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Imperial Oil Limited (IMO)

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    Why this is not going up? the oil price is back to over 40?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    IMO.TO is down 5.60% to 19.74
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    Watch oil futures and correlate to IMO. When CL rebounds then IMO increases.
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    IMO is now more expensive than SU
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    Had enough of this, dumped every last share and never touching oil ever again.
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    Great company but price is too high right now compared to oil. Waiting for around $13.
    the profitability of any oil company is questionable going forward but if any company will survive imo will
    because of the one thing investors like
    These deferrals have resulted in an updated capital outlook of $1.1 billion to $1.2 billion for 2020, a $500 million (30 percent) reduction compared to original guidance of $1.6 billion to $1.7 billion.

    In addition to this reduction in capital spending, Imperial has identified opportunities to reduce operating expenses by $500 million compared to 2019 levels.
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    Good investment for longs here??
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    Trump Has “Big Talk” With Putin, Saudi King Salman About Oil
    By Irina Slav - Apr 10, 2020, 8:45 AM CDT
    Trump Saudi
    U.S. President Donald Trump said he had a “big talk” with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi King Salman regarding oil production, expressing hopes that a deal on the control of said production would be announced soon.

    “We had a big talk as to oil production and OPEC and making it so that our industry does well and the oil industry does better than its doing right now,” Trump said as quoted by Reuters.

    It remains unclear whether the deal Trump mentioned would involve the participation of the United States: Reuters reported on the U.S. president’s statement after OPEC+ sources announced that it had reached an agreement in principle to remove 10 million bpd from global supply beginning in May.

    It remains to be seen how much everyone will cut. Initial reports from unofficial OPEC sources suggest that Russia and Saudi Arabia will both slash their production to around 8.5 million bpd.

    Following those unofficial reports that were trickling in, OPEC issued a press release, in which it said that all producers would be cutting from a baseline of their average for October 2018 except Russia and Saudi Arabia, “both with the same baseline level of 11.0 mb/d.”

    The cuts, according to the press release, would be effective from May, and taper down after June, but staying effective at some level through April 2022, to be reviewed in December next year. This is quite a long time for an agreement of this size, which indicates OPEC+ is finally taking the threat that the pandemic is to world oil economic activity and oil demand seriously. However, it may, as some warned, be too little too late.

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    A cut of 10 million bpd, even if it is effective for two months, as planned, would not do much to relieve the glut, which according to estimates may have reached 30 million bpd. The group said it expected other producers to join in with cuts of another 15 million bpd, which would be better for excess supply and storage capacity.

    By Irina Slav for
    recovery no uptrend yes,
    imho the discussions by trump will be supported by the russians and supported by the saudis as it is a win win situation for the rsu to stabilize the oil market , no one wins if everyone is bankrupt and trump has the trump card up his sleave with saudis. imho , you will see in the next 30 days the continuation of the uptrend until we peak based on demand. unfortunately that could take more than just a price stabilization , Until everyone is back to work we dont need oil to the degree we had.
    long imo
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    I believe that the new stock are hold for a short period of time
    Opportunity comes only a few times in your life, oil consumption will not rebound in the short term but we will have upward movement in price when Trump starts negotiating with Putin,

    Putin needs Trump as an Allie as do the Saudis , this is not a time to isolate, trade or disrupt supply chains. Saudis can live well with reduced output as all the countries can , demand will follow
    , without stabilization we have Chaos and It may appear some want Chaos to control people, it also brings down leaders , We may not all support who is in power but its critical the focus on covid19 but also economics and sadly but true economics controls the world .

    , already Trump has subtly softened his stance with China and no longer calls it the Chinese virus , news today is going to demonstrate that the virus may peak in the next two weeks, but it cant be stopped until a vaccine is available and it may be another 12 months so we are going to have to support the concept we need to social distance ourselves, but unless we want a permanent recession we have to move forward , do the things you normally do but on a restricted scale. The idea that we are no longer going to need oil is ludicrous, we will have a reduction in need until as the Chinese and Indians say they have stopped poplulation growth ,or dont wish their standard of living to increase, I believe not in our lifetime.

    be humble and be optimistic, and read . Oil is in everything we do , from edible oils in food to your ventilators safety equipment , hospitals and garbage bags, we need to shift from disposable to re-useable but until the pandemic is over everything is disposable .
    Just a heads up based on the actions of (imo), reducing costs and expenses they will withstand the downturn and continue to be a leader , this will be a time of opportunity for the firms to consolidate.
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    Does Exxon Mobile still own a stake in IMO?
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    Coke Kane
    $CGC conversation
    As I stated Denver Colorado alone the population is roughly 660,000 people. With 370 dispensaries. 2014 Colorado legalized. So it took Denver 5 years to build there structure. I think it will take canada at least 5 year to build 1000 stores.😎🚬 #imo
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    I believe good stock to hold for a while
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    What do you guys think?
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    All glory
    may wti futures are essentially worthless atm and suddenly the market dosnt care? there's no volume supporting these stocks today either. Oil stocks will lose half there value soon or there's going to be a big merger/buyout
  • c
    Best bet is to follow SmallCapCanada, always finding quality plays.
  • S
    Was going to buy today ,but think I’ll wait till after earnings call ,I suspect they won’t be good and price should hopefully drop a couple dollars ,thoughts guys
  • l
    I sold some of my shares,