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Square, Inc. (SQ)

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236.13+11.02 (+4.90%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • P
    As we journey through owning the stock for multiple years, a toast to keep investing and building wealth with this amazing company!

    Remember to automatically set your CashApp to invest at least $10 recurring rather daily(market opens), weekly, monthly… this is just for yourself to invest in yourself.

    It’s easy to spend $10 dollars on a combo meal from many fats-good restaurants. Why not invest a few bucks. CashApp makes it simple!
  • A
    This stock given its last quarterly report and guidance should be 300 today...
  • J
    James Blutarski
    Don't forget Hadrian Level Solution's (St Fentanyl) call yesterday for SQ to be "below 200" today. See his post from ~ noon yesterday. Gonna back up any of those claims?? Exactly when (and why) is the market about to "collapse"?? (post from about midnight last night) He leads a rich and fulfilling life.
  • J
    James Blutarski
    OOOOPS! What happened to "below $200 today" Hadrian Level Solutions (aka St. Fentanyl)??? When's the next call for $180/$150/$100/$80??? Willing to stand behind your (many, many) earlier posts?? Where ya at buddy?
  • b
    Deutsche Bank analyst says SQ is way undervalued and has 330 pt.
  • r
    SQ is quite undervalued here. To see where it ultimately will be financially one needs to look to its bigger and larger competitor, PYPL. Over time SQ will turn into a cash cow with huge free cash flow. There is literally almost no short case to be made on SQ right now. Rates are falling, and inflation is expected to be largely transitory. We are going back to the highs folks. Only question for the shorts is how much pain you're willing to take. I'm still laughing at rr, who back when this was 107 was calling the top. LMAO.
  • H
    Hang in there longs. There is no path to riches in the stock market without bumps along the way. Keep that 5 year time frame in mind. It will smoothen out the ride.
  • J
    chart indicates that SQ hit near $280 twice already and third time is coming!
  • c
    There are trillions of dollars out there, that need to be pad, converted to digital currency or BTC. No reason square can’t get to $1,000 per share by end of 2022.
  • A
    Fed would say something nice to calm the markets, and SQ would fly back to 230...
  • A
    A traveler w...
    Square is democratizing electronic payment. People are using SQ tech to accept payment at garage sales, swap meets, roadside produce stands, classified adds, and the rest of the grey market, all with minimal overhead. How can this not explode?
  • A
    ahhh... will hold SQ as lomg as Cathie Wood & her ETF Analyst hold, and I might hold much longer...
    1000 shares @ $22, held in a Roth IRA... "Rule of 72" suggests this position will climb to $1,000,000 in 8-10 years given a 15-20% ROI; tax free. 🤓
  • s
    $SOFI conversation
    $JPM Chase & Jamie Dimon will buy $SOFI...he's sorry they didn't come up with Square $SQ & $PAYPL themselves.
  • S
    every time the price drops below 200 I add more. the long term potential is too good for SQ. with no splits it’ll be a 1,000 dollar stock some day
  • m
    Passed the 50 day moving average and closed higher the 200 day moving average... broke resistance east today and that a bullish trend.... let’s test the $280+ highs
  • c
    I’ve been day trading for years and I’m so glad I finally found ( They’re pre-market watchlists cover all the latest market-moving news, and they don’t beat you down with tons of ads. Highly recommend!
  • G
    Bashers and shorts coming out in full force. SQ will be up big this week!
  • D
    David Jung
    if we can close at 235 today. I'm good.
  • j
    Hadrian built a wall in Brittania to separate the barbarian frontier from Roman settlements. Called Hadrian’s Wall, it still stands today.
  • S
    Is it short squeezing time? Can we start the partying now?