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Novo Resources Corp. (NSRPF)

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    Earnings out on Friday or Monday we will see how Q3 turns out. Not expecting huge results. But it will be record earnings by virtue of this being the first Quarter of production. Things are still ramping up.
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    Looks like the bottom is in. Sorter is on site, drills turning, Crusher fixed ore going thru the mill and gold being poured. Only up from here.
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    Would be a yahoo top 10 gainer today if they ever included gold stocks.
    New surface high grade gold = cheap to mine.
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    It will not take long before this one really pops. It is a matter of days or maybe weeks. Many good things are not valued in this (far too low) share price yet.
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    Still time to get out at the bottom. Follow the retail trend buy high sell low.
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    very few mentions of the fact that NOVO owns 15% of Newfoundland Gold....which is the talk of the town...the ownership of that company alone makes Novo value in multiples of todays price
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    good entree point here
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    So quiet here! When are earnings due? Can’t find the date. Thanx!
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    Why are we down?
    Two reasons, The blowout with KR is a major factor they sold millions of shares. into the market these have to be absorbed by new investors which has had a knock on effect.
    Secondly when a mining company gets a major private placement. The company who loans the money usually takes out a short position on the company it lent money to. Knowing in all probability the news of delusion will drive prices lower. so they make money on both sides of the action.
    Its was a perfect storm for Novo, will they recover? I'm sure they will. But it will take time. The price will not react until the production numbers come out in the next earnings period. That will start a positive chain reaction to the upside. New will bring in new buyers cleaning up the KR overflow and shorts will cover and Novo will be on its way. Can something else go wrong? Sure but if this was a sure thing it would be trading at$50.. instead of $2.00. SO if you thought it was a solid purchase at $4.00 a share... and nothing fundamentally has changed with regards to the mining side of Novo they its on sale at these prices. If you think its over for Novo you best cut your losses and move on. I think we are just fine gold is being sold so its all good. Buys some more come back in a year or so and make a decision then. Don't worry about the day to day noise.
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    Does Quinton even both trying to pump this company anymore?
    Seems like he's moved on to his next scam, Eskay.
    Just another dead in the water PM mining company.
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    Owned quite a substantial amount of shares for a few years .Think this is it ,the time we all have been waithing for ,finally mining for gold soon.
    this should be a bagger in the very near future!
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    SO 2 weeks later...

    We are closing the week at $2.54 up from $2.16 from 15 days ago. Downward trend has been broken getting momentum to the upside lets see if it continues. Volume is steady, Gold is getting milled, bars poured. How many remains to be seen. One thing for sure it will be a whole lot more than was poured in the Q1. If I was holding some of the 1.6 million short positions. I would be concerned at this point. Time will tell.
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    News Release:


    Record gold production of 5,064 oz Au for May 2021, realizing revenue of C$10.8 million (A$11.5 million) from the sale of 4,754 oz Au at an average realized gold price of A$2,407

    Mining and processing rates continue to increase month-on-month

    May 2021 month-end cash balance of C$45.2 million (excluding fair value of investments of approximately C$204 million)
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    Mining without due diligence is rarely successful, if u know of an example, please post it...
    A decision by Novo to place the Beatons Creek Project into production following the completion of the Acquisition might be made without being based on a technical report, preliminary economic assessment, pre-feasibility study or feasibility study of mineral reserves demonstrating economic and technical viability, and, as a result, there may be an increased uncertainty of achieving any particular level of recovery of minerals or the cost of such recovery, including increased risks associated with developing a commercially mineable deposit. Historically, such projects have a much higher risk of economic and technical failure. It is further cautioned that the mineral resource is preliminary in nature and includes inferred resources that are considered too speculative geologically to have the economic considerations applied to them that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves. Mineral resources that are not mineral reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability.
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    John T
    Jay Taylor Radio show guest this week is Quinton Hennigh is guest speaking to the announcement made recently about the purchase of a mill and other assioced asset near the project. He is the second guest on teh show. The whole is worth a listen.
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    And Q is playing in the sandbox for a few extra shackles while his own comp. 100 times larger has lost, is losing its largest investors. Play Aussie gold growth w Karora (formerly, royal nickel), active shareholder aligned mgmnt.
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    Well, I guess this is what opportunity looks like.

    As per very recent data from AGM presentation, the company had about $250 million net in terms of cash and marketable securities, or about $1 per share. If you subtract this from the current share price and market capitalization, you end up with $160 million in market cap or $ 0.70 per share for company that has fully paid for mill, in production, with 800,000 ounce resource at the mill site, and all of the prospective land package and potential of the northwestern Pilbara in Australia. Also note comments toward end of AGM You Tube presentation in that production in latest quarter was enough to more than cover costs at the mill, with production increasing.

    Seems like a bargain at the current prices. Net of cash and securities, buying the stock for $ 0.70 per share.
    Forward PE or cash flow (since i bet they will use cash flow to invest in their tenures) of maybe 2-3 once they reach 8000 ounces per month of production, which should be later this year.

    i've been loading up.
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    Pouring gold.., love the sound of that!

    Short term, the only risk I see is a covid outbreak.
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    What've happened to this board? Anyone here?