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  • A
    Alex CashCow
    Finally received my dividend and I have to say it feels nice. We have at least till 2023 no rate hikes and I guess longer. Barrick is going to make a ton of cash and raise dividends. Better hold Gold miners than bubble stocks.
  • P
    Things were looking positive. Then suddenly 9 million paper oz was sold. That’s 10% of global annual supply sold with paper in just 5 minutes prior to market open. Got PHYS?
  • g
    Metals and miners are a curious bunch. We have the lowest fed funds rates, with fed buying up $120b a month in government and corporate bonds, congress has spent trillions of dollars (that does start with a t) perhaps an infrastructure deal on the way (which will require lots of materials) we know for sure inflation is ramped no matter how much of it is transitory. This economy is red hot! There will be continually higher inflation on some commodities and supply chain hiccups for quite some time. All of which is super bullish for commodities and miners, but just a small hint that interest rates might be raised slightly in the distant future and we have a commodities pull back?

    All I know is that commodities are still are close to record highs even with this pull back we've seen. I'm so eager for the next two earnings releases for GOLD, NEM, FCX, BTG. I think they are going to crush earnings. I'm also heavily invested in stocks in the energy sector which somehow is not spilling over into these materials stocks.
  • B
    Don't understand why this is falling - since the spectre of inflation still remains as nothing is being done to mitigate it, this stock should rise, not to mention the company's copper mining operations that is much needed in addressing the global shortages being experienced.
  • m
    Here is what’s happening. Banks want gold for cheap before Basel iii and then watch what happens. Banks will make the gold price double or triple after Jan. 1,2022 so just keep adding. Banks are greedy and it looks like they will win.
  • F
    To be honest I'm not sure why there was much of a reaction to the fed yesterday. Somehow the market didn't care about 5% CPI or 6.6% ppi. I don't know why people assumed that free money lasts forever but I don't want to own bonds that have a -3.5% real return.
  • L
    Bond Yield Dropping like Fomo and Dollar Index skyrocked to high. Perfect set up for future Gold rally. I will keep adding if it drop toward 19 Zone next week
  • S
    Fed chief himself said that nothing is confirmed on rate hikes.. Also, how would they even know what's going to happen in 2023. Tons of things can change, very likely recession, etc.....It's basically an excuse for short sellers and hedge funds to make money using the retain investor fear factor.... Not even budging a bit here....
  • b
    All CEO miners should buyback shares this morning .
  • a
    I just received the dividend but not the ROC. Who received the distribution for the first $250 million tranche of a return of capital distribution totalling $750 million? As per the company communication it was supposed to be paid on June 15, 2021.
  • L
    Looking for Doubles
    To the strong hands, just be patient. This is heavily shorted and it's just a matter of time. Transitory / safe landing WON'T happen,, Miners still making LOTs of money, general stock market is over-priced and short on supplies, Russia and the U.S. are saber rattling on Cyber attacks and North Korea is out of food again and we all know what that means.
  • S
    How can you go wrong with 4% + dividend with high capital gains potential
  • P
    I’ll spend this weekend trying to see if there any physical gold for sale under $2000. Not an easy task but there may be a few bargains out there.
  • D
    After solid quarterly results that added $500 million to its coffers, management expects to achieve its 2021 guidance. CEO Bristow confirmed that the Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea could resume production this year. The government has since agreed to renew the mining license. This brings an almost year-long dispute to an end.

    The company should also benefit from high valuations in gold and copper. This should soon become apparent when the upcoming quarterly figures are presented. The price of copper is expected to rise further, especially as a result of increasing worldwide electrification. Gold is experiencing support from a weakening USD and also the crash in cryptocurrencies should have made some investors rethink, who are now probably more likely to invest in gold again.

    Currently, the stock stands at about CAD 28, has consolidated about 9% from its last high and offers a first entry opportunity. Considering that the stock was trading at CAD 40 during the gold high last year and the yellow metal is now on its way to new highs, one can see good potential. The dividend, which is over 3% this year, also makes the stock quite attractive.
  • F
    The Fed said it "Might" raise rates by 1/4 point in late 2023...this reaction gold and silver have had and miners is totally overblown...
  • M
    No more inflation. No more negative bond yields. No more deficits of 30% of GDP. No more global instability. No more competitive currency devaluation. No more chronic underemployment. No more trade imbalances. The Fed has spoken—obey!
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    Looking for Doubles
    The FED is in a box right now, so they have to talk gold down and do their best to suppress gold prices. However, if anyone thinks this is going to be TRANSITORY inflation, I have some prime real estate 50 miles south of Miami ! Between the FED's position and the heavy short position, I was expecting a price drop and have been freeing up funds for 3 weeks. I will now put it to work in very safe, very undervalued assets. Good luck longs
  • C
    First post for me. Super interesting comments. The common thread is most folks seem to Buy & Sell based on a share price they pre determine. I’m in at $19 out @ $30 etc. Out now never looking back is another. I just have a few hundred shares at $23ish and just ride the peaks and valleys as part of a longer term strategy of diversification. Are most of you just day/short term trading? Nothing wrong with that. It just never has worked for me.
  • A
    I don’t hold ABX COLD but the drop is gold price is not justified. For those who have a position keep because Gold will come back roaring. Lose on paper today and sell only when you realize your target profit
  • I
    I’m no doorknob either
    Was there ever any doubt this would tank no matter what the FED said today.
    Pure manipulation plain & simple.