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SLANG Worldwide Inc. (SLNG.CN)

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  • A
    Well manipulated at at the close at $0.075 cnd ,the bulk of the volume for the day 150k traded at 0.09 and higher.
    It is a steal at 0.10 cents cnd.
  • J
    Jason and Georgia
    Just traded 10,000 shares at .0585.
    The current bid is now .0585.

    The price is now lower than it was before the reverse split. It is just evaporating before our eyes.

    Man…….queue up the gif from Southpark……
    “……And it’s gone.”
  • B
    I guess my negative sentiment has caught the attention of whoever moderates these posts. I just wanted to say I’m happy management is issuing shares to incentivize themselves. After all of the money they have made us it’s only natural.
  • J
    Jason and Georgia
    9 shares traded today so far.

    On a brighter note, are we finally putting in a bottom on the chart?

    It looks like it to me, but I’ve been wrong so many times before.
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    Trading is negligible but what is more important is over $ 💯M losses in 2 years.
    Market cap $14M.
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  • D
    One day closer to the start of significant revenue growth!
  • c
    Hello fellow Slang supporters. I’ve been following your comments for some time and really appreciate this community of fellow believers.

    I’m a very large Slang shareholder as one of the original co-founders of O.pen, Bakked, Etc.

    We have some very exciting times ahead for us all as shareholders. I’ve held my position since the beginning with the belief we will see legalization in the near future. The future is very bright!

    Wishing all the supporters success!
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    In case anyone didn’t know - Canopy Growth has the options through Warrants to acquire 19.9% of Slang.
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    Jacob Here is my latest slang worldwide video Deep Dive: Slang Worldwide Part 3 Scuttlebutt colorado dispensaries went to 16 dispensaries recorded info on
    2/5/21 Jake Hightower Deep Dives Slang Worldwide Part 3: Scuttlebutt Research on Colorado Dispensaries...went to 16 dispensaries in Colorado including the to...
    2/5/21 Jake Hightower Deep Dives Slang Worldwide Part 3: Scuttlebutt Research on Colorado Dispensaries...went to 16 dispensaries in Colorado including the to...
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    I still seem to struggle with what i think the value of this company will be in 1-2 years. So many new deals coming. If senate and President turn Blue we could be in for another historic run! Oh my oh my.
  • D
    Here is some tidbits from my email from the new CEO/COB:

    Thanks for your note.

    We have an earnings call coming up, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to be too specific; however, as you know we just closed $17mm financing with 50% of that is to begin to expand the Vermont opportunity that was just closed in August.

    We’re assessing all our markets and products for ROI both short and long term.

    Our goal is to assure Slang can capitalize on its product/location mix while thoughtfully expanding into new opportunities as they present themselves, always with a positive ROI, driving all decisions.

    Another goal is to assure Slang is lean, nimble and profitable driving shareholder value and we’re working on that daily. It’s who we are and what we’re all about.

    I hope this has been responsive to your questions. Have a good weekend!

    Maybe the major shareholders of Slang were not satisfied with the direction of Slang and wanted quicker and better results and felt this was a time to do that,especially if they are going to expand. Trulieve mentioned about increasing scale and mutual success between Slang and Trulieve. I think this is what investors have been waiting for, a more meaningful relationship between Trulieve and Slang.
  • k
    The moderators keep deleting my factual post showing the Slang's operations have been using cash to the tune of ($27M) for the first three quarters of 2020.
  • J
    Apparently big news in the north east
  • J
    i just added 45000 shares... so now i have far my biggest position
  • M
    Malcolm George
    This and canopy rivers my two biggest holdings a big shoutout to Jacob for spreading that word. You do great work brother much support.
  • W
    To think i have been holding on since 2019 IPO and have averaged down multiple times but how much more can we take? If it hits single digits then i guess i will have to average down again :(
    Am i just throwing money out the window on this stock?
  • A
    Slang products are now available in 15 states.
    Under the agreement, Trulieve will have exclusive access to the entire SLANG portfolio of brands. Additionally, SLANG will sell packaging to Trulieve, and will receive royalties on product sales at their locations in both states, as well as on wholesale revenues to third-party dispensaries. Product launches in both states are expected in 2022.

    Chris Driessen, CEO of SLANG, said, "We are thrilled to announce two more strategic partnerships with Trulieve in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We look forward to working with Trulieve and building on our existing successful partnerships in Florida and Massachusetts."
  • S
    Chris D gave insightful interview on Dales today. Still saying ACG this month. In MA in May. MI in Q3...Slang, Merida, and Gage working together in MI and not excluding Slang from working with one or other.

    Novasac, Chris spoke about the THC limit in politics at the end of the interview.
    SLANG Worldwide President and CEO Chris Driessen sat with us at TDR to talk about how 2021 is shaping up for his cannabis company.
    SLANG Worldwide President and CEO Chris Driessen sat with us at TDR to talk about how 2021 is shaping up for his cannabis company.