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Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

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    Massive reduction, much more than expected .....
    Oil will be at 80 USD sooner as all Investors expect.

    OXY is a 55 USD stock, the actiual valuation is a bid manipulation.
    The chemical business alone is growing massivly and creates big profits.

    I am buying.

    A very big bargain, the same is Pfizer and Intel as well.
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    Oil 73 USD and oxy 28 USD ....

    This is rididcolus, oxy normally would be at 55 USD.

    With these oilprieces the Anadarko Deal was a GOOD DEAL.

    Once next asset deal with resonable price will be announced the stock price will skyrocket to 40 USD within one step.
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    ***** Not that I am a follower of Zack's....... but I am a long-term reader and sponge for information over the years........ and like a gold miner knee deep in a Sierra Madre Creek, I go through 30 pans a pay dirt to yield only one pan worth of good info. So today, after about a year and a half...... Zach's finally lifted the rating for OXY...... from a #3(hold) a #2 (buy)......Hmmmmm. FWIW
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    I totally agree... OXY is at least a doubler.
    The valuation is a big joke.. a bargain.
    I do not understand, why oxy is not at 60 USD.
    Oil is hihger than befpre corona and oxy was at 66 USD????
    Now ridicolus 28 USD ....

    I guess we need an substantial asset sale, what will happen soon.

    Viki queen of modern OIL….remember this, in Q4 2022, this company will generate 12 bill FCF, and have 20 bill of dept…..

    Generation opportunity
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    Its one thing to have such strong oil prices in Q3, but what about nat gas?? 30% of Oxys production is nat gas and 18% is nat gas liquids....great, right??

    Well the avg price of nat gas in q2 was $2.64, what will Q3 be?? Sure seems like it will fall in the mid $4. range which will produce serious cash flow!!
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    ***** I know a few people on the OXY board read this message board............ they need to convey a message to the top three who make the decisions which lead the board
    ........ well realizing these past months and the next couple of quarters ahead make it impossible to issue a dividend, it doesn't have to come back all at one whack full strength........... I would like to see and it is possible for the company by sometime in the second quarter of 2022...... to initiate a divvy...... to start with just 1 buck per share, and provide guidance that would include raising the dividend by $0.25 each quarter thereafter until it's back up to $2 per share........ as market conditions allow...... in other words ..... PHASE IN.... the dividend, kind of like an offshoot or variation of what DVN is doing with their variable dividend program which is well received by investors and the market in general......... this would Grease the wheels of the comeback for OXY.
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    Time value of the warrants is only $4.77 per share for a 6-year option. For leverage, I think it’s an incredibly attractive purchase point.
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    Excerpt from the Oil Price piece "Why U.S. Shale Companies are So Undervalued" >>>>
    "As an example let’s compare the cash generation between Occidental Petroleum, (NYSE: OXY) and NextEra Energy, (NYSE: NEE). One company produces oil and gas primarily, and the other participates in the “Green Energy” sector building windmill farms for electricity generation.

    Author’s research/company filings

    Investors in NextEra are looking past a mountain of debt to award the company a capitalization of $168 bn at the current share price of ~$85. Some of this is understandable given the figurative, “wind at the back,” of this industry. Windfarms could be the “tulip craze” of the modern era, and are endorsed and sanctioned by local, state, and the Federal government. However, if dividend security is analyzed using conventional metrics in the table above, investors in OXY should be sleeping much better at night, than those holding shares of NEE.

    At some point, investors in NEE may have to come to grips with the fact that as attractive as this sector is socially, it is not generating returns sufficient to maintain generous dividends being offered.

    Analysts are beginning to take note of the cash generation being seen in the American upstream oil industry. Scott Gruber of Citibank, (NYSE:CITI) recently put out a bullish note on OXY, citing the company’s cash flow yield of ~13% for 2022. His short-term estimate for the stock includes growth to ~$35 per share.

    When all of this is considered you can understand why execs at OXY are anxious to finish their deleveraging over the next year. Vicki Hollub, CEO at OXY commented on the coming shift in capital allocation priorities once debt targets are insight-

    “We have significantly de-risked our balance sheet with the successful completion of our recent debt tenders, and this marks the next stage of our deleveraging effort as we work to further reduce debt and to lower our breakeven.

    While we still have work to do before transitioning to the next stage of our cash flow priorities, including returning additional capital to shareholders, we're confident that the steps we have completed to date and the strong operational performance that we continue to deliver will accelerate our progress.”
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    Given the storm damage in the gulf , the drop in production & transport , and the continuing weather threat ( it’s still early in Hurricane season ) along with higher consumption across the country , OXY looks primed to hit $30-$32 once again in short order . All IMO.
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    nat gas at these levels is like oil at a hundred for oxy and others...a big part of their daily production is nat gas
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    If pre-market prices hold, then we will be above the 50, 100 and 200 day moving averages for the first time since early July. Bullish. Let's see if we hold the pre-market gains.
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    Mr Clean
    If you want to see our potential in market cap and where our stock price could be heading you should go compare OXY to COP, our numbers are very close and if we drop our debt we should have a larger market cap then them.
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    Miller Tabak's chief strategist, Matt Mailey, spotted a rare technical analysis pattern - the golden cross - on the weekly WTI crude oil price chart. The analyst told about this in an interview with CNBC.

    • Golden Cross occurs when the short-term moving average of an asset crosses and exceeds the long-term moving average. Usually this situation is viewed as a signal for further growth.

    • The $ GS analyst also believes that oil prices will rise due to increased consumption amid rising prices for gas (for gas, talks about a price of $ 10 in the future are already beginning) and other alternative energy sources.
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    Lean Government
    Chevron Corp Chief Executive Mike Wirth said on Wednesday(9/15/2021) the company prefers to return money to its shareholders rather than use it to invest in solar and wind power projects.
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    20 cents from the high not a bad day at all!=)
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    We have US selling oil from reserves, China releasing oil from their national reserves, inventory of DUC at a multi-year low, combined with strict CapEx discipline from Big oils. We even had POTUS begging OPEC to increase supply. What more proof of coming supply crunch do we need?
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    lol dude..even China has now started to release oil from their strategic reserves. Oil demand is recovering and will probably exceed pre-pandemic levels, while at the same time supply is being constrained.
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    Cramer now bullish on OXY, price of oil surging and shorts going crazy. The perfect storm. Higher.
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    OPEC raised its forecast for global oil demand for 2022 by just under a million barrels a day to 100.8 million barrels a day, higher than 2019’s demand level of 100.3 million...Wall Street journal quote.
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    Almost $72 a barrel this morning. Hoping this knocks out the 10 am selloff hour