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Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

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  • s
    Shell soll its permian Assets for 9,5 Billion usd to Concorde Phillips.What a Good News for oxy, the Stock price should Boots. That is the Proof, that purchased of anadarko was not so wrong.Oxy should be at 55 usd atbthese �l price Levels.I guess they will sell Oli Assets with an signifi#$%$ amount 5-8 Billion usd very soon for a Good price. Oxy shareprice would be skyrocket in that Moment, shortseller would have to be grilled.For me a Strong buy, massivly undervalued, Most Amann all Oli companies.And additional a very Strong chemical Business and a fcf of Minimum 4 Billion usd.
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    ***** In related news from the middle East: HK is selling eight flex rig land rigs to Abu Dhabi......ADNOC is that company apparently is ramping up their E&P operations having just also filed an IPO for their drilling company. OXY, as investors know, has a fairly large WI% with ADNOC, including a large interest in their NG pipeline system........ so this latest news appears that OXY + ADNOC are finding success in their exploration efforts on their millions of acres of mutual interest........ Bodes well for OXY .... as these 8 Flex-Rigs will be delivered over the next 12 months.........It appears that drilling activity will be picking up following early exploration efforts and seismic testing by OXY. FYI
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    Harley Dog
    3rd Q average price should exceed 2nd Q average price in WTI. OXY is a 2022 story, but a strong 3rd Q results and debt reduction will stem part of the negative PR OXY has (deservedly so). Most of OXY's poor stock performance is self induced. Perception is reality, better PR ahead. Long OXY 2022.
  • 2
    Why not sell Oxychem and pay that $4 in dividend and Buffet? Certainly a hot market to sell the company into, anyone know what it’s worth?
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    Dry Heat
    Head fake, I hope. Evergrande will calm by Wed/Thurs; and, we will be past the Fed news; and, further inventory draw-downs greater than expected. Oil in $70's and OXY back to 27 by next Monday.

    OXY at $30+ by Thanksgiving.
  • b
    Honestly, the 5% swings on this are unwarranted. Oil still at $70+. Give me a break.
  • M
    broad market corrections are healthy... don't trip out. ... probably more pain to come in the next week. six months from now, we'll not even remember any of this...
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    ***** As a reminder for OXY investors....... in Abu Dhabi, OXY has concessions in blocks three and five..... 100% WI covering a total of 2.5 million acres on land......... as well as large JV interest in the Dolphin Energy NG pipeline company..... which also includes facilities to process NG to remove sulfur prior to distribution and sales in the region.
  • L
    Is Wolfee W?
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    Save your option money or send it to Elon. OXY trading at same price for 8 month now and the same for most other oil stocks.
  • W
    API -432,000 barrels of gasoline, -2.7 million barrels of distillates. -6.1 million barrels oil. Nice report.
  • s
    Massive reduction, much more than expected .....
    Oil will be at 80 USD sooner as all Investors expect.

    OXY is a 55 USD stock, the actiual valuation is a bid manipulation.
    The chemical business alone is growing massivly and creates big profits.

    I am buying.

    A very big bargain, the same is Pfizer and Intel as well.
  • S
    Vicki said Conoco in not going to get that land in the Permian basin for 9 Billion from Shell
    She has a price that they cant refuse .along with the Billion break up fee
  • P
    Perma Bull
    JB speaking right now. Sounds like he's Sleep Talking. Making lots of mistakes.
  • R
    Its one thing to have such strong oil prices in Q3, but what about nat gas?? 30% of Oxys production is nat gas and 18% is nat gas liquids....great, right??

    Well the avg price of nat gas in q2 was $2.64, what will Q3 be?? Sure seems like it will fall in the mid $4. range which will produce serious cash flow!!
  • S
    Excerpt from the Oil Price piece "Why U.S. Shale Companies are So Undervalued" >>>>
    "As an example let’s compare the cash generation between Occidental Petroleum, (NYSE: OXY) and NextEra Energy, (NYSE: NEE). One company produces oil and gas primarily, and the other participates in the “Green Energy” sector building windmill farms for electricity generation.

    Author’s research/company filings

    Investors in NextEra are looking past a mountain of debt to award the company a capitalization of $168 bn at the current share price of ~$85. Some of this is understandable given the figurative, “wind at the back,” of this industry. Windfarms could be the “tulip craze” of the modern era, and are endorsed and sanctioned by local, state, and the Federal government. However, if dividend security is analyzed using conventional metrics in the table above, investors in OXY should be sleeping much better at night, than those holding shares of NEE.

    At some point, investors in NEE may have to come to grips with the fact that as attractive as this sector is socially, it is not generating returns sufficient to maintain generous dividends being offered.

    Analysts are beginning to take note of the cash generation being seen in the American upstream oil industry. Scott Gruber of Citibank, (NYSE:CITI) recently put out a bullish note on OXY, citing the company’s cash flow yield of ~13% for 2022. His short-term estimate for the stock includes growth to ~$35 per share.

    When all of this is considered you can understand why execs at OXY are anxious to finish their deleveraging over the next year. Vicki Hollub, CEO at OXY commented on the coming shift in capital allocation priorities once debt targets are insight-

    “We have significantly de-risked our balance sheet with the successful completion of our recent debt tenders, and this marks the next stage of our deleveraging effort as we work to further reduce debt and to lower our breakeven.

    While we still have work to do before transitioning to the next stage of our cash flow priorities, including returning additional capital to shareholders, we're confident that the steps we have completed to date and the strong operational performance that we continue to deliver will accelerate our progress.”
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    Oil 73 USD and oxy 28 USD ....

    This is rididcolus, oxy normally would be at 55 USD.

    With these oilprieces the Anadarko Deal was a GOOD DEAL.

    Once next asset deal with resonable price will be announced the stock price will skyrocket to 40 USD within one step.
  • M
    Buy Buy Buy! Next week OXY will announce tender offers.
  • W
    Well Armed Lamb
    Why would OXY slip over 5% on a day where oil prices actually increased and still remain well over $70.00?
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