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    Just as I had predicted 10 days ago, the "Death Cross" occurred earlier this week (on Tuesday) and now the downslide in prices will accelerate. If it fails to get a foot-hold at the 200-day m.a. (@ $140), then watch out below.

    You can thank Uncle Joe for this "Christmas Gift"!
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    As the United States as a nation unravels right before our eyes, another amazing thing is happening.

    The value of the US$ is comptletely dependent on the trust and faith people have in its government.
    That is the entire premise of all fiat currency.

    So as Americans have apprently lost any trust and respec t of anyithng reletd to their own governemnt, and the world observes it happen, people are not turning their attention to gold, but to crypto-currency.

    Not because it is "safer", but because they are greedy ehwen the should be fearful. They are clueless and ignorant to what's happening, but are enthralled with the internet to the point of sheer economic stupidity. NFTs, crypto, whatever....

    So to recap:

    Cash only has value due to the market's explicit trust and faith in the governments that create it.

    America is well on the way to trading democracy for totalitariansim....a system that is well-documented to destroy economies while caring only for its king.

    Crypto is backed by no one and nothing from the outset.
    And crypto is valued in US$....which is in the express lane en route to becoming worthless on its own.

    No thanks.
    The harder the asset the better, thanks.
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    The folks offering predictions on Bitcoin should expand their business.
    They could start predictng the Powerball lottery prize 6 months out...
    Or the salary you'll make after finishing a college degree....
    Lots of stuff!
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    Interesting chart . . .!

    The 200-day m.a. is basically flat, while the 50-day m.a has dropped, and is now only a hairline above the 200-day ma. In the next two-three days the 50-day m.a. will likely go under the 200-day m.a.

    Wonder what that means . . . would that be the proverbial "Death Cross" ???
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    I wonder what the meeting was about between Vice Premier Liu He and Janet Yellen was all about? I suppose it went something like this with the Premier speaking..."You promised us that you would control energy prices and you have done have exactly 30 days to get this under control or we will do what we have to do....."
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    Nice report!
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    $EGO conversation
    MEMO: FOMC members insider trading during tumultuous but opportunistic 2020 was not great shocker. Covid 19 brought great human challenges but mostly great opportunities to invest and dominate. Eldorado Gold (EGO:NYSE ELD:TSX) is about to be re-rated higher in the short-term as Greek assets-counting for over 50% of current NAV-and somehow forgotten legacy style Lamaque mine and surrounding assets in Canada expanding at rapid pace. Precious metals washout is officially over. Quarter 3 reporting period majority of producing miners consensus will have stronger H2 with surprises on the upside regarding R&R statement eoy and overall liquidation level valuations offering discounts in share price not seen since start of pandemic. M&A has picked up in mining sector recently and will continue to accelerate in Australia, North America, Canada-too many players. M&A arbitrage with Eldorado Gold rated #1 most likely takeover target in Canada due to current extreme discount in share price and billions in NAV to be unlocked in the short term. Eldorado will release an updated feasibility study for Skouries mine ($250 AISC gold/copper) in Q4.
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    A "youth" from Hsamilton, Ontario has been arrested for crypto fraud.
    He allegedly stole $46 million worth from someone in the US.

    I for one am very surprised. I am heartened to see there's at least one Canadian left that has the ambition and personal drive to pursue such a lofty financial goal.
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    And just like that .... oil and crypto are down. I wonder what (or who) caused that and why?
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    Every miner is up 3-5% today ..What's going on with this?>.
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    Fidelity's "Director of Global Macro", Jurrien Timmer, predicts bitcoin to go to at least $100,000.
    His Twitter profile: Student of history, chart maker, cyclist, cook.

    So why listen to downers like Warren Buffett or Jamie Dimon when you can get happy pills from a cycling student of history ?!
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    Andy Heyward
    Bitcoin to 1 million, gold and silver to $0
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    Another mystery...the US asks OPEC to increase their production. OPEC politely declines and over the next few days - the price of oil drops 5%. Huh....I guess I'm still living in upside down world....
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    Buy it....Set it....Forget it. Now is the time!
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    END THE FED. This is flat our Treason. gold and silver are money. The FED needs to be abolished and all central bankers need to go to the gallows.
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    Where are all the recent/newest posts?
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    Huge inverse head and shoulders pattern is formed. If it holds would should see this much higher in the future
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    $SLV conversation
    I wanted to share my charts once again I created of Silver and Gold futures.

    I created the charts on July 30, 2021. It was very obvious to me where the metals were headed. This shakeout is not over yet, I sense.

    The news lies. People lie, or are uneducated about reading data, but the charts don't lie. They are always up for interpretation, but it's some of the few methodologies that the average retail investor and trader have to track the profession Smart money investment and trading activity. We want to trade along with the smart money, not be victim to their media manipulations.

    We will likely get a short-term counter trend relief bounce here soon, but spot down to $18ish Silver, if they want to get ugly about it. The professional buys haven't stepped in to stop the fall yet. We'll see where they take it.

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    Clear sell signal.
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    $HMY conversation
    $hmy underpacing gold yet again steal of a buy. Dividend 3.8%, earnings whopping 60¢/share, just paid off half its debt, only $38m USD debt left.17% undervalued, that is 17% lower than last time gold was at current price. $au $gold $nem $fnv