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    Nick asked, "What do you think about the fact that there seems to be near 0% of insider holding?" I think that this is simply an error in the reporting systems of services such as Yahoo finance. NNDM is an Israeli-registered company and I don't think their information gets updated as well. The CEO, Yoav Stern purchased in August 2020 a warrant to buy 6.8 million shares. The warrant cost him $150,000 up front. A company Director, Yaron Eitan in September paid $150,000 up front for a warrant to purchase up to 1.5 million of the company's shares. (His warrant likely cost more per share because the share price had already started going up between August and September.) I do not know how many of these shares have been actually bought - but these warrants vest over three years and have a term of seven years. What is an exceptionally good sign about these warrants is that they were not just options granted for free, but the executives had to pay upfront for them. (Both of these warrants are far "in the money" as the highest exercise price was $2.25 and Yoav Stern's average exercise price would be at about $1.32 per share.)
    Next, when looking at shares issued last month, at one point it was 207 million and then a couple weeks later it was at 209 million (this was before the $500 million dollar placement) and cash on hand had gone up by several million dollars during the two-week period. This was clearly from the exercise of options by insiders.
    So, I am not worried in the least about the incorrect reporting on US financial services. None of them get this stuff right. I read an article written week that said NNDM had $32 million in cash. The author was evidently using last year's annual or 3Q data and did not include $1.45 billion in cash raised through the placements. The same thing is happening with these finance wires - they simply are out of date or are not properly tracking insider purchases in foreign companies. The warrant purchases by the CEO and director should allay your fears - they are fully vested in the long term success of the company. Since their warrants are not all fully executable until fall of 2023 - they have all the incentive to see the company do well.
    Best regards,
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    Stunning how many weak hands are being flushed out. With $6.05 in cash, today's price is basically saying that NNDM the company is worthless - i.e. placing no value on its intellectual property, no value to its R&D, no value to its patents. 5 weeks ago (when the company had 500 million less dollars, one one less patent than it does today - one was granted on 26 January) and yet it trades at 11 dollars per share lower. Yep, NNDM is now trading at 38% of that high and yet the thesis has gotten better - more money, another patent, started AME academy, announced they have a newer Dragonfly coming out in the summer with limited production capability, and vaccines will allow them to resume on-site vists which are key for installation and maintenance of DRagofly systems.
    I am surprised by the level of the downturn, but don't see the rationale for this degree of panic. I won't predict a bottom as markets can always do some pretty crazy things in the short term, but when this rebounds it will be a very quick ascent in price.
    Now sitting on 44,500 shares. Bought more in mid sixes today.
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    Could do a lot of sideways for a while. But don't forget the rationnal reasons why you invested at the beggining.

    Also don't forget that us, as retail investors, do not have the same information as the big institutional investors that purchase their offering shares at 12,80 and below. Something big is up in my opinion and it is very normal that the P/R is lacking. I honestly prefer my company to stay lowkey and focus on what i want them to do with their technology rather than trying to please momentum traders by focusing on meaningless pumpinp of their own stock. It helps us long-term investors get more value.

    I don't think that all they do is perfect, but i give the management the benefit of the doubt for what seems to be a significant play in industrial technologies. 2030 vision.

    Dislaimer : i own 1500 shares of NNDM at a 10.20 avg cost and i am planning on continuing to average up/down as my conviction grows, with M&A news, contract news, and my own research. Looking forward for that earnings call to get some guidance near term and hopefully a good update on what these guys are up to. Optimistic.

    What y'all think? Don't hesitate to share your beliefs and analysis.
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    Watched a You Tube video of a guy called the Stock Moe. He bought NNDM at $11 and sold at $7 for the tax loss. Clearly he did not understand NNDM. His entire portfolio was only $20k. He’ll never get rich. That’s why he needs to make You Tube videos. Same goes for Jim Cramer. He’s a momentum trader. Momentum trading doesn’t work. The people selling now are momentum traders locking in their tax losses. After 50 years of trading, here is what I have learned...never sell. In my lifetime I have sold 3 stocks that actually went bankrupt. I have sold countless stocks, cheap, that went to the moon or got bought out. It makes me sick thinking about it. In terms of number of shares, NNDM is my largest holding. In terms of net worth, it’s a tiny fraction of my net worth. That’s because years ago I bought stocks that have gone up 10, 100, even 1000 times. Just holding onto them makes me feel like a winner. I don’t care that their market value has dropped. I have tried trading. It doesn’t work. In this market I would have sold last November and missed the big run up. And now, during this crash, how low is low? Wait too long and you’ll miss the bottom, or buy back higher than you sold. I did that once with AAPL. Thank God I bought AAPL back. I think NNDM hit bottom at 7.08, but if I am wrong, I’ll just buy more at a lower price. I’ve got my eye on a few other stocks, but they haven’t given me a buy signal yet and I already own a small amount of them. But if you watch the You Tube video of Yaov Stern talking about NNDM, he says that the NNDM Dragonfly is a very small part of a much larger strategy. He’s a visionary. 100 years from now there won’t be any difference between prototyping and manufacturing. They will both take just a few hours, just like data publishing does now. Of course I’ll be dead 100 years from now, but hopefully I will have passed down what I have learned to future generations.
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    Senate just passed the 1.9 Trillion covid relief bill💲I bet here comes funding!!! 🚀 Hoping for a good market next week! 🙏🏻 Keep holding guys! Never sell for loss! $NNDM $NIO $EH $CCIV $CLVS $ZOM $OPTT $CIDM $PULM $OZSC $INKW $HCMC $CFMS $ENZC $NTRR
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    $NIO conversation
    Futures are still trying to strike a positive uptick this morning even with the 10 year hitting 1.626 just as the employment numbers got released a few minutes ago. S&P is trying hard to gain back overnight and ignore the trigger of selling by the algo bots (aka manipulation). We need S&P to get above 3800 and break 3850 to show this is more than a rebound. I don't expect a miracle today, but like I said yesterday, I expect a leveling off of the selling and fomo bottom buying. The 10 year yield is above 1.60...and I don't think it's a sustainable level will drop back a bit...just like it did a week ago. 10 yield should be sitting pretty around 1.42-1.50 range IMO for now...and slowly climb as normalcy returns trickles back. $NIO is going to try to bounce up from the 38-39 support range because $TSLA is going to try bouncing off a strong 600 support. NIO's volume yesterday was staggering. Last time we had volume like yesterday was early January, when we had an influx of buying and sending price up. Hopefully things have balanced out as a result from yesterday's selling. $PLUG has hit a similar support level right below 38 on 2/23 and then yesterday from the same level yesterday. The sentiment among these three alternative energy companies is following the same pattern. $NNDM is at a strong suport that began back in first few days of January as well, not to mention it's at oversold levels. S&P is now up almost 30 points and aiming at breaking 3800 now the drama with 10-yr comes below 1.60. Yesterday, I added more shares of NNDM, NIO, PLUG, $CCIV, $XPEV. A new stock I believe is very discounted is $CLOV and believe it's a good value under $8. The one to really keep an eye also is $NNDM today for me. This is extremely low and can easily climb up to 9-10 level with a market rebound, so it's a great entry under $8. With market coping with acceptance with all of the latest news & numbers, NIO is going to bounce hard above 40 once bullish volume returns, so I highly recommend buying under 40. Once it breaks 39, it will have good momentum to keep moving up. But like I said yesterday, I conservatively expect a tapering off the selling and plateauing out today...if it recovers back up, great...but right now we need the fear selling to stop, which I think it will now. Trust the process: Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    I'm new to trading, maybe someone could elaborate. NNDM recently raised around $1.5b in cash. I imagine one of the first moves is to hire the best salespeople in the industry to promote their product/technology? Then sales to follow?
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    Patience. For those who are saying that investors are losing confidence, I would say more that traders are losing confidence and patience, not investors. Look at the overall market in last few weeks - I for one think that NNDM management was exceptionally shrewd to make the last offering over $500 million at 12.80 per share. They struck that deal just before equity markets soured. Part of running a business is knowing how to raise money. They have a technology that allowed money to be raised, now it is time to start turning that into a profitable business - perhaps in 12-months they could be profitable.
    I don't want them to rush out and make an acquisition that isn't additive to the bottom line (and frankly, most are not - in the history of mergers / take-overs). I am fine letting them continue R&D and analyzing companies for the best fit. I was encouraged to hear that they have a newer, more capable Dragonfly coming out this summer and since the CEO described it as "limited production" capable, that means that it must be faster or have higher volume output. That is ultimately what will make NNDM a game-changer - machines that are used for prototyping and production. Patience is needed. I think the company must have more "up its sleeve" to support confidence in the short term - it did, remember, just over two weeks ago inspire confidence in underwriters to the tune of $500 million. Those underwriters are now underwater exactly 25% - you can bet they are having talks to management about actions to enhance the stock price. I am not happy of the decline (especially below 12.80) but I am not panicking and selling either. Best regards and good luck to the patient people out there!
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    The market value of this company now is almost as high as the amount of cash it holds. There is no similar example in the market.
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    $NIO conversation
    The 10 year interest rate spike isn't sustainable to stay above 1.50...and even it floats there, tech stocks are going to spike back up quickly as bulls know the value in $NIO, $NNDM, $NGAC, $FRSX, $PLUG.
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    Alot of people starting to panic. If you're short term investor, there might be a reason for it. But if you researched the company and bought it cause of the disruptive techonology in this field & future potential, theres no reason to panic.

    Not only is the whole tech sector "crashing" or in the mid of price correction, the 3D printing & SPAC sector is getting hit heavily. There's been alot of air in the stock prices recently and everyone knows it. Look at any 3D printing company, Stratasys and others and you will see a correlation with the graphs, it's the whole market, not NNDM specifically. Keep this in mind when you do the decision on whether to buy more, sell, or hold.
    If you bought earlier cause of Cathie Wood, you got your proof yesterday that ARK has not abandoned nndm. She praised nndm's current management team and was positive for the future vision of the ceo/nndm. Generally speaking, if you can't handle red days you don't deserve green days. NNDM has been up 300+% for some people including me. This is a highly volatile stock, you saw it during the green days and now you're tasting same volatility but in opposite direction, pretty normal stuff. The fall in price has nothing to do with the company itself.

    My investment strategy with this stock was to buy and hold for years. The insane cash reserve and debt freeness has secured the company if a total crash in the market should occur, the business has zero chance of going bankrupt. I still believe this is a company that has potential to do big things, thats why I'm averaging in during these red days and i'm not too worried. I'm planning to evaluate the situation after 5 - 10 years. Therefore what happens to the stock price this year or even next year is not that important to me, as long as the company stays in track. I'm interested to see how they're planning to operate once the covid shifts away, thats seems to be a big checkpoint and place to wonder whether to sell or hold. But right now with this cash reserve, focus on r&d and acquisitions, theres no way im selling.

    Sorta off topic: The interest rates has seen the most steepest single rise in 10 years. This has scared the markets and brought an idea to the market that maybe the interest rates wont stay this low as long as people originally thought. This is the single biggest reason for these red days. Rising interest rates = stock prices will fall. However, I don't believe the rates will continue to rise in the future the way it would threat stock prices too much. Fed has continuously said they're willing to support the market over the covid, new stimulus pack is already approved and is right around the corner. I'm sure Biden does everything in his power to support the economy and push the fed for action, he doesen't want the markets to crash on his first year believe me lol. Not after trump set record before and during the pandemic.
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    If the CEO can scale this business, I see huge potential ,
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    Was great opportunities to buy at 6 this will pop back up this week close to offering price
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    $NIO conversation
    I'm not concerned about Friday. Powell was the biggest fear factor today and he managed to say just the right arrangement of words to nudge the 10 year yield and it went screaming as if it got slapped. Huge overreaction. I've bought more shares today. The algo bot triggers have already done their part. Now it's just real people trying to daytrade and others looking for the bottom to ride back up to 60+....which will take some time as climbs always take longer than falls without good news. NIO will return. Stay the course. I remember days when it go from $4 to $2. Swings are never fun, but as a long term investor, you have to never sell...and just keep adding more shares when you see a sale. That's it. Other stocks I'm buying more of heavy today are $NNDM, $NGAC, $XPEV, $FRSX...all of these are not getting as much attention as NIO & $TSLA, but they have hit bottom IMO from the fiasco of the last couple of weeks...with the rest of the market also likely trying to rebound. Friday I think will be flat or move upwards. Today's selloff was ridiculous. I'm keeping some funds available on the side just in case, but looking at the Day timeframe charts of all of my watchlist of stocks being oversold for multiple days, everyone wants a recovery now...including all of the institutions that needed to recover from their short losses and get major discounts. Keep buying $NIO (under 40), $NNDM (under $7.70), $PLUG (under 40), $FRSX (under 6.40), $NGAC (under 10.30), $XPEV (under 30), $CCIV (under 25)...and keep holding. All of these are guaranteed to double your money within 12 months...or sooner.
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    So my personal opinion is that with 1.5 billion in the bank they should show confidence to shareholders and buy back some shares.. IMO
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    I bought 400 shares at $13.87. Full confidence in NNDM but dang there’s a lot of red in my portfolio with this stock. I think I will buy some more
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    can some on give honest opinion, should I invest in NNDM for short term or not ..3-5 months only..where do we see this in next 6 months..
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    So many catalysts here.

    - $1.5b in cash. Acquisition(s) incoming
    - Stimulus on the way
    - Covid lockdowns starting to end across the globe and industrials return to normal. Meaning sales of Dragonfly machine in the later part of 2021 can commence
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    All that cash and technology takeover target
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    ARK owns approximately 13.8M shares as of today.