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Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NCLH)

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    This is my 11th weekend post

    It was just two weeks ago, Oct. 9th to be exact that NCL had closed at 18.73 and the model predicted there was more upside potential with a target box of 19.75 to 21.25. I commented in that post that the fifth wave had been weak but still had some more to go.
    We all know what happened then. On Mon. CCL cut some cruises and on TU RCL raised capital through a bond sale and stock offering. It appeared that the fifth wave was over when the stock hit 15.65 on Oct. 15. But the fifth and FINAL wave of this uptrend has reemerged as even more powerful than its predecessor. The intermediate term target box for this move is now 20.50 to 22.50 with most of the move coming during the upcoming week.
    The S&P model still has a target range of 3575 to 3650 before a step sell off interrupts the party. Once the sell off begins we are looking at a 15% to 25% decline with the higher decline more likely if we get to 3650. Look for a rapid vertical ascent (blow off top) to signal the end of the rally.
    Finally, the trading range for this week is 18.05 to 21.25 as NCL joins in on the blow off.

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    All of you doom and gloom shorts have fully exposed yourselves today. Also hopefully you folks should finally realize models and charts do NOT work in this unique market, as Public sentiment, covid cases/vaccine/therapy news and the election are running things.

    We will be fine. Like I've said, NCLH will NOT see sub 15.

    Pelosi continues to stall covid package to the people. Pelosi does NOT want a deal before the election. Republicans just put a $500 billion deal up last Wednesday that Pelosi shot down. Unfortunately we will likely have to wait until after the election before another Covid package is agreed-upon.

    Positive cases do NOT equate to a death. 99.9% survival rate.

    Covid is a massive political tool for the Democrats and they are squeezing every ounce out of it
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    Today may be the last time to buy below $17. We got rocked a little today, but stood our ground pretty well in the end.
  • T
    don't expect that vaccine will help. To mass produce vaccine will take another year lol
  • A
    Fast growing number of first-class passengers are fleeing to private jet broker JETR. Hedge your bets and put a few dollars on 9 cent JETR. Not many shares outstanding and tiny float. Record earnings report in 2 weeks could send shares from 9 cents to 30 cents and over $1 within a few months.
    Commercial Airline Losses Turning Into Record Gains For Private Jet Company - 8 Cent Per Share "Star Jets International" Sales Soaring With $200 Million Sales Target - BioResearch Alert
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    So just in the last month we're doing 50% more daily testing (from about 700-800k to 1,100k-1,200k daily tests). And low and behold daily new cases have shot up by -- OMG -- 50%. Ahhhh run, Godzilla. (*source: covidtracking(doot)comm)
  • L
    Shorts to cover more today, expect another green day. Remember Trump /Pence wanna open up. It's pretty clear Pence is running the show and overuling the CDC...don't think there'll be another extension.
    Also this gets overlooked......NCL, AND CCL bosses are big donors / supporters of Trump, they need a favour returned!!
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    I am expecting NCLH in the $12 - $13 range in the near future. A COVID-19 vaccine will not be available until 2021. The Republican administration including Donald have decided not to do anything in regards to controlling COVID-19. We currently at a record high of 80,000 daily cases, and we have an alarming number of hospitalizations. Why do you think the market is falling today.
    In addition, no stimulus package will not get approved until 2021.
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    Today I covered, then bought, then sold RCL and NCLH. Most profitable day ever. No position now.
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    "AstraZeneca (AZN) on Monday reported that its Covid-19 vaccine candidate worked as well in older test subjects as it did in younger adults"
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    USA just surpassed 70,000 new cases today with 3 states still not reported take it for what it’s worth
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    Amy Coney Barrett is now confirmed to the Supreme Court!!

  • J
    FDA requires vaccine makers to wait for 2 months ( to see if there might be side effects) after administering a final dose in a vaccine trial before applying for emergency use authorization. So when did these vaccine makers administer that final dose?
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    You people are all delusional if you think there will be cruises from US ports before at least March 2021, and probably later than that. The virus is totally out of control and no one in the US seems to be doing much about it. Cruises are just not going to happen.
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    if airlines plans to go ahead... Southwest currently blocks the middle seat on its aircraft but Kelly says “We will resume selling all available seats for travel beginning December 1,” based on “findings from trusted medical and aviation organizations.”
    if this is the case THEN WE CAN SAIL!!!
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    Did the CEO of Bahamas Paradise let the cat out of the bag lol
  • T
    I wasn’t to far off yesterday. I said it would hit 16.38ish Went down time 6.35 before a small rally. I see 15.50 in the near future...
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    Oh Lord Jesus help me, If biden gets in there won’t be cruises for the next 4 years.
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    Market is up directly after this debate and the reason is because Trump did a solid performance even though he was cut off far more times by the moderator and interrupted than Biden. We had multiple people here in our debate party group with stopwatches timing and on average Biden was able to have three and four follow-up responses were Trump would have on average two. Having said that's the big takeaways.

    Biden said he's going to eliminate oil ..outch!!.......Biden said he NEVER said that he opposed fracking..HUGE LIE........ Biden said a $15 mandatory minimum wage would NOT hurt small businesses..Another huge LIE....... Biden said no one lost their healthcare coverage because of Obamacare..huge LIE... Biden was also very dark about the future with regard to Covid ...sad and unsettling, especially if you have money invested in NCLH.......
    In contrast, Trump was saying .."look, let's open this country but protect the elderly, we know how to handle Covid now"...."we can't keep everyone shut down and keep kids out of school ..let's move forward and we will deal with this but we can't continue to destroy people's lives...". Much more calming answer.

    Biden lied about the cages with the children because they were manufactured under Obama.

    Biden lied through his teeth about people returning to court under their old 'catch and release' nonsense.

    I'm sure the Democrats on this board think Biden did well but the next week will show add after add proving Biden lied in multiple instances.

    Trump also said he runs this country like a business which is the CORRECT approach.

    All in all much better debate than the first one.
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    $50 minimum 12 months from today.