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    earnings coming out soon, will be very good numbers for goose. stock is really cheap compared to other retail stocks. will jump back to highs very soon.
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    here we go guys!! this is going to run. be patient and we will be rewarded. they are a great name and alot of institutional ownership.
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    this stock was going down for no reason for past month. prob just people wanting to play the EV or renewable energy plays. but this stock should be in the 50's IMO
    shoudl be hitting 50's soon again!
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    An article about sales in China. Google translate makes it readable in English. Sort of LOL
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    Good company and charts look good for the upside.
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    Sales in China will play a big role in the company's coming earning.
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    From Vice News Jan 14 2021

    Workers connected to a union drive at Canada Goose factories in Winnipeg have come forward with numerous complaints against the luxury jacket brand, alleging an unsafe working environment, the targeted intimidation of pro-union staff, and racial discrimination against the largely immigrant workforce. 

    Five sources speaking to VICE World News on the condition of anonymity and one named source allege the company, acquired by U.S. private investment firm Bain Capital in 2013, has failed to meet basic workplace standards. Those interviewed described inadequate sanitation and PPE distribution and a padlocked emergency exit, in addition to intimidation documented by the Manitoba Labour Board.

    After leaving southern Asia for Dubai, Maria made her way to Canada and found work as a sewer at Canada Goose. She alleged the working conditions she experienced in Dubai were similar to those in the Canada Goose factory.

    “You can feel sometimes there is no future at all for you,” said Maria, whose name has been changed out of fear of retribution from management. “A big horn blows and we have to get back and rush as you lose money from (your) paycheque for any lateness.” 

    “We came here for a better life from a country with no government support and (inadequate) health facilities,” she added. “Before I came to Canada I was in Qatar and then Dubai and it’s the same here in Canada Goose: No humanity.”
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    I don't understand, this company has such solid financials, why are people selling?
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    A perfect bounce off support. The technical indicators aligned for this one!
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    Probable retest of support at the highs set in June. if the company is fine, we should see a bounce from here?
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    going to hit all time highs again!! fundamentals look strong and momentum is on our side again. goos is a great name and will continue to surge forward

    go goos
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    Canada Goose will gain from luxury Xmas sales as many categories like jewelry and travel are avoided......China retail back to normal where Canada Goose performs particularly well. Next few days may provide tax loss selling opp for those that bought in the 2018 will be up 50% in 2021, I believe.
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    What's happening here?
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    Not worth the risk!! My gut on all of this is that the company is just looking for more bids by listing this in the U.S. My guess is that most people don't even know that it's been trading on exchanges in Canada for a few years. It IPO'd around $20 and shot to around $90 by halloween of 2018 and has been in steady decline since. All it will take is another popular jacket company to replace them or a major sales partner like Nordstrom to stop selling the product. I am amazed that these coats have been popular for so long in the U.S at stores like Nordstroms!! People are paying $800 for a jacket and a concept of Canada knowing how to take care of freezing people and a goose that represents high quality warmth. Big margins can't last forever and it is a status product here in the states. I've come close to buying one myself but the price is just a bit outside of my price range. A counter argument to all of this is that I've never researched the product in depth and they may have a lot more things going on then jackets. I'm guessing your see a few filing out on Edgar in the coming months as many of the larger shareholders and private equity groups that own this began to sell out. Opening stores in the U.S, discount the product a bit in terms of price should provide good cover to get out of the stock completely. Just some thoughts. Cheers.
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    No better jackets out there especially for men. With free money stimulus and savings on travel . They gonna sell out. I own two
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    I am waiting patiently $39 is still expensive for this stock Covid has affected sales as less people buying expensive jackets will be a winner in the late 2021 and early 2022 dtock will drop more from here in the first 5 months of 2021
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    Boston store lined up 60 deep Sunday
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    The Canada Goose branding is very iconic! Long term I believe this company is gonna do amazing
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    Went to Markville today to buy a certain jacket and I can confirm mostly everything was sold out and they had a backlog of orders. Even visited the goose website and still couldn’t find the size I want in stock yet alone any sporting life store in Toronto
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    Canada stores new shipment hasn’t arrived yet....Bearish for now