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SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 High Dividend ETF (SPYD)

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    Where do I find the ex-dividend dates for this ETF? Any announcement for the next quarter dividend?
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    $SPY conversation
    I am so tired of all these inexperienced bears saying you are going to lose everything, if you invested in the S&P 500 AT THE HIGHS prior to every down turn since 1987 you would still have positive gains as of today. Quit listening to these inexperienced fear mongering gen Z losers and hold strong!!!
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    After/ pre mkt moves seem a little shady. Just my opinion
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    SPYD reached an all time high at 45.51
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    Hey everybody I'm new to this investment. I bought 60 shares yesterday and can't wait to see what's to come of this one. (I mainly bought for the Dividends.)
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    The distribution on 9/17/21 was $.386582 per share. Lower than in June. But the last 4 distributions total $2.028 per share (12/20, 3/21, 6/21 and 9/21). The 4 before that totaled $1.523 (December 2019 distribution through September 2020). The 4 before that totaled $1.592.

    Covid threw off the distributions last year (September 2020 was the lowest distribution and then there was catch up in December). And timing of various dividend payments from the portfolio effects the payout.

    If you go by calendar year, the distribution in 2019 was $1.746. In 2020 it was $1.632, so slightly lower, and again, September 2020 payout was only $.2636 per share, but again, there was catch up in December 2020 with a .6066 distribution.

    Through the first 3 quarters of 2019 distributions were $1.249. In 2020 it was $1.026 roughly. To be expected with the pandemic causing some cuts to conserve cash.

    Through the first 3 quarters this year 2021 distributions were $1.4217 roughly. March was also a high payout this year. But the run rate was higher than in 2019 or 2020.

    It'll only take 33 cents in December to top 2019's payout. I think it shows the model's viability to only lose about 11 cents of the distribution in 2020's pandemic and back to what is likely to be payout growth this year.

    I bought last fall, average price of $28.80 in my self-directed portion of deferred compensation account. The last 4 quarters of yield have been 7.04% on that basis. The cap gain is nice. The yield on the current price of the last 4 distributions is .0519. But I don't expect that to be calendar year yield. Likely that will be about 4.5% if the December payment gets us to just $1.75 for the year. Some of that may be cap gain distribution I guess.

    Still, not a bad yield for this rate environment, eh? And of course last year the price dip provided for a wild ride, not easy to stomach. Dollar cost averaging makes it easier.

    Not trying to pump this. I'm not adding here, but glad to hold this in couple for accounts. I use the distributions from this and other yield plays to add to positions, speculate a little.

    Good luck to all.
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    I believe man's highest purpose in life is to collect dividends!
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    Yum. Nothing like a safe ETF, with low fees, invested in industry leading large cap+ stocks, that pays 6+% dividends...while we experience large capital gains. What's not to love? $$$
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    SPYD will go ex-div on March 18th, 2022 and the amount will be announced tomorrow the 17th. I am curious what it will be because I've been tracking the holdings and the distribution in December seemed too small.
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    So can anyone explain why the dividend is almost 2/3rds less than the previous quarters? I can’t find any info on it anywhere.
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    With REIT holdings ranging between 10% and 20%, what has SPYD's typical dividend percentage breakdown been between qualified and non-qualified dividends?
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    Got in this one yesterday. Sticking to only 4 Dividend ETFs in 2022 (SPYD, SCHD, VYM, HDV). My YOLO days are done 😂
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    Not much in the way of posts for this ETF. Though that may be a good thing. Can any holders of this ETF give me some info. I like its low expense and its 4.66% dividend. It also invests in 80 large cap stocks in the S& P 500. What do you all think about this? Is it a good investment?
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    $0.63 dividend on $38-$39 per share, that's one of the highest in recent history, second only to the crazy high $0.71 dividend back in December 2017.
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    time to start loading up on this. I'm about 100 shares in and am looking for about 300 total.
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    Anybody know if today is Ex-div date? According to StateStreet distribution schedule it is, but it doesn’t show up on Schwab or TDA.
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    Hello, I invested in this ETF today, I want to know when I will receive my first dividends payment?
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    SPYD equal-weighting for the win today! One of the holdings dropped 10%, if it had been market-cap weighted, we might've felt it. But there are no "top" holdings in equally-weighted SPYD! Slow and steady wins the race.
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    The market is propped up by big 5 or 6 tech names and amazon - 20 percent of s and p- so if this fund has none of them- by default it will be underperforming almost all large cap blend type funds- it essentially a deep value fund
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    This is the best ETF to own right now. Where else are you going to get a 5% yield.