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Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

NYSE - Nasdaq Real Time Price. Currency in USD
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71.29+6.41 (+9.88%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
70.98 -0.31 (-0.43%)
After hours: 07:59PM EDT

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  • C
    Occidental Petroleum (NYSE: OXY) gains on FERC document approving Warren Buffett's Berkshire request to accumulate up to 50% of the stock.
  • j
    I had 8,000 shares I sold at $10.25 and lost $25,000. I should’ve bought 8,000 more. True story
  • G
    How much NG does OXY produce?
    It's an important question because that is what Buffet is after IMHO
  • P
    Warren will eat good tonight. Pizza and wings maybe!! Oh yes a 6pack too!!
  • C
    ***** THIS COULD BE ------ a 60 million share trading day !!
    .......Shorty don't count that high!! ...ggg
  • C
    Would anyone gg to accumulate 50% and not taking over it?? Think about it. WB is trying to minimise the premium when tt day comes.

    Money is on the table. Shortists better covered soon
  • J
    So I suppose shorts are now getting the margin calls to cover their position by Monday morning?
  • R
    Buffet to purchase upto 465 million shares of oxidental. He already has purchased 190 million. So he intend to buy up-to 275 million more shares
    He may buy on days when shares are down so hold your shares
  • R
    $CPE conversation
    Breaking WB to acquire up to 50% of $OXY common… FERC filing confirmed
  • y
    Remember shorts are up to 12% will be a glorious squeeze.
  • F
    Bet before filing with FERC buffet had his next step for OXY ready to go Using round numbers Buffett with last 6.68 million share buy has in stock, preferred, and warrants has about 25% of OXY which is 232 million shares of OXY and he can buy about 465 million shares [ 50% ]. OXY has out about 931 Million shares so Buffett can buy about 233 million more shares.
    DOUBT SERIOUSLY HE WILL DO MUCH OF THAT BUYING IN OPEN MARKET!!!! Think Buffett wants to get quickly to his total current allowed shares and does not want to try to buy in the open market due to price increases caused by his buying. THINK STYRONGLY BUFFETT WILL MAKE A TENDER OFFER FOR THE BALANCE BRINGING HIM TO TOTAL OXY ALLOWED!!!
  • R
    Something is going on. Suddenly volume has being extremely heavy with a constant rise in the share price. I don't want to sound crazy, but it is almost like someone new is accumulating the stock or there is going to be some kind of a takeover announced over the weekend.
  • b
    Uncle Buffy is driving the bus….big gap up soon — + 80
  • B
    Beefy Meats
    So if he wanted to buy OXY, wouldn't he just put in an offer based on yesterday's SP with a premium rather than get approved to buy up to 50% which will inevitably raise the SP making it more expensive for him to acquire the whole thing? Makes me think he loves this company, but doesn't want to own it outright.
  • M
    Cut to hold from buy by Tudor Pickering. They must have a different thought process. There is nothing but good news and a very optimistic future. What am I missing?
  • J
    I'd rather see a normal recovery and not to many spikes so we're sure it's stable and we don't crash somewhere between 26 and 28 because the 12K risk still exists in that region . Honestly , now i'm a bit nervous with so many green candles
  • L
    Glad I listen to my cousin and brought this back at $25.00
  • A
    thank you Warren Buffet, you made lots of people happy . Big profit just following him. Congratulations to all longs.
  • d
    I know we are all talking about Buffett but how about that botched sale by Wells?
    Crazy to read how much they were planning on selling and then when they did dump 1.1M !
    Man, if I knew that's why it went down... I would have bought as much as possible!
  • A
    If WB gets 50%, he needs to double the number of shares he already bought...I see another $10/sh....moving it towards 80/sh opinion