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Johnson Controls International plc (JCI)

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  • m
    This company will flounder until they get rid of their WOKE ceo , who has damaged this company badly in my opinion.
  • P
    Have a look at ticker ILUS as well my fellow investors, they are rapidly expanding & uplisting in 2022. ILUS International is a rather new company, they have increased profits and revenue every quarter since inception.
    ILUS Q1, 2022 revenue is up 482% over Q1, 2021. This does not even include the revenue from a couple of their most recent acquisitions.
    ILUS just announced a 100-million dollar plus in revenue acquisition.
    This news came out of Yahoo Finance on 5/25/2022.
    In addition to this large acquisition, ILUS has just announced that they have acquired Wikisoft, ticker WSFT. WSFT is now a member of the ILUS family.
    ILUS is in the process of becoming a conglomerate, with several different companies and divisions under the ILUS umbrella.
    ILUS manufactures EV's, UAV's, and Drones to name a few of their many business endeavors. They are an M & A company and growing fast.
    ILUS is about to begin manufacturing the E-Raptor, the worlds first and only six-wheel all electric utility vehicle. This will take place at the new 600,000 plus square foot facility in Serbia. It is a part of the significant deal that ILUS has recently signed with the European Union. ILUS will incorporate in the manufacturing process urban mining / battery recycling.
    (Please see the ILUS / E-Raptor website to view the E-Raptor)
    ILUS holds patented firefighting / safety technology as well. They are trying to assist with the containment of both EV battery, and wildfires. The wildfires out west are a major concern and solutions are being developed.
    ILUS holds patented technology that can contain EV battery fires significantly faster than current traditional methods. (Water mist nozzle)
    ILUS has completed "8" acquisitions in the last 16 months. Vira Drones is one of the more significant. The estimated valuation is over 1- billion dollars.
    ILUS is also reducing their number of outstanding shares by 180 million shares, in addition to all the other excellent news they have recently released. Please see OTC Markets for their most recent share reduction that has been posted. They always do what they say they will do, always.
    ILUS International is in a very substantial, long-term agreement with the European Union, and will begin manufacturing a variety of vehicles including those used by the military and defense sectors in Europe, as well as the private sector. ILUS is at least worth a look, certainly undervalued.
    (Please see Yahoo Finance for recent news & updates)
  • r
    too much debt. dividend payout too high under the circumstances.
  • S
    August 31, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, today announced that Sensormatic Solutions, its leading global retail solutions portfolio, is streamlining its store shrink visibility offering globally to combat recent increases in shoplifting, internal theft and organized crime across retail enterprises.
    This new offering combines RFID-enabled detection systems and Electronic Product Code (EPC) item-level data with Sensormatic IQ. Together these systems unify diverse data and insights through a new intelligent operating platform to drive improved shopper experiences and retail outcomes.

    In-store shopping is recovering with increased consumer confidence1, but according to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are 965,000 open retail jobs, creating a challenging environment for retailers that makes theft and fraud easier.
    "Sensormatic Solutions’ new offering helps retailers address the record levels of shrink and fraud, as they face a perfect storm of increased foot traffic and a labor shortage, along with continuing economic challenges and the anonymity of face coverings," said Craig Szklany, Sensormatic Solutions VP of global solutions management & marketing.
    As consumer expectations change and shoppers become more accustomed to the accessibility of online shopping and fulfilment options like buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), retailers can successfully navigate increasing in-store traffic by having the right merchandise in the right place at the right time offering unified commerce across all channels.
    With inventory and shopper behavior insights from Sensormatic IQ helping retailers create positive interactions with consumers, they can now understand what, when and how specific items go missing in real-time with integrated shrink visibility offerings. These actionable insights provide a new perspective of loss events across the enterprise and allow retailers to target shrink mitigation efforts more precisely while still delivering a frictionless experience for shoppers.
  • N
    Not sure
    Still laughing about the company wanting to buy back my shares at $42 just a few years ago, the funny thing is that that was about the market price at the time (therefore what was my incentive to sell). Glad I held onto them. A 33.6% annual return over the last two years.
  • w
    Use of sale proceeds on deal closed today--$3.4B debt reduction, or a bit more than 25% and buying $8+B of shares seems meaningful.
    Apparently this has been known, but new to me. Plus a bit more added to the total today.
  • J
    Does anyone know if Johnson shareholders will receive stock in BBU from the sale of the Power Solutions, similar to the way Adient was handled, or will shareholders only see a change in dividends?
  • S
    Pretty amazing, how one of America's great companies has sunk to new lows. On the day of earnings, not one post, nor has there been a legit one for eight days, volumes are not even going to meet normal average volumes. Such a sad state of affairs for a company which has the potential to be the money making version of Telsa/Solar City/Giga Factory but failed to be able to figure out how to capitalize on the Building Efficiency Group, Energy Storage Group and Automotive Experience Group, instead they focused on Building Efficiency Group with the acquisition of Tyco and the divestiture of Adient and sale of Battery Group. Simply gross mismanagement.
  • D
    If any real weakness develops with today's GS sell JCI is a buy. GS is a little late with their recommendation.
  • W
    Time to buy
  • B
    Hopefully the price of JCI will go over $40 by the end of 2017.
  • J
    Why is it down 24% AH???
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Johnson Controls reached a 52 Week high at 79.07
  • N
    Is anyone shocked by this? George Oliver special- cut cost to hit earnings and never grow revenue. Until the point where he has cut SO deep that there are no more cost to cut and that’s what you call- a death spiral.
  • S
    Wow, I used to love this company, then we get the tax inversion deal with Tyco, the spin off of ADNT and now the spin off of the energy management division. It amazes how this company in its attempts to focus on a single sector has really weaken the company's ability to handle various market conditions. I know people think that the automotive sector is very economic sensitive and lower margins, but the two auto divisions worked well with the BE division as they were the zig to the zag. Not sure about this one anymore.
  • S
    Even with Credit Suisse and Oppenheimer pumping the stock today, the price just languishes, probably the worst run company in Ireland/America. Having worked here in the 2000's when the company was three business units and seeing where it is now, makes me glad I sold all of my stock when I left the company.
  • M
    With the world's attention on COVID 19, air change in buildings, etc shouldn't this stock be
    "bullish"? I rarely hear anything out of R&D or future developments. Someone give me a reason
    to ever buy this stock. The dividend is not enough of an incentive.
  • J
    Seriously, did someone at the WSJ press the wrong button? This Alex "news" happened 2 years ago. I guess they couldn't find any other bad news on JCI so the best they could do was bring something up that happened 2 years ago on someone that doesn't even work for the company any more.
  • P
    I'm a long term holder of this stock and will keep holding on
  • P
    Headed for 20% earnings beat