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Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

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  • m
    What I don't get about the estimated EPS. How can OXY not make a bottom line profit in Q2 when oil has been in the high $60 range and the chemical business is doing so well. Is the stock price so low, as the recent Zack's report indicates because the P/E is so high and investors are very skeptical. It just does not seem to compute. Should not the company be judged by FCF and EBITDA results?
  • s
    CVX and XOM wouldn't be increasing dividend or buying back their own stocks if they didn't think current oil price range is not sustainable for a couple of years. There is a clear visibility of oil price range at least until end of next year.

    Assuming oil price sustains, most oil companies will have forward PE ratios of 7-10. Either there will be dividend or debt reduction. Compare this to top tech names with PE ratios of 30-50 with current growth rate nearly impossible to sustain even for the next two years.

    Key question is: Is one dollar earned by a big name tech company much more valuable than a dollar earned by an oil company?
  • M
    It's funny, every long on this board believed in the oil recovery narrative... and took a huge risk investing in it and they were 💯 right, but the leadership of most oil companies didn't and hedged for doomsday, and now we are paying the price. Frustrating to say the least. Is it any wonder energy is the most underinvested sector?!? It's not entirely ESG or Covid, it's years and years of mismanagement like that. Nobody trusts these entities to function rationally. Over pump or over hedge. Six months, six years, six decades blah blah blah. This is YOUR money. By all means complaint, patience has gotten those that invested years ago in this NOTHING. Management needs to start acting like they give a damn about the share price and holders!
  • m
    XOM cleaning up its balance sheet. Could it be getting its war chest in order to make a buy in the oil patch. And wouldn't OXY be the ideal fit strategically in term of acreage and chemical.

    Separately, tankers in Oman are being hit again by drones attacks. Maybe not separately thinking about it. Why wouldn't Exxon want safe reliable production US wells to keep its reserve level sustainable. It may never happen, but does anyone think it does not make logical sense to at least contemplate a OXY buyout.
  • B
    So the demand for this product is high, the price paid for the product is crazy high, yet the SP drops more the better the market becomes. Someone please tell me any other business model where this math would apply. I’m waiting. And I think we all know by now the ER on Tuesday isn’t gonna change anything unless it is for the worse.
  • r
    Case in point,,amazon today..have posted for months that % gains will get much tougher if not at all in mega cap tech stocks get 50% apple 1.4 trillion more ..similar for microsoft and amazon would have to move about 1650 POINTS TO MAKE 50% ON AMAZON...TODAY DOWN ALMOST 300...POINT BEING % gains will be alot easier in the beaten up oil and gas sector..not all but some...bp apa oxy greed will drive fund managers into oil and gas...need covid headlines to subside
  • C
    Captain Hairpiece
    If the oil sector is out of favor, OXY should use 100% of profit to pay off debt. Best thing they could do. Then eventually initiate a buyback.
  • T
    K joined the board 5 months ago. Hmm that’s very suspect. For the longest time he was just there watching snd liking posts. 2 months ago he started commenting, nice try K. We know what you are and the game you are playing
  • M
    Just a thought: xom has something like 2.4 million barrels per day and a market cap north of 246Billion.

    Oxy has around 1.1 million barrels per day and a market cap of under 50 billion (ignoring the value of oxy chem).

    Either xom is wayy over valued or oxy is wayy under valued.

    Past month i doubled my stake in oxy and encouraged my other friends and fam to so the same. Holding for the long term and for eventual dividends or somewhere north of 70$

    Gluck to all longs
  • d
    Today is the end of the month. That means selling and window dressing. I would watch the last hour of trading .
  • l
    Where is the volume? Getting a tan at the beach apparently...IMHO the only rational explanation for OXY's and the oil sector's current activity is that OXY is in play.
  • M
    gee, i hope oil doesn't jump up to $80, would hate to see OXY go down even further.
  • J
    Peoples listen. How can this stock be valued so low?? Easy! The big boys want you small investors all out!!
    They want to buy your shares keep and then drive the stock to $50-$60. At that point have you
    buy it back! Don't worry! Just sit back relax and wait for the rocket busters to start!! With oil being over $70.00 per barrel currently and will be averaging high the rest of the year. We will be in orbit soon!!
  • T
    there is no other industry more oversold and discounted than energy. every other sector is overvalued
  • n
    What I hope: that quarter after quarter OXY blows out estimates and has analysts raise their Price Target every quarter and that soon it is 50+ dollars and if WTI Oil stays over 70 dollars that is what I think will happen. IMO.
  • a
    Do you guys think that Shell’s earning will start a nice rally today in the sector? 🙏🙏🙏
  • T
    Guess who is loading up on calls as they drive down the price of the stock simultaneously. It’s a simple thing they do, they have 1000000 shares, they sell of their 1000000 shares then buy call options for 10000 contracts
  • T
    Suzanne is part of the manipulation. The best thing you can as a retail investor now is to call up the SEC and Occidental and do your part to report this. It’s happening over and over again
  • T
    Unbelievable WTI almost 74. SEC needs to investigate the naked calls... pretty sure it’s a group of hedge funds playing with oil stocks
  • T
    WSB needs to come here. And it’s not about short interest. The game being played in OXY is the selling of naked call options and then selling the stock of which the manipulators hold large blocks off and rebuying them once the small retail guys start selling too