) would become the obstacle for MSOs and the 🇺🇸 cannabis industry?
  • j
    from a technical standpoint. on 9/23 we broke out of the descending channel that we've been in since march. we are now testing our breakout. the top of the channel we broke out of is our support, we have tested it multiple times since we broke out and it has held. We bounced off of it at the end of friday. We have broken out of the downward trend and we have started to trend up since 9/14, making higher high and higher lows. I am in trulieve strictly because of fundamentals, but I know technical analysis very well. this Share price action has been a game since March, with the trends so clear it's very obvious. this is a very good opportunity to accumulate, share price always eventually catches up to fundamentals.
  • U
    lmao the bid wall they've got @26 rn is massive. but nothing we can do other than sit here and openly discuss what fraudulent market practices are. no one is going to right the ship that is the OTC. all we CAN do is be patient. in the end, price corrects. I'm not going anywhere and will be continuing to add. good luck to my fellow longs, you're not in this alone
  • S
    In 28 Days we will have the first Quarterly report from Trulieve with Harvest's numbers blended in. This should be epic!
  • J
    can anyone post a link to bad news or anything that would be causing this SP to go down? All i can see is a well managed company that just keeps on delivering results....

    Im being serious, i search for bad news and cant find any. and dont post stuff about Kims husband because thats 3yrs old and irrelevant at this point.
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    Everything will change when $TCNNF is allowed to uplist to the NAS. All the games, naked shorting and Wild West manipulation will end. Institutional flows will open wide as cannabis is a long term growth industry. Patience and determination needed to weather these JV stock exchanges. Peace.
  • S
    I feel that in the next 2 quarters this stock will exceed $80 and longer term to $120
  • R
    The MSO revenues are going to blow the Canadian LPs out of the water..... You will see alot of money going into the US MSOs mid November.
  • D
    Its becoming obvious to investors that the dems are going to lose in the midterms. Bidens approval rating is dropping daily and is dragging the whole party down. Its gonna be Moscow Mitch for at least a couple years after this.
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    When Steve Jobs came back to Apple I bought 1000 shares of Apple at $10/share. Over the next 6-9 months I watched as the stock price dropped day after day. I believe it got all the way down to $6/share before turning around. If your long on Trulieve… be strong, this is the #1 MSO in The USA.
  • K
    OMMU reports should bounce back nicely in the next couple of weeks. You know Trulieve is holding back product to stock these new Harvest converted stores as well as the new Trulieve stores opening. Once all opened OMMU should blow past current Trulieve highs for weekly sales.
  • P
    The value of our company is rising everyday. Patience is part
    of the business.
  • M
    Kim Interview on Keynote: Trulieve (OTCMKTS: TCNNF) | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference | October 14 2021
  • r
    Don’t mind me, just slowly adding to my position
  • G
    What if I told you we don’t need SAFE banking to see significant long term price appreciation?
  • B
    The cannabis train has left station, and it can't be stopped!! The Feds will have to address it, it's only a matter of time, patience is the key. We own the best cannabis play in the world, imho. All or most states will get on board, they're not going to give up those tax dollars to a neighboring state. This is a ground floor opportunity, we have purchased the best of breed MSO, just understand this volatility is part of it, relax!!
  • j
    we pay two prices for stock gains. first we pay in cash then we pay in patience. you cannot be successful in this world only spending one, they must be spent in tandem or you will fail. if nothing has fundamentally changed and you cannot add to your position do not watch share price every day or even every week.
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    D Retailer
    Say what you will on acquisitions, I still believe Green Thumb and Trulieve would compliment each other in an acquisition. It would be a very early industry leader with a business model made to conquer other states not presently in. I would be excited to see that happen as these are the two companies in the space that I respect the most from a financial and execution perspective.
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    D Retailer
    1 Month left to Q3 figures. Easy double until then. Shorts are always praising themselves on the way down but, disappear when the stock moves up. Longs are always here no matter the type of day.
  • J
    Earnings should be good. 2022 will be a great year for revenue growth as well.