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Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

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    I haven’t heard anyone here or seen any announcement from OXY that their $1.33 billion land grant asset sale closed yesterday.. that is HUGE news $1.33B in the bank. Why would OXY not have a press release on this?
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    My average cost is $49.76, so I'm about 80% down. I understood the drop earlier in the year from the 40s to teens, but I don't understand why it continues to go down.

    I'm wondering if they are heading towards the bankruptcy. I don't know enough, obviously, I only bought after Warren invested, but he is out now.

    I would appreciate someone knowledgeable to chime in. These days I only buy $VOO and I'm done buying individual stocks, I can't handle it.
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    someone asked this a while back how much nat gas affects them and It was about 175 million increase in revenue for every 50 cent move...if that is accurate it would certainly affect the bottom line....right now we are stuck in the 40$wti range for a while as predicted 6 months ago...When Russia stated that they can live with low 40s (opec wants 50s) I assumed that we would hang around 40 for a while to crush the small disorganized guys...what Russia and Opec must now realize is that the very small players will be acquired making the larger US Players even stronger...did expect oil stocks to be higher based on the strong rebound..but at these prices % gains with an April- May window could be very very significant ...Oxys average oil price should show an improvement of about 13-15$ per barrel...nat gas was only up about 25% last quarter it has more than doubled from lows...they probably pumped about 1.2 million barrels per day so the recovery should look good.. still a loss but more than likely a nice beat ..if nat gas holds or goes up further they should have some strong guidance ...if nat gas hold 3 they could earn as much as 70cents per share from that addition their world wide gas assets could be worth a significant premium ...take a look at those assets they are probably worth more than their current market cap .. the political tone has pulled a cloud over oil for a while but as stated almost all nat gas comes from fracking and if biden wins and ends NEW LEASES ON GOVT LANDS OIL WILL JUMP BY PROBABLY 5-10$ PER BARREL..OXY appears to have exposure of about 200k barrels..the increase in price will more than offset the volume decrease..
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    The reason this company is suffering is due to Vicki and her management team. I don't know what she has on the BOD but she should be terminated based on her mistakes and not meeting her goals. If a new CEO is chosen the market can make a pitch for this company.
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    ***** Now that BP wants to sell off their WI in the Constellation oilfield/GOM..... where they have WI of 2/3 and OXY holding 1/3 as operator, it would be nice to see them swap properties..... since BP has NG assets in Oman as does OXY.......a swap like this would leave each company with a bigger piece of the action in each basin..... with OXY then holding 100% WI in GOM oilfield...... more oil and less gas...... and closer to home and out of the middle East....... much mo Betta !!
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    How.... HOW.... does Vickki Holub still have a job? She destroyed the company with the Anadarko acquisition and Covid is simply the coffin nail..... and she continues to make 7 figures/year.
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    God. Do something and close NYSE until Election Day. We can resume trading after nov 4.
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    BIDEN could ****a lot of oil companies fast very soon. Especially in this already beaten-down sector. Here is the real problem...and why the stocks struggle more now. Just listen to him here
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    vicki your company market cap is in single digit billions now, how exactly do you sleep at night?! You will go down in history as one of the biggest CEO failures of all time!!!
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    Oxy is a Giant cashmachine. Once oilprice is over 45 usd the machine is high profitable, freecashflow in the low thirties so Vicki Hollunüb in a conference call. Oxy has the best assets among all oil companies and is from technology point of view the leading company in US. Oil price will recover latest with the vaccine , because the supply and future investments were MASSIVLY curtailed. Also the big like total, Shell, etc have cut their budgets and will Never go back to these levels, they all have announced. Oil price will recover to 65 USD , a price all market participants can live with, the saudis and Russian as well.
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    Any news on Parsley/Pioneer Merger or Takeover? Pricing?
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    Thanks for that .04 dividend! Gonna hit the dollar menu later today!
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    UK gov chief scientific advisor: likely to see vaccine trial results in the next 2 months
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    Based on what OXY said before, OXY will live well at WTI $40. Let us see what 2nd Q report will bring.
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    Looks like everyone is buying companies around the Permian honey hole.
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    Hollub needs to go. OXY, one of only a few large companies that is selling below the March crash lows. Great job by their management and the nebraska-man who actually financed the debacle acq.
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    Look at the deal announced for CXO this morning . All stock and a 15% premium to the pre announcement stock price .
    This deal reflects the terrible devaluation of oil related assets - particularly in the Permian Basin .
    OXY is in a far far weaker position than Concho .
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    OXY stock price and dividend amount will be same in 1 or 2 months which is 1 cent.
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    Read an inciteful article today, made mention that $40 oil brings the Frackers back on line but it takes $45 to drill new wells. Tells me that the wells coming back on line is a total head fake till we see $45. Every single month we see oil at $40/$41 is causing a steady tightening grip on future production. All these guys that have been laid off are waiting to return to work. Some cant wait that long. The Reality is that once the market returns to $45, the pool of qualified workers will have shrunk. For context, OXY has stated they aren't capex'ing for increased production, they are focusing on existing wells. That only lasts for so long before you have to drill to maintain production. OXY is allowing their production to drift down to 1.2million and than going to hold steady. As I've said all along, the real pain is next spring for production. The reality of all these shut ins and stoppages will come to fruition in approximately 6/9 months. By then, the little Frackers will be BK'd and M&A'd out of existence. The rise will be steady by that point.

    I called for $60 oil by EOY. I was wrong. Revisit of C19 and the airlines stubborn resistance to returning pre Covid flight norms has gutted my outlook. To me, we have a 'vaccine' limited recovery. Get the vaccine, then the return of the world economy will be back on track. And by the way, the self induced recession took out any risk of a natural/organic recession that might have happened this year. The economy is much leaner. It has reset. It will muddle for a short time, but the trough is in.
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    OXY - If you going to sell the $9.86 to $9.90's then I am going to buy these to sell back to you all around $20.50 to $27.50 in a few months. I just double my shares this morning here. Thanks... Great OXY company that is trading 1/4 of Share price that I am expecting soon. I just shake my head and just can't resist the buying here.. I am not thinking about today at all with these buys.. We all know this is going higher. Maybe tomorrow over $10.50 or by the end of the week.