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Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

NYSE - Nasdaq Real Time Price. Currency in USD
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60.44+1.56 (+2.65%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
60.31 -0.13 (-0.22%)
After hours: 07:59PM EDT
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  • K
    Price appreciation near the end of the day - on a Friday no less. Nice. Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling about what's going to happen after the 4th of July weekend. ☺️
  • S
    The time value premium on the warrants has increased to ~ $0.35/share....I think implying that some are aggressively purchasing the warrants to maximize their leverage....and betting that some sort of deal for Oxy materializes sooner rather than later.
  • P
    I had no clue what I was going before joining the group. The courses and mods are great. Being in the chat room trading is bar none. I have found members with similar trading styles and we work together thought out the day to find trade opportunities.
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    Log into the FREE Trade Ideas Live Trader's Room and interact with the community and Trade Ideas team!
  • T
    A tender offer to the legacy big boys is clearly the next step….they’ve been in this for years & many hold top level positions in his other companies…gonna make a whole bunch of smart people rich — which is always Uncle Buffy’s end game …exciting for sure….
  • L

    Crude oil prices should stay in the triple digits, Kpler’s head of Sweet Crude Analysis Matt Smith told Yahoo Finance.  
    There won’t be a continued downward pressure on oil, according to Smith. “I don’t think that we’re going to see continued downward pressure on oil. I think what we’re seeing in the last couple of weeks in the oil market is this selloff as oil has got swept up in broader market sentiment as we’ve seen a selloff in equities, etc. It’s a risk appetite thing,” Smith told Yahoo Finance.🚨

    The fundamentals have not changed DO NOT be tempted to sell your shares at a discount goodluck to all those that endured this past month have a great holiday weekend ☀️

    The best is yet to come 🥳
  • O
    Vicki gonna give up the ship that easy??? OXY is worth $100 a share before earnings that are in the bag!
    Lets see how somebody (now who would that be) will keep the price below $60, before they make a low ball offer. I hope Buffet gets LOTTS of buyout competition for all the hard work Vicki and her team did to build OXY!
  • B
    $OXY $10 to $60 to $280
    IT Will all happen !
    There is plenty of time.
  • b
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  • r
    10mm shares bought by Buffet
  • M
    There is only one person in this world that I really would like to meet. The person who bought OXY at $8.52
    Everyone else have a great/safe 4th July
  • P
    Seems WB is taking out all the weak hands, I think if he does manage to get to 50.1%, the share price will be around $75-80 or even higher.
  • n
    Love oxy but wait and buy when bidn visits saudis..... trust me,at that meeting both parties will announce something minor dressed as a real political success for the administration ... in reality the hype will last several days....oil markets will trade sideways above $100 for some time.
  • O
    Hey again. I posted yesterday and got 10 replay but no ome actually answered my Q.
    Ill make it easier this time so ppl wont discuss price range :)
    What will happen to my warrents if Buffet will buy(not bid. BUY) Oxy completely. I have only warrents not common. Thank(:
  • J
    EV up Big, oil stocks down. Make it make sense. Do we need 200 a barrel to get back to 70? I guess 110 just isn’t good enough lol
  • B
    As we near oil earnings season, buy on the dip. Upcoming earnings season, summer driving, China starting to open up, and then winter around the corner will only drive oil prices higher. Listen to the all the oil CEOs and you'll see that longer term, oil can only go up from here. Supply will not be able to meet demand. Everyone will rely on oil in the winter to heat their homes and drive their cars.
  • M
    Hypothetical..... Numbers come back at $3. What would that do to the share price if it closes at $60 the day before earnings are released.?
  • P
    WB buying more shares, XOM earnings preview and oil still well over $100 a barrel. If that doesn't get some money flowing to the energy sector next week, I don't know what will.
  • s
    $1 in 2010 is worth $1.34 today. Oil peak of $140 would be around $210 today. We are nowhere close to it.
    Conversely, $110 oil today would be just $72 in 2010 dollars, which was well accepted and tolerated. I don't see huge problem with housing/rent costing over double of 2010 prices, but oil going over $100 is a problem for economy. More of political ranting and gimmicks than anything else.
  • C
    ***** It COULD climb nicely into the close.....for the day-traders....ENJOY