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    This is heading to 10$ ans it's going there quite fast !
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    “We are excited to #grow our partnership with The Texas A&M University System. Next week we will connect in the VBEC at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences to share research initiatives and discuss future collaboration opportunities.”
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    Why yall grown men scare? Lol JUST LISTEN ,my average is $3 with $30,000 on the line been down over 50% and im not even worry #Cmon manmmmmmmm#baby tesla #grow some balllllllllllllllllllllls n stop crying for the love of god
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    Hopefully we will see Q3 numbers posted before year end. It should give some insight on the foreign JETS etf's contributions to the pot. With the 8% yielding convertible bonds in HIVE and new inflows from the new etf's, I honestly can't see why this thing is trading at a p/e of only 2.19. Aside from being a micro-cap, am I missing something here?
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    Well diversified, paid dividend, what's not to like!
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    I am a bit concerned with the changes in reporting date of earnings. That is not a good signal to prospective shareholders and might be a warning to others.
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    This stock is going to the moon, just look at what HIVE has done this quarter. The team has been working pretty damn hard through some rough years, so glad I haven't lost faith and was a continued buyer. Could see us in the teens after the first of the year.
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    total assets under management (AUM) on June 30, 2020, stood at $1.7 billion, a more than threefold increase from $510.1 million a year earlier. The increase was primarily due to inflows into the Company's two ETFs, particularly the smart-beta 2.0 airlines ETF, the U.S. Global Jets ETF (JETS). Assets in JETS started to accelerate in the latter part of March 2020 and were $1.2 billion at fiscal year-end, as many value investors saw the coronavirus-related plunge in airline stocks as a buying opportunity. Positive inflows were recorded for an incredible 70 straight trading days, between March 3 and June 10, prompting Bloomberg Intelligence's senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas to call JETS "the hottest theme ETF in history." Total AUM in the quantamental U.S. Global GO GOLD and Precious Metal Miners ETF (GOAU) also rose considerably, from $14.9 million at June 30, 2019, to $86.2 million a year later, representing a 478 percent increase. As such, the Company recorded advisory fees from the ETFs totaling $1.7 million in fiscal 2020, compared to $588,000 in fiscal 2019.

    <b>JETS Exceeded $1 Billion in AUM; GOAU Above $100 Million</b>

    Despite certain challenges related to the pandemic, fiscal 2020 was a strong year for the Company's two ETFs. Net assets in JETS broke above $1 billion for the first time ever on June 2 as value investors and hedge funds sought exposure to airline stocks, which tumbled some 50 percent due to the coronavirus-induced economic downturn. Only 18 percent of ETFs on average reach the $1 billion level, according to Bloomberg. GOAU, meanwhile, surpassed $100 million in net assets in July 2020 for the first time since its debut in June 2017.

    "We couldn't be more thrilled with how well JETS and GOAU did in fiscal 2020," says Frank Holmes, Company CEO and chief investment officer. "The pandemic has been devastating for many businesses and households, but the economic events created huge unexpected interest in JETS, which saw a remarkable $1.3 billion in inflows between March 3 and June 10. It's important for GROW investors to remember that JETS charges 60 basis points, making it a significant generator of revenue, but also pays all the expenses of the fund.

    Next few quarters should really reflect some major growth, great team! Going long
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    At least we know what happened, it reached full valuation and had to correct. 15,081,849 shares with $180m valuation is 11.93, overshot to 12.89. Klein on Seeking Alpha said "I won't recommend buying or selling, but I will say that, in my opinion, GROW's asset management business is worth at least $150MM. Throw in the other assets, HIVE debentures of $15MM and you get about $180MM. That's about $10-$12 a share. If HIVE climbs higher, GROW can be worth as much as $15-$20."
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    Frank did not sell personal shares ppl, sold shares for $GROW to create free cash
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    Sammy Z
    Hive is now now up 13 percent, without high volume Canadian market. This means Grow should be increasing with heavy investment in Hive. Loom for massive increase with both stock tomorrow.
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    HUGE quarter and stock goes down? Strange reaction
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    incredible quarter. Additionally, huge AUM growth, already made a huge profit on HIVE, and read what they're holding in warrants & convertible debt to equity, with HIVE uplisting to NASDAQ this year, hopefully in the current quarter. They will continue to pay the dividends and increase it in June and realize substantial gain on HIVE uplisting who mine primarily ETH. HODL.
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    According to Research and Markets the Global Blockchain market is estimated to reach $6,076.6M by 2023, and expected to grow at a CAGR of 48.37% during the forecast period. The North American region is dominating the global Blockchain market.

    CAGR = Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is a business and investing specific term for the geometric progression ratio that provides a constant rate of return over the time period. ... CAGR dampens the effect of volatility of periodic returns that can render arithmetic means irrelevant.
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    Opening a position. Looks way overdone. Low float. Market cap of 100 mil with AUM of 4.4 billion
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    Love this hidden gem, great team! Its taken a bit of time to great the right balance of investments and timing , nobody has a crystal ball and it has taken a ton of patients dealing with the market. I think 2021 will show a powerhouse of strength in the stock price. Good luck longs!
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    $GROW owns 10% stake in $HIVE Blockchain
    Ether Coinbase is directly related to $HIVE
    Insiders can’t sell any shares until February 2019
    CEO Holmes is buying back it’s own shares of $GROW and invested $5,000,000.00 worth $GROW stocks.

    This $GROW stock is getting more stronger and Ether Coinbase is getting higher than ever.

    Blockchain mining is growing and steadily increasing popular everyday. CEO Holmes high beliefs on his company and Blockchain mining company.

    Please checkout the last earnings conference call on November 9 2017
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    The sell off in crypto has created an unbelievable opportunity to accumulate below $6. This is a $10+ stock in six months. The return to normal trade hasn’t even started. JETS will likely hit $5B
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    It looks like we have gone from over- to undervalued. We are less than 2X book. Earnings growth is positive. Crypto and its instability may be overshadowing growth in JETS and other investment classes. I suspect that coming weeks will show price improvement.