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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (HMC)

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27.25+0.30 (+1.11%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
27.40 +0.15 (+0.55%)
After hours: 07:08PM EDT

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  • c
    In at 23.50 today.
  • s
    sal e
    when is next dividen pay on hmc
  • b
    brian c
    Hondas advertising leaves much to be desired. I don't believe the typical buyer is impressed by a commercial showing a dude doing donuts in a parking lot while rap music plays.
  • j
    Waoo wish I had some cash to get back in great stock for dividends
  • G
    HMC much better buy than Ford, GM, cheap cheap Honda shares
  • s
    Wish Honda would bring back the CRX, gas version from the 80's. Looked good, fun to drive, and got over 40mpg. I like the CRZ, but the added weight and complexity of its hybrid and electronics made it way more expensive than good ol' CRX. Also would like for Honda to make EV version of CRX...and keep it basic and cheap...1st $20k EV could dominate market for 1st car buyers, kids off to college, etc.
  • J
    honda makes the best small engines hands down. their cars are only getting better. I'm seeing more and more of them on the road. I think I've seen more new honda civics than new Toyotas recently. I really like the direction this company is going and I think they could possibly dethrone Toyota in 10-20 years.
  • G
    Honda is best positioned for this hybrid world!!! Not too far with EV and still exposed to ICE and hybrid markets as there is still overwhelming majority demand for gas-powered vehicles and will be as electronic chips/parts gets inflated in prices!!!
  • B
    Brent C
    Do they have an EVs coming ?
  • E
    I picked up Honda stock because i love their brand and wanted to own part of the company for life... but it's the best performing stock in my portfolio right now and i did zero research on their fundamentals 😂 I really shouldn't be trading single stocks.
  • M
    I own a Honda Accord (2013) that I bought new. So far the only things I needed to replace are brakes, headlight bulbs, a new battery, tires and oil changes. They make a great product.
  • j
    Toyota and Honda....
    Both Wonderful cars and trucks, so why is Toyota at 131 bucks a share and Honda 24 bucks?? KRAZY stuff going on there....
  • C
    For whatever reason this stock just came on my radar. I've had my eye on Ford and GM for over a year and am glad I finally got into Ford in early September at $12.68 - I also bought a smaller position in GM shortly afterwards. Ford is looking a lot closer to targets than HMC. BOA/Merrill is at 36 as is Morningstar with CFRA at $35 and the consensus per Yahoo Finance at $38. I was doing a little research this morning and am a bit dumbfounded as to why HMC is selling for around 60% of book value while GM is around 1.66x and F is around 2.14x. Price/Sales for HMC, GM and F are .39, .69 and .58 respectively while FPE's are 8.47, 8.71 and 9.67. I'm planning on selling Ford and replacing it with a position in Honda. I don't think the world is going to hop on the EV train as quickly as folks think and I think Honda will be ready for the party when it begins in earnest. Until then, they have a reputation for outstanding cars and often overlooked - motorcycles - especially since the Gold Wing was totally redesigned in 2018 - demand has exceeded supply for much of 2021. Any comments on the book value issue?
  • D
    Honda appears to still be dodging the oil dilution issues in the 1.5 turbo engines in CRV, and Civic

    Honda Canada has fizes for both, where USA Honda is simply studying the problem in Civics?

    This is a very big deal for Honda's credibility and they need to get ahead of the issue.
  • M
    $SQM conversation
    Honda announces 100% ‘electric’ sales by 2040
    Honda will strive to increase the ratio of battery-electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCVs) within overall unit sales in all major markets of electrification combined to 40% by 2030, to 80% by 2035, and then to 100% globally by 2040.
    $SQM $HMC $ALB $GM
  • J
    Honda just won three Best Cars for the Money. Accord best midsize, Civic Best Compact and Odyssey
  • D
    Darn Time And Gravity
    How's the Honda clock situation doing? Honda car owner websites full of people's vehicles saying their clocks read wrong (mine reads 3:00 Jan. 1 2002 Sun, Jan 1). Whether it's a GPS satellite malfunction or some delayed Y2K thing (delayed until the year 2022), isn't this a security issue flaw? This also may be a 2022 coincidence, the evening news reports Lottery winning numbers asap and in brevity, they showed "1-2-3-4-5, 1-2-3-4, and 1-2-3" last Saturday night, what are the chances of that? I went to the Lottery website, which provided the correct (different) numbers. What if there was a flaw where every ticket was a jackpot winner? I'd be happy after paying $40K for my Honda, simply if the clock worked correctly. And what's with "a fix by August" as owners have reported? What's next, an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to disable everything electronic for us Guinea pigs? Honda stock will suffer because of this widespread problem.
  • T
    THE CP
    AAPL & HMC would be an ideal match! In my opinion that is. I have heard of just about every other automotive manufacturer having talks with Apple over a building them a EV. I have always felt, and still to this day feel that HONDA is the perfect marriage for Apple. Apple and Honda both do what they want to do! People understand that that is the way they do business. They don't seem to care what others are doing and they go at their own pace. That being said, neither brand takes a hit and Honda gets a flood of new "free" foot traffic with folks buying the Apple EV Car version of the Accord and Ridgeline. The Honda EV Accord finally gets sold to rental car companies for fleet services, and the Civic becomes the 20K most sold EV by accident as walk-in customers don't want to pay up for Apple EV Accord version. Or maybe they do. Heck today's Civic is as big as the Accord once was. Very safe cross branding as I see it. Just a thought....
  • C
    Honda products have an excellent reputation in every category - autos, motorcycles, ATV's, generators, lawn mowers, snow throwers, jet engines, etc. Why is the company selling for 40% less than book value and only 8.3 times forward earnings?
  • S
    Honda HMC reported earnings of $1.17 per American depositary receipt for fourth-quarter fiscal 2021, breezing past the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 43 cents on higher-than-anticipated revenues. The bottom line turned around from the year-ago loss of 16 cents per share. Quarterly revenues totaled $34,198 million, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $33,121 million. Moreover, the top line inched up 7.7% year on year.👍