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Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ) (ERIC)

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    I bought this stock and thought it would be a Tesla of 5G but turned out to be a Vespa.
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    From Market Watch: ‘Ericsson is being sued by hundreds of Americans who say the company’s alleged payment of bribes to al Qaeda and Islamic State — protection money meant to let it operate in Iraq — also helped fund acts of terror.

    The Stockholm-based telecommunications company ERIC, -0.39% ERIC.B, +0.03%, which was sued Friday in federal court in Washington, D.C., faces claims from more than 500 U.S. service members and civilians who were victims of terrorist attacks and hostage takings from 2005 to 2021, along with the families of those killed in attacks.

    They brought their claims under the Antiterrorism Act of 1990, which allows victims of terrorism to seek damages in U.S. courts, including against companies and individuals that aid and abet terrorism.
    Ericsson said it would “zealously defend against” the suit.’
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    Anyone catch the irony in Ericsson latest paid for propaganda via News Direct bragging about Trust and Privacy in Artificial Intelligence?
    Can you imagine trusting these do anything for a buck mutts with anything? I can’t, won’t, and never will. I can’t wait until depositions are held in the US terrorist lawsuits. It should be awesome especially since Ericsson CEO and board were not voted any immunity from liability by their own shareholders which means this can should and will get very personal.
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    So the victims of terrorist attacks could win in the amount of BILLIONS. This is even before the SEC pines and penalties and the government lawsuits. "The ATA, as the antiterrorism law is sometimes known, allows victims to seek large damages from perpetrators and parties that aid them. The law has led to major judgments against foreign states, some in the billions of dollars."
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    For the second week in-a-row we beat Nokia by far and we went even with the Swedish index unlike last week. I bought some more today at 77.79sek, in Swedish we call this price "ett fantastiskt jävla fynd". Enjoy your weekend!
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    Ericsson plus Vonage = AT&T plus Discovery. What a GREAT PLAN! ..Said No one
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    Terrorist victims are suing Ericsson. The discovery in those cases will be interesting to see. By the way, those cases sometimes can result in BILLIONS worth of settlements and fees. "The ATA, as the antiterrorism law is sometimes known, allows victims to seek large damages from perpetrators and parties that aid them. The law has led to major judgments against foreign states, some in the billions of dollars."

    I’m Old NYSE. Your Grand Old Parr
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    It is kind of bad when victims of terror incidents are suing your company and that is being reported in the Wall Street Journal.
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    Just a meaningless pop on a low volume day, back down tomorrow for sure.
    Hey Alfred, what do you think? Buy Nokia if you want to ever get some of your money back.
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    I bought more!
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    They just featured ERIC on this sites morning watchlist. (
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    Oh Ericsson, will you ever tell the entire dirty truth about what you have done for so long on so many continents? Will there ever be and end to the investigations and fines and lawsuits from so many parties? Will anyone be held accountable for your dirty deeds? Will you ever stop your phony charm school offensive with you fake virtue signaling puff pieces disguised as actually news releases through the pay to play Mew Direct? What disgusting company. Thank goodness they bought Vonage as they are a perfect match, two dumpster fires companies combined to be an even larger dumpster fire company. So many bad things going on here it is like access pool. Just one dullards opinion….my own.
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    I call 130sek within three years. Compare it with Nokia and you'll have a laugh at the market, and after that we will all be laughing all the way to the bank.
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    ERIC is looking a little better as a buy, but NOK is still KING! P.S.- I own both... just a lot more of NOK!
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    $22 BB CAP, a never for me, from Sweden
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    Yeah Ericsson drops some more virtue signaling paid for propaganda thru pay to play news direct. Great job fellows. Just super. Now if you’d only find your way clear to telling the complete truth as to the extent and scope of your shady activities over so many years in so many countries on so many continents and pay special attention to your wonderful exploits in Iraq involving potential bribery and money laundering benefiting those known as ISIS. You know, ISIS? The ones that kidnap you and saw your heads off for disagreeing with their world view especially reporters journalists soldiers as well as any freedom loving folks that they don’t see eye to eye with. If you are lucky they Just kidnap you until you, wait for it, pay more bribes or ransom or call it whatever you will but it still funds very bad people with very bad agendas. Ericsson still has much to account for and atone for and pay a severe price for. Telling the complete truth instead of pumping out virtue signaling propaganda constantly would be a really good start to the process. As always Just one dullards opinion.. my own
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    Yahoo! has been so bad lately - especially the ERIC board. I like using ( now instead for my daily research.
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