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1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. (FLWS)

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At close: 04:00PM EDT
6.60 +0.11 (+1.69%)
After hours: 05:33PM EDT

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  • A
    president just bought a big bunch
  • A
    I may be insane, but I added 10% to my position today

    What we have here is a lot of downside algo momentum on an established american brand.

    The company has debt, for sure, but they will have no problem servicing it.

    By years end we'll look back and wonder how the stock was ever under $7
  • N
    This stock is going to be a multi-bagger, I promise
  • A
    Is FLWS one of those names that is always troubled/invariably inexpensive?

    or is this really the golden buying opp that we should be jumping all over?

    FWIW I opened a position this AM
  • B
    I am lowering target to $3
  • f
    I can see walmart or amazon buying out FLWS
  • M
    I bought some today. FLWS should be back above 10 in short order.

    Stupidly cheap at the moment
  • f
    §FLWS 2008 VS 2022 (left is 08')
    2008 vs 2022
    Market Cap:
    $409M vs $434M
    $231M vs $509M
    $900M vs $2.2B
    $393M vs $822M
    $37M vs $118M (average)
    1.77 vs 1.19
    Retained Earnings:
    -$18M vs $286M
    Next year est. EPS $0.62 credit:@charliedmar🐦
  • S
    Sell this stock until there is a M&A deal - family-driven (McCain brothers) companies never do well for public shareholders.
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  • A
    A cash flow business that refuses to pay a dividend.
  • C
    A prudent question: will these supply chain and relative OPEX issues eventually abate?? I’m willing to bet they will… but at what cost? Will consumer demand be affected by a tightening monetary and fiscal policy? Maybe, but their top-line guide seems to imply a healthy (growing) level of demand. I’m willing to give management team the benefit of the doubt. Probably not much downside from here..
  • S
    1-800 flowers is doing great, they position their self to be the "Amazon of gifts of all occasion" I'll not surprise if Amazon will try to buy them in the near future. Even Walmart and Etsy will be interested to them. Their strategy is simple and effective. Leverage their customer database by cross selling with their different brands. They even mention to introduce third party products. The balance sheet is strong. The stock it’s still undervalue. Great long term investment.
  • V
    Short rates dropped with 27%, good sign
  • .
    Massive earnings beat, record profits and revenue, 2 analyst up rating to 'buy', average target price raised 20% to $42, less than 2 weeks from their busiest day of the year... and yet a 22% drop in last 6 tradings days. This makes no sense. A pull back from earnings high was expected but this is crazy. It could lose 1/3 of the share price by friday? Was valentines day cancelled? Need someone to explain the logic here.
  • B
    Just got off the phone with Joe Pititto, Senior VP of Investor Relations for 800 I asked if he had any information on why the stock dropped 25% after the company reported excellent earnings that beat both on the bottom and top line with strong guidance for the remaining of the year. He says that his company is baffled by drop in the stock after stock being up nearly 5% pre-market. He feels that because trade volume was low the following day, a series of Algorithmic trading had occurred that caused the stock to drop the first day. Algo’s can be programmed to respond to good news is bad news and bad news is good news and this could have occurred. On the second day, the 10% drop was attributed to the overall sell-off in the market when President Trump ordered all companies to leave China. Today the stock is in the green and he expects forward momentum from here. The company is also considering buying back its shares to boost up the sales price. Personally I’m going to double down to my holdings to recover losses quicker.
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    Covid is back (did it ever really leave?) just in time for the holidays. Gift baskets and sending holiday flowers...just makes too much sense. And don't forget v-day shortly after the new year. This was beaten down hard, and looks like a good entry point.
  • S
    Time to go private - no need to be a public co. Do a MBO deal with PE and take it private.
    With EBITDA at $150M per year and market cap at $590M, there is no reason to be staying public.

    My rough estimate is that FLWS will go private at $1B - about $17 per share in cash.
  • E
    Totally oversold. One of the companies that Amazon likely to acquire to reinforce the D2C niche market.